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January 2019 newsletter
Clinical microbiology
7-8 March 2019

Liofilchem, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy

Seminar at Liofilchem. 16th edition.
HEAR courses comprise an interactive two day session with lectures and laboratory work.

An international faculty interacts with 20 participants from several Countries.
HEAR allows for effective exchange of clinical experiences and expertise among clinicians, pharmacists and microbiologists with the patient's need utmost in mind. 

Liofilchem organizes several courses per year that cover a variety of topics with the goal of sharing the latest information to promote the rational use of antimicrobial agents. To address some of the resistance, diagnostic and treatment challenges faced by infectious disease specialists, ICU clinicians, clinical pharmacists and microbiologists, Liofilchem has invested in non-profit HEAR courses dedicated to education in the field of Antimicrobial Resistance Testing.
FDA-Cleared Omadacycline 0.002-32 MTS™
Liofilchem has received clearance from the FDA to market in the United States the Omadacycline 0.002-32 MTS™ (MIC Test Strip), a quantitative assay for determining the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of Omadacycline against both Gram-negative bacteria ( E. cloacae, K. pneumoniae ) and Gram-positive bacteria ( E. faecalis, S. lugdunensis, S. aureus ) . Learn more about MTS™ OMC

Industrial microbiology
Wash solutions for sterility testing
Fluids A, D, and K are used for ensuring the sterility of injectables, non-injectables, liquid products, oils and ointments, antibiotic powders, sterile pathway devices and aerosols.
Fluid A  is a washing buffer for general usage, compatible with the majority of samples. Fluid A is a liquid used for dissolving or diluting samples without affecting the viability of contaminating microorganisms. Its formula complies with the requirements of the harmonized method in the United States (USP), European (EP) and Japanese (JP) Pharmacopoeias for rising membranes during sterility testing by filtration. Fluid A is also available as gamma-irradiated double bagged products, particularly suitable for use in restricted areas like isolators and clean rooms. 

Fluid D  has the same formulation of Fluid A with the addition of Tween 80, is used in validation tests for bacteriostasis and fungistasis in articles containing lecithin, oil or a preservative, usually in the method controls of medical devices washing.

Fluid K  is suitable for testing samples containing petrolatum, vaseline or oil solutions. It is commonly used for washing the production lines of medical devices and for samples difficult to filter or dissolve.
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