Microfiber: Are You One of the 90%?

The most recent survey conducted by the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences shows 90% of professional facility maintenance staff are still using traditional cotton mops and a single compartment bucket. Are you one of those cleaning professionals who hesitate to use microfiber?

Consider some of these statistics from the same study on microfiber:

* Microfiber cleans floors 45% better than string mops

* Traditional cotton mops and single buckets redistribute contaminants back onto the floor after the first 1,000 square feet

* Traditional cotton string mops last perhaps 50 or so washings; microfiber mops can last 300 or more washings.

* Microfiber removes 99% of surface bacteria

Another interesting study published by the EPA discusses the role of microfiber in infection prevention, particularly in healthcare settings. The test conducted with extremely fine (.37 micrometer diameter) microfiber was shown to remove 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses from a surface when USING ONLY WATER (no chemicals).

By comparison, the traditional cotton fibers have been shown to remove just 30% of bacteria and 23% of viruses from a contaminated surface.  This study showed the cleaning staff was able to complete a patient room 40% faster with a microfiber mopping system and easily permitted a “one-pad-per-room practice,” thus decreasing the likelihood of cross-contamination from one room to another. 

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