Get Brewing. Grow Life!   
Ok, it is now April and officially planting season. Are you brewing compost tea?

It's simple. If you need a brewer and have a 5 gallon bucket s tart with Compost Tea BYOB . If all you need is ingredients look for Compost Tea in a Box : CLICK HERE

You can use it on your food garden, but also on your lawn, the compost pile, in the hydroponic system, for houseplants, you name it. And you will not believe the results!

The work is done by the network of life called the Soil Food Web. Think of the microbes you are brewing in compost tea like the importance of plankton in the ocean. The smallest organisms take care of the larger ones!

If you live in the Wilmington, NC area and would prefer to have a service come apply living compost tea to your landscape contact us at 910-202-4176 or and we will get someone in touch!!

Please share with anyone and everyone you think may be interested :)


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Microbes: Energy Producers of the Future

We all use water, and in the process a lot of it goes to waste. Whether it goes down drains, sewers or toilets, much of it ends up at a wastewater treatment plant where it undergoes rigorous cleaning before it flows back to the environment. 

The process takes time, money and a lot of energy. What if that wastewater could be turned into energy? 

It almost sounds too good to be true, but environmental engineer Bruce Logan is working on ways to make it happen. Most treatment plants already use bacteria to break down the organic waste in the water. With support from the National Science Foundation, Logan and his team at Penn State University are taking the idea a step further. They are developing microbial fuel cells to channel the bacteria's hard work into energy.

Welcome to the future and the past in the present. 

We want to help you grow the BEST garden or farm of your life!!

Our goal is to make successful biological growing simple. And you won't believe the results!!!

Call  800-416-1109  or send us an email at  with questions or for personal consultation.  

Please let us know how we can be of service. 

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