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The fascination and appreciation of bees only STARTS with pollinating flowers and making honey. Science has revealed some amazing things about how a colony of bees functions. There is much more complexity than you might think. This class will try to build your appreciation of bees, amaze you, and help you to support and not harm bees in your gardening efforts. It is also designed to hopefully make you say to yourself, at least once... "NO WAY!", or "HOW CAN THAT BEE?"

Learn tree's value, what makes them tick, how to choose them, plant them, take care of them, and get the right help you need for the really big trees. Learn what can go right, and what can go wrong, and what to do about it. This is an interesting look at trees that goes beyond the obvious, and makes you want to give an oak a mighty hug (observing social distancing of course!).

This is all out war. The red imported fire ant is out of place in our area, damaging to the local ecology and economy, and they are dangerous. They are considered to be 8 times worse in our area than they are in Brazil where they were imported from. You may have tried some of the garden shop remedies and been disappointed when even more fire ants appeared the next year. After this talk, you will KNOW THE ENEMY, and will have the step by step process to attack and defeat the hot headed, stinging little beasts!

If you have lived here all your life, or have been here long enough to plant anything, you have certainly figured out that we have some clay soil around here. Don't despair. This class will help you to understand soils and what you can do about your soil here in the North Carolina Piedmont. It is a key to greater success in your garden, and it is fairly simple to improve your soil.

This class gives lots of outside-the-box ideas for creative planters, creative plant placement and know-how for successful container gardening. If your gardening is getting a little routine, use containers to push the boundaries and spice things up!

Tomatoes are super popular in the garden and on the table. And there is much more to them than just how to grow them. Tomatoes offer history, folklore, tales of witches and werewolves, fear, poison, deadly night shade (a dangerous relative), and more. We will explore those topics, and learn about raising tomatoes. Even how you can choose between growing more tomatoes per plant, but smaller, and growing fewer tomatoes per plant... but bigger.

Not all insects in the garden are bad guys. Not all insects in the garden are good guys. If you want to know which is which, and how to use the good guys against the bad guys... or if you just want to learn about creepy crawlies in general... sign up for this class. The good, the bad, the ugly, and some downright beautiful garden insects.

From the horrors of "topped" trees, to the sad little meatball shaped evergreen shrubs with shaved off bald patches, woody plants are suffering a pandemic of uninformed pruning in our land. This class will give you an understanding of the principles of pruning, and how you can prune to benefit your trees and shrubs, and how to combat crape murder of crape myrtles, butchering of beech trees, and hacking of hawthorns. Pruning can be fun. No... REALLY!

We all have our ideas about what organic pest control is all about. But the most successful organic gardeners know that there is much more to it than just not using synthetic pesticides. This is a fascinating topic that just might give you an expanded and more successful understanding of what it is to "go organic". Your garden and the beneficial insects living there, told me they really want you in this class!  (I made that up, but I bet it's true!)

What could be cuter than these furry little guests as they rip your lawn and garden to shreds? After this talk, you will know just what goes on under the garden when you are sleeping (and awake), and you will know what to do about it.
(Recipes will not be included in this program).