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May 6, 2015
MicroLoan Foundation makes a Commitment
A woman client of MicroLoan Foundation
Helping women who live under $1.25/day


Microloan Foundation commits by the end of 2016, to complete a pilot program in two Malawi branches and one Zambia branch involving 2,700 clients to meet the needs of the poorest clients (living under $1.25/day). Learn more.

"At the MicroLoan Foundation," said Peter Ryan, founder and CEO, "we're committed to ongoing innovation and learning in our mission to reach the poorest women and enable them to move out of poverty. This project is all about responding to client needs with products and services that enable them to overcome difficulties and improve their standard of living."
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100 Million Ideas - Innovations and inspirations. Pathways out of poverty for the poorest
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We will continue to feature these six pathways throughout the year on the blog and elsewhere

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