Microbe-Lift Pond & Aquarium Newsletter, February 2020
Microbe-Lift Pond Section
For POND OR KOI ASSISTANCE and POND PRODUCT TECH SUPPORT INFO call Carolyn @ 239-308-4331. For AQUARIUM ASSISTANCE and AQUARIUM PRODUCT TECH SUPPORT INFO call KARIN @ 888-295-5529 ext. 113. Office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, Eastern Time.
If we have a warm day and the fish come to the surface, should I feed them? The answer is going to be up to you, but koi lore suggests looking at your weather forecast first or don’t feed below 48F (water temperature). Also, look at your pond. Is there any algae for them to eat? Algae is on their menu and a healthy, complete plant-based protein. If the pond can support their needs, that would be the best answer.    
Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day! Looking at February “national” holidays, I see National Singles Awareness Day on February 16. Did somebody miss their Valentine?? I like February 20, National Love Your Pet Day! Woo-Hoo, that’s for my koi and my dogs!
We no longer will be making the Microbe-Lift/Concentrated Barley Straw Extract or the Microbe-Lift/Barley Straw Extract + Peat in the Tip & Pour bottles. We know a lot of people will be VERY happy to simply measure out of a “normal” bottle. It is the same product in each, but just a different container. We aim to please!
·          If you have not finished using Autumn Winter Prep, that’s what should be done in February. It is a 4-month program. It won’t work as effectively unless you complete the program.
·          You should add Microbe-Lift/Concentrated Barley Straw Extract to minimize any green water events in spring. Algae grows at the South Pole, so it could be brewing under ice and snow in your pond. This is not a good time to use Algaecides.
I have had a couple calls about koi lying on their sides or dying. The temperature of the pond was below 35F for a week or more. One pond was still circulating with waterfall. One was not cleaned. Both were quite cold.
This is a sign of severe stress. It can be due to water quality, disease, parasites, but most commonly this time of year, hypothermia.  Koi can withstand low temperatures for a short period of time. After that, they will go into shock. This is most common in shallow ponds but can also occur in ponds with high salt content. Salt lowers the freezing point for water, giving the illusion that everything is “fine” while the water is already too cold for the fish. And waterfalls, anything above ground, can super-cool the pond water to intolerable temperatures in reality.  
Q. - What do fish and music lessons have in common?
A. - Scales!
(credit for joke to K.O.I.)
March 13-15 – Central Florida Koi and Goldfish Show, Orlando, Florida http://cfks.org/

April 18-19 – 2020 ZNA NorCal Koi Show, Wyndham Silicon Valley Hotel, San Jose, CA www.znanorcal.info

June 26-28 – 36 th PNKCA Convention, Newport, OR www.pnkca.com
·         Although koi can handle temperatures of between 35 and 85 F degrees it’s best to keep your fish in water that ranges between 65 and 75 F.
·         In cold water, oxygen levels less than 2-3 ppm for an extended time will begin to kill fish. If levels drop to 1-2 ppm or lower throughout the pond, a complete fish kill will result.
·        If the water is not deep enough to fully cover your fish, below the level of the ice layer in your pond, freezer burn is possible.

Microbe-Lift Aquarium Section

I use your Lice & Anchor Worm treatment for one week now, why do I see new ones?

The new ones you see are the eggs that hatched.
This is why the Lice & Anchor Worm is a 3-week treatment.
The Lice & Anchor Worm will stop the Chitin production in the newly hatched Anchor Worms.
This will prevent them from laying more eggs.
Best regards,
Karin Berke, Aquarium Specialist
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