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February/March 2015 
There have been some changes afoot at MicroLaw in the last few weeks! We've taken a huge step forward, and joined with River Run Computers -- a much larger firm we've shared space with for more than 15 years.

River Run's expertise in hardware and infrastructure management, dedication to client service and awesome support staff brings a whole new layer of service and protection to our law firm, legal department and solo law practice clients. As River Run Application Services, the MicroLaw team can focus our expertise in office applications, time and billing systems, practice management, document automation and the PaperLESS? Office to provide more value to you, as well as to River Run's general business and professional clients.

MicroLaw will always be at the heart of legal technology, as we have been for nearly 30 years, and we'll all still be at the other end of the phone when you need us. We've added a whole bunch of new ways to help you do what you do better...and we're doing the same.

Read on for an introduction to some of our new services, our current favorite applications and services, and a major tech alert.  And if you have questions, or just want to say hi, feel free to give us a call!

Renee M. Kodner,

Technology Consultant

Application Services Team Manager

Direct: 414-921-2408 *  Email Renee

Meet River Run...
River Run Computers was founded in 1993 and has worked closely with MicroLaw for most of those 20+ years. 

River Run Engineers have hundreds of years of combined experience in a wide variety of systems and services to support networks of every size, and are backed by a dedicated client services team with a passion for providing excellent service and project management -- all w orking together to "keep you up and running" and maximize the value that technology brings to your business.

The River Run team values are  "FIPPERD" -- Fun, Integrity, Passion, Precision, Excellence, Responsibility and Direct Communication -- and  we look forward to bringing quality service and value to you. 

To learn more, visit
River Run's Total Network Management Services Include:

And now...

Application Services


Rumor has it...
That mandatory e-filing is coming very soon in Wisconsin. What does this mean to you? Even more reason to implement the PaperLESS? Office! 

While e-filing will more than likely be implemented incrementally, you can save time, money and frustration by starting now. Contact Sheryn ( for some simple steps. Beat the prepared. It's easier than you think!

Tech Alert:
Got SuperFish? 
Lenovo does...or did.

Lenovo pre- installed dangerous adware on many of its consumer laptops beginning in September 2014, that left thousands of consumers vulnerable, even while on secure ("https") websites. 

The third-party software, called SuperFish injects targeted advertising into secure webpages (or as Lenovo puts it "improve[s] the shopping experience using their visual discovery techniques "). Aside from the annoyance of unwanted ads, the software  "engineered a massive security catastrophe"  by installing the same root key on every single laptop -- or at least on tens of thousands of them.  

What does that mean? 

According to the  Electronic Freedom Foundation "The use of a single certificate for all of the MITM attacks means that all HTTPS security for at least Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari for Windows, on all of these Lenovo laptops, is now broken. If you access your webmail from such a laptop, any network attacker can read your mail as well or steal your password. If you log into your online banking account, any network attacker can pilfer your credentials. All an attacker needs in order to perform these attacks is a copy of the Superfish MITM private key. There is (apparently) a copy of that key inside every Superfish install on every affected Lenovo laptop, which has now been extracted and posted online."

Lenovo issued a statement last week clarifying that they stopped shipping laptops with the software in January and shut down the server that enables the software then as well. According to the manufacturer " Lenovo never installed this software on any ThinkPad notebooks, nor any desktops, tablets, smartphones or servers; and it is no longer being installed on any Lenovo device."  

There is a list of affected models in the Lenovo statement. Check it out if you purchased a Lenovo laptop in September 2014 or later from the G,U,Y, Z, S, E, Flex, MIIX, Yoga or Edge series.

"If you keep have to see Chrometa."
Sheryn's Take:  
(This isn't Sheryn)

I hate keeping time. I'm bad at it. Really, really bad at it. And I'm busy. All the time.  I get to the end of most days wondering how it could possibly be stupid-o'clock
al ready, with only the barest idea of where it all went. 

I found Chrometa at Chicago LegalTech last year and put it on my list of "things to review one day." I've recommended a few  people take a look at it, but not really advocated one way or another. And then I actually tried it.

Recently I committed to track my time -- all my time -- for awhile, and knew I was going to need help. I signed up for the Chrometa trial, downloaded the app, and promptly ignored it for the better part of a week (other than dismissing the pop-up messages asking if I wanted to log my "away" time).

What I found was stunning. 

Chrometa runs in the background while you work on your computer, recording everything you do. It follows your screen focus, so it knows every minute you spend on each of the webpages, documents and emails you have open. It records the URL and title of the webpage or document, the subject of the email...and if you download the Outlook Utility, it will even give you the to/from information...minute to minute, every minute of the day (unless you tell it otherwise).  If your mouse and keyboard goes quiet for awhile, Chrometa asks if you've been off doing something you want to log, and makes it easy to make a note and assign it to a client or project if you want.

When you go back to look at the app at the end of the day, everything is ne atly categorized by program (Chrome, Outlook, Word, etc.) on a summary tab or a time-line tab, divided by hour.  If you're also using it on your phone or another PC, you can see those too.

It was intimidating to see hundreds of entries that first time, after ignoring it for days.But I quickly figured out how to use the simple sorting rules, and by the end of the next week I had most of my time sorting itself by project -- because Chrometa "knows" much of what I am doing by the name of the website, parties to emails, or document titles.

The real proof came the very first week I did reporting. It took me a VERY long time to sort through a whole week of roughly ten hour days, not having made many (or any) rules yet...and not having written a single thing down all week. By the time I finished, I had a lot of new rules, and ... 49 hours of clearly accounted for time. 

Granted, it was a long and busy week, but I'd sat down thinking I'd barely be able to account for 25-30 hours that I could recall. There is no question in my mind that at least 25% of my time would have "disappeared" without Chrometa.  (Also...I've learned that I spend entirely too much time reading the news.)

If you keep time...especially if you're bad at it...give Chrometa the 30 day trial.You can use it on a PC, a Mac, and Android devices (but not, apparently, an iPhone because Apple application restrictions). It integrates with Clio, Rocketmatter,, among others, and appears to have beta integration with QuickBooks, PCLaw, Timeslips, Google Calendar, and (rumor has it) PracticeMaster. I installed it for a Clio client recently, and it quickly brought down all the clients and matters and started sorting tasks rather neatly. I think he's going to love it.

Chrometa is $12/month for a basic version, $19 if you want to integrate with your practice manager and/or use more than one device. $29 if you have a lot of devices. But give it the free 30 day trial. You'll know what it's worth to you by then.

(Fair disclosure: MicroLaw is a Chrometa affiliate. I pay for my own subscription in full--it's well worth it.)

Chrometa in Under A Minute
See Chrometa in One Minute
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