Jim Sandy Young
Special Women’s Winter Retreat
Feb 1 to Feb 2 2020
Living Light Center Seneca Rocks West VA
Lead By Rev Jim & Sandy Young
Come Sat Morning Feb 1 st and Leave Feb 2 nd . $50 per person includes lodging, and free Infrared or Oxygen Steam Sauna session. We’ll discuss all the important issues facing women today. Call for details
1-800-860-6605 The Living Light Center,
A Church of Faith and Healing 22243 Mountaineer DR, Seneca Rocks WV 

If its not a Full Spectrum Med 4 with Chromatic Light, Ionization with six carbon based heaters, it’s not the real thing. Some Doctors will use an Infrared laser for a specific area of the body, but most do not offer Near, Mid and Far Infrared Wavelengths. Most individual units will offer one wavelength at best. Don’t be fooled by inexpensive imitations. Sessions can be done with minimal heat or at a level that will effectively detox the body as you heal. We researched many saunas to find the one that mattered!
If you are tired of dealing with some of these issues with little results. The Medical Designers of these technologies wanted to create something different that would work to alleviate some of these issues.
Eczema and psoriasis
Poor Sleep
Adrenal fatigue
Diabetes Resistance
Muscle & Back Pain
Shoulder Hand & Foot Pain
Lymph System Issues
Red & White Blood Cell issues.
Joint & Muscle Issues

Services we also offer
·          Oxygen Steam Sauna
·          Hands on Healing
·          Pattern Removal
·          Wheat Grass Drinks
·          Organic grown veggies
·          Angelic Readings
·          Yoga
·          Angelic Living Light Alignment
·          Violet Ray Healing
The T.L.L.C. Retreat
Our retreat center sleeps six with three bedrooms, a pull -out couch, full kitchen, laundry, living room, library, kitchen and bathroom with shower AC & Heat. There is a 52 ft. diameter Medicine Wheel Garden for Meditation. A river that runs north and Seneca Rocks, a 960 ft high. Mtn. of Quartz & Limestone that is within walking distance.
Retreats must be minimum of three attendees for special offer. Snow Date Feb 15 and 16.