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Blake Hermel
Blake Hermel says micro markets have been a big help.

Micro markets have proven a game changer for A.H. Hermel Vending in Mankato, Minn., a Canteen franchise with 25 vending routes. The fourth-generation company, which also has an extensive foodservice distribution arm, found micro markets a revenue booster when the core vending business faced a decline in recent years.

The company began looking at micro markets when the kiosks first came on the scene 10 years ago.

"The technology just wasn't there yet as far as scanners and systems to manage inventory," said Blake Hermel, president. 
A.H. Hermel Vending
A.H. Hermel Vending combines its micro market and vending deliveries.

But over time, the systems improved. The company installed 
its first micro market five years ago, and to day it has 50 micro markets. "The technology was there; it was 
re ady, and our customers really liked it," Hermel said.

The company's managers assessed the pros and cons of the different systems, ultimately selecting the 365 Retail Markets system.

"They've taken care of us; we've had a good relationship with them," Hermel said.

The VPOS Touch
The VPOS Touch introduces marketing and social opportunities.
Nayax has introduced its VPOS Touch, a complete payment solution and remote secure terminal for unattended automated machines.

VPOS Touch integrates telemetry, cashless clearance, monitoring, management and a BI system, while accepting all cashless payment methods.
With a hi-resolution touch screen and built-in camera, operators can offer instant refunds, e-receipts and increase sales with on-the-spot offers, coupons and loyalty cards, opening marketing and social opportunities. A "smart technician" mode is available for better machine management and reduction in maintenance time.
365 Connected Campus
Crane Merchandising Systems Updates Route Driver And Service Tech Mobile Apps
Product images are viewable on mobile devices.
Crane Merchandising Systems has released updates for its route driver and service tech mobile apps.
With this update, route drivers can use tablet devices to see and service the machine from a single-screen planogram view, complete with product images.

Product images can also be seen on the product selection screen on smartphone devices. This enables operators to choose the device that works best for their operation.

"These innovative mobile applications set a high bar for the industry, and are now the go-to apps for vending teams in the field who are looking to become more efficient," said Scott Matza, Crane Connectivity Solutions' global product manager for enterprise software. "Our goal is to continue to add new features to our mobile suite that deliver the functionality vending operators want and need." 

TSeaga_s IIC SightGurard
Seaga's IIC SightGuard enables tracking and managing inventory.
Seaga Manufacturing Inc. has introduced its intelligent inventory control machine, the IIC SightGuard.
Engineered ahead of some fundamental models in controlling cost for industrial MRO, PPE, office and medical supply distribution within innumerable industries including construction and manufacturing, Seaga's IIC SightGuard provides managers a tool for tracking and managing inventory.
With cloud-based technology integration that employs scalability and network handshaking, the IIC SightGuard is  configurable in the field for job sites with consistently evolving work environments and product needs.
The machine employs an IoT sensibility that allows it to log, track, sum, report and communicate inventory usage data within a satellite of machines placed strategically throughout the work environment, processed over a secure network.

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