May 2017      

While the placement of microcredits in a group expresses the essence of microfinance by its attention to the base of the pyramid, it may be the placement mechanism that is most exposed to operational as well as reputational risk. 

In the experience of MicroRate, the operational risk in group methodology is furthered when the regulation of the group's operations is imprecise. There is a high level of manipulation of cash, a relaxation of credit policies and, in general, insufficient control. 



Next missions: 
Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Cambodia.

MicroRate happily continues to share its expertise in risk rating in various countries around the world. We trust that our services will help the internal strengthening and diversification of funding of our clients.

Financial Entities with TOP Rating: 

Soon, MicroRate will announce the financial institutions with the best rating scores during the 2016 and to date in 2017.

The work and effort denoted by the entities that manage to excel in the management of their comprehensive institutional performance and in their social management  are meritorious

MicroRate in the 8th Congress of Asomicrofinanzas:
Medellin, Colombia.
August 17 - 18

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Participation in the 2017 SPTF Annual Meeting: 
Mexico City, Mexico.
June 6 - 8.

MicroRate will participate in this important event at which standards and best practices in social performance for microfinance will be discussed.

Lima - Peru