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Dear All,

It's been a while and I've been busy!  Here is the story in a nutshell.  A small group of us met with our representatives over 5G this past year.  By far the worst response we received was from my Cong. Ted Lieu.  So I got suspicious and looked up his funding.  Turns out he took over $500,000 from the wireless industry.  OF COURSE he wouldn't help us!  It all makes sense now.  But it did make me angry enough to want to run to replace him, which is exactly what I'm now doing. 

When you read the press release you may find it a little tame when compared with the magnitude of what we are dealing with.  This is because this press release was rejected about 5 times with my having to take out truthful statements which the PR company refused to send...

I do not have the "Democrat machine" behind me, in fact they would rather not deal with this issue at all, or any of the other issues I am running on for that matter.  I know because I asked them.  Regardless, I am running for his seat.  Of course I hope to win, but even if I don't, if I at least get some votes, it will send a message to our Congressman that people do care about this issue and he might possibly be swayed to do something...but that's probably more wishful thinking than anything.  Ultimately we do need to just replace these people.

Yes I am getting a late-ish start with this announcement, but my attitude is better late than never, as this has not been easy.  Below is my Congressional website also containing my Congressional video...  

One of the reasons I am a bit late is actually because of my microwave radiation poisoning (I am trying to stop saying EHS) and all the issues that come with that, including the nerve to campaign in my shielding which I have been doing, actually to some success!  People have been very open to hearing my story and end up wanting to do something about this huge problem, once they realize they are getting effected too.  I am getting people to vote for me, but admittedly I am only one and I need to speak with a LOT of people.  Being as that probably won't be possible, if you'd like to donate for me to send out tweets (ironic I know, but this is where advertising has gone) to my area, send mailers, flyers, signs, online advertising, etc., Here is a donate link...
If you would prefer to just donate to our lawsuits, which I will be updating you on VERY SOON, by all means please just do that instead or perhaps in addition to, if you are feeling particularly generous.  If you are unable to donate but would like to help, please pass the link to this news letter around or on social media. 

And finally, if you live in the LA area and would like to volunteer to help out, I sure could use it!  You can contact me directly at 310-455-7530 or send me an email to (this is the email I am using for my Congressional run as opposed to the non profit email).  Here is a link to my district of Los Angeles.
If you know anyone in my district, by all means please send them the ink to this news letter and/or my Congressional website.

What also excites me also is the possibility of being able to debate my Congressman on stage in public!  Such a debate may be happening this Thurs! 

Win or lose, this is a win because word is getting out and our politicians are finding out we are not fooling around and will REPLACE representatives who ignore their constituents life and death issues in favor of their corporate sponsors.

Thank you so much for your continued support.  Any and all help with this is greatly appreciated! 

Sending lots of Love,