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Some of you might already be aware, but for those who are not, I will sadly be moving on from St. James Cathedral as assistant for Outreach and Advocacy this month.  I have begun a full-time graduate school program (an MS in Climate Justice out of Glasgow Caledonian University, the only one of its kind  in the world!) and as such will be focused elsewhere for the foreseeable future.  I am sure all of you do know, in one form or another, how difficult transition is at this time and how uncertain things remain, but this I do know: I will keep St. James very close in my heart no matter where I go.  It's been a tremendous place to grow - certainly a great "Covid family" if ever there was one!  I am so glad for the chances I've had here and even happier to know those I've met and worked with.  I will keep each of you in my prayers, and my spirit will march on joyfully by your side as you carry on building this wondrous community for God.

Luke Henkel
Assistant, Social Outreach and Advocacy
Pope Francis Video: 
At the Service of Human Fraternity
At the service of Human fraternity - The Pope Video 1 - January 2021

Watch this short message from Pope Francis, in which he calls for all of us to dedicate this year to human fraternity, as we are brothers and sisters all.  "There is no alternative: we will either build the future together or there will not be a future."

Now Hiring at St. James

St. James Cathedral is hiring an Assistant for Social Outreach and Advocacy. The incumbent will provide support for the Cathedral's ministries for the poor and underserved, with a particular focus during the pandemic on meal programs and care for creation. This is a 25-29 hour/week position, non-exempt. 

To receive a job description and details, interested applicants should download the Seattle Archdiocesan Job Application and send it with a resume, via email, to Patrick Barredo, director of social outreach and advocacy,  206-619-2879 |

What is the State of Refugees Worldwide?
Thursday, Jan. 21
6:30 - 8pm

Join St. James Immigrant Assistance in viewing a 20-minute interview with Donald Kerwin, executive director of the Center for Migration Studies (CMS). We'll get an update on the conditions facing refugees and forcibly displaced persons throughout the world. He also shares findings from the recent CMS and Refugee Council USA report on refugee resettlement and reflects on the connection between refugees, the Christmas story, and Catholic Social Teaching.  After the interview, we'll have a discussion with Jennifer Malloy, from the WA State Office of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance.  

Celebrate the Mass for Life
January Pro-Life Activities

As we remember the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision on January 22, there are a number of pro-life activities in January:
Tell President Biden: END THE DEATH PENALTY
We urge President Joe Biden to honor the sanctity of life by prioritizing an end to the fededal death penalty.

In the wake of a never-before-seen execution spree by the Trump administration, Catholics and people of goodwill are calling on President Joe Biden, a Catholic, to take concrete steps to end the federal death penalty.

Tell President Biden of our shared Catholic faith which compels us to "work with determination for [capital punishment's] abolition worldwide" (Catholic Catechism 2267). Please act swiftly to dismantle the fatally flawed federal death penalty system and uphold the sacred dignity of every person.

Send the President a message by clicking here.
Catholic Heritage Series at Seattle University
2040 Film Screening 
through the Creation Care Network
Learn about climate solutions that work, in collaboration with Catholics from across Western Washington.

You only have a few days left to register for the award-winning climate documentary 2040!  Those who register will be able to watch the film any time between January 21 and February 6, then join the Creation Care Network, of Catholic churches and institutions in western Washington, for a virtual discussion about the film and its solutions on Sunday, February 7, 1pm to 2:30pm.
The Christian Dance of Life!
Virtual Catholic Advocacy Day, March 23, 2021
Join us for the first-ever virtual Catholic Advocacy Day in Olympia on Tuesday, March 23, 2021!  Our theme this year is Catholics for Equity & Life. In this time of COVID and the call for economic and racial equity, we invite you to join with Catholics from across Washington State to raise our voices for a society in which all people and Earth can thrive. Issues we plan to address include economic recovery, affordable housing, racial equity and the environment. The priority issues may change based on developments during the legislative session, and we will have updated information closer to the day itself.  

Register online by March 9 or call 206.223.1138.
In Case you Missed It: 
Dr. Judy Mayotte on Fratelli Tutti
Dr. Judy Mayotteinternationally-esteemed humanitarian and Cathedral parishioner, recently spoke on Fratelli Tutti's urgent call for all of us to take up the work of restoring humanity's fraternal bond.  Who better to read from Pope Francis' work and share with us than someone who has truly lived out that call in such extraordinary and unique ways, across multiple continents, despite various harrowing personal challenges, and always with unflagging enthusiasm, commitment, and joy?

If you were unable to attend, you can watch the presentation hereNote the password: LB3.65C4 

If you have issues accessing the presentation or further questions, please email Patrick Barredo.
Closing Prayer: Living Fratelli Tutti
When our lofty words of love have been emptied of their meaning,
When our borders and computer screens have erected impenetrable walls,
When our minds are so quick to conflate "other" with "enemy,"
How will we find our common humanity?
It's never too late to make an earnest and tender start.
May we remove from our pockets the stones we intended to throw
And cement them together to build a home that welcomes all.
May we repent of our indifference and move into genuine encounter.
Instead of drawing battle lines,
May we draw our chairs up to a communal table,
Where we can feast in the knowledge of our shared dignity.
May God grant us the holy vision
To see in every human being a sacred mystery,
And may we love each mystery not abstractly, but concretely.
Just as Thomas touched the wounds of Jesus,
May we be unafraid to touch the wounds of our suffering neighbor.
May we lay down our arms and offer our outstretched hands,
Until there is no "them," but only "us,"
Until we are, at last, sisters and brothers, all.


From Cameron Bellm, a Seattle-based mother and spiritual writer.  Cameron's monthly column of poem-prayers, Spirit and Verse, has inspired many during Covid-19.