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Brenda Russo will represent our region as a judge at this year’s annual. Join us in sponsoring her ring & be featured on a banner to recognize the MA Region. Honor Brenda, her accomplishments and the MA Region. Individual donations are $25, Club donations are $50 at $100 to be entered in a special raffle. Smaller amounts of $5, $10 or $15 are gratefully accepted. It all adds up to raise the $1,500 goal. Send donations to

Judy Bernbaum & Sandy McAllister
MA Annual Sponsor CoChairs
PKD, PRA, Pk-Def?
Find out and make informed decisions for your cat's & future kittens' health. Discount for TICA Members for Optimal Selection by Wisdom Health
TICA Ambassadors
Kathy Keeley & Jersey State,
Jennifer Stanford &
Anthony Hutcherson were joined by Jennifer Hardin of SE and Mary Kimelman of NE to present TICA to 8,000+ people at the Super Pet Expo April 13-15. Posters, coloring books, visitor guides and purrs were shared by cats, alters & HHPs!
How Lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard
- Winnie the Pooh
Bobbie Tullo was a breeder, exhibitor, show manager, judge, TICA VP and friend to many. The MA joins all of TICA in honoring the memory of a TICA Treasure.
Come meet Chris Kaelin, PhD of Stanford University and Hudson Alpha Institute in July. Chris discovered the genetic mutation that changes a Cheetah to a King Cheetah and a mackeral tabby into a classic tabby! The Education Show has cat genetics, cat health and FREE STUFF.
$1196 in MA Treasury, THANK YOU Lisa Dickie, MA Treasurer
Brenda Russo, Cheryl Chamberlin, Gladys Dinunzio & Megan Gallaher
are the outstanding Deputy Regional Directors for TICA MidAtlantic.
407 MA Members! 184 rings! 5 Pet Expos!
TICA MA has the most rings per member than any region AND the MOST FUN.
Thank you, MA Region. Renew your membership and make new members.
Let your voice be heard and let TICA know what you want to know more about & how you want it delivered! Participate in the membership survey. Here

Anthony Hutcherson - MA Regional Director
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