Mid-January, 2020
Let outfitters help you get your license for area you want to hunt! Plenty of black bear hunts across country. 
Price reduction, Cancellation openings can come in at anytime. If you don't see anything that interest you in newsletter, text us or call 920-540-5038 or email Tony@huntingguidesandoutfitters.net, We can help you with group rates on certain hunts.    
We encourage veterans to sign up for a hunt at: Special turkey raffle at
You will have to fill out application at the website listed above!
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WYOMING- 1-Elk Hunting special-$3,500, Oct. 15-30  Call 920-540-for elk special 
Spring or Fall Black Bear hunt $2,200,  
Youth 18 years or younger can come with a parent for 1200.  
Phone: 307- 248-2551 or 307-248-0867 
Wyoming Elk Hunting 
We have two elk hunting areas for our elk season openers. The first opener is on October 1, this elk hunting area is a smaller, but the elk hunting unit is productive with very nice bulls. We generally bring the bulls in with a bugle or cow call as they are active. The application and deadline for the drawing of this elk hunting tag takes place in January.  Remember this is a lottery elk tag that you need to apply for in January. It will be worth your effort and time. The hunter guide ratio is 2 on 1. 
The second elk hunting opener is October 15th which is a much larger area. This elk hunt is also a 2 on 1 hunter guide ratio. This elk tag is also on a lottery tag basis. You do have a very good chance to draw this tag. If you need help with the process of applying for a tag please don't hesitate to give us a call. These bull elk also range in the 280-320 class. 


2020/2021 - Alaskan Wilderness Hunting Expeditions - All-Inclusive From Anchorage. Tailored For Novice And Experienced Adventure Hunters. New Website With More Details. These Discount Prices Won't Last! Limited Availability. Call or text: 920-540-5038 

Spring 2020
Coastal Alaskan Brown Bear - 1x1 $14,000 PRICE REDUCTION 
(Black Bear & Wolf Available No Charge)
Interior Mountain Grizzly - 1x1 $7,360 PRICE REDUCTION
(Black Bear Available On A Fee)
Coastal Alaskan Black Bear - 1x1 $4,750 or 2x1 $3,750
(Wolf & Alaskan Coyote Available No Charge)
Fall 2020
Coastal Alaskan Brown Bear - 1x1 $18,750
(Black Bear, Wolf & Wolverine Available No Charge)
Coastal Alaskan Black Bear - 1x1 $6,750 or 2x1 $4,750
(Wolf, Wolverine & Alaskan Coyote Available No Charge)
Spring 2021
Coastal Alaskan Brown Bear - 1x1 $16,750
(Black Bear & Wolf Available No Charge)
Interior Mountain Grizzly - 1x1 $9,750 or 2x1 $6,750
(Black Bear Available On A Fee)
Coastal Alaskan Black Bear - 1x1 $4,750 or 2x1 $3,750
(Wolf & Alaskan Coyote Available No Charge)
**Ask About Our Premier Hunts For Dall Sheep, Alaska/Yukon Moose, Barren Ground Caribou and/or Mountain Goat

Mention Tony Gutierrez for special pricing. Prices may not be listed at website.
Text or Call 920-540-5038
Regular price 2020 $4500 5 day hunt
Youth 18 yrs. and younger 1/2 price
Elk Hunt or Mule Deer 
text or call: 920-540-5038 for special pricing
Record Mule Deer
These camps are well keep and as noted in the testimonies, you are well cared for:
We decided to sign on with Greys River Outfitters and I am very glad we did! Mike Clark was excellent to work with and very meticulous that we had the correct permits and supplies needed for our hunt. The 22 hour drive to camp was long, yet I was very anxious to arrive and complete the mule deer hunt of my dreams! 
This Wyoming elk hunt is an opportunity to beautifully see for yourself the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Western Wyoming. Hunting areas south of Jackson hole near Daniel,  covering Region G-H.

 http://www.wyomingoutfitters.net  or  307-884-6356

MEXICO: 2 spots open DESERT MULE DEER for $9,800  
Also coues whitetail available as an add on $2500 
6-days includes meals and lodging/gun permit-Sonora, Mexico  
Text or call  

Hogsback Ranch now offers hunts in Sonora, Mexico for Desert Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Desert Big Horn Sheep, Javelina, and Goulds Turkey!   
BIG BEAR HUNT ADVENTURES- Special Christmas Offer!  
Guarantee Kill or hunt for nothing next year-Rifle ONLY-1st time hunter 
Exclusive area NO other hunters - Guided or Unguided Black Bear Hunts 
514-349-3562 Call for Group Rates  
Big Bear Hunts Testimonials 
Big Bear Hunts Testimonials
Canada Bear Hunting
From our beginning,
Our kill rate success well over 90%. We don't show 100% kill every year anymore, simply cause of our high number of repeat hunters looking to beat their own records.
Hurtle Creek Outfitters Alaska-Grizzly Bear, Dall Sheep, Moose, Goat 
Text or call 907-414-6414 for more details  

Registered big game hunting guide Ray Paniwozik has lived in Alaska for 19 years and has guided hunters and fisherman in Alaska since 1996. His big game guiding career has led to hunt many areas of Alaska including South Central Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula, Alaska Range, and Kodiak Island. Ray is not only a registered big game hunting guide but he also holds a United States Coast Guards License and guides fisherman. 
Text or Call 907-414-6414
2020 NEW BRUNSWICK Spring or Fall Bear Hunts
Over bait 6 hunters in camp (ask about 7th if your group all spots!). 
6 hunters in camp (ask about 7th if your group all spots!). 
$2,750 Fully guided 5 day hunt  (2 Bear harvest area),  
Call or text 506-325-8579 or https://huntingnewbrunswick.com/
Bear Cam Footage Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps 

Although the Spring bear hunt officially starts the middle of April, our first hunt is in the middle of May. The reason for this, is because there is still too much snow in the woods for proper baiting and a lot of bears are not out of their dens in April. The average adult black bear weighs anywhere from 300-600 pounds.
Approximately 30 sites are maintained. These baits are started three weeks prior to the hunt and re-baited daily. All baits are located within 20 miles radius of the camps. We also encourage the hunter who has a four wheeler to bring it along to participate and travel with the guide daily to visit all bear bait sites.  
Meals, transportation and lodging provided (each group have their own cabin).
Success rate 85-100%
Average number of bear seen for the week is 5-8 
Two bait sites per hunter / 6 hunters per week
Craig Boddington has endorsed my outfitting business. 
Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps
381 Becaguimec Road, Maplewood
New Brunswick, Canada E6E 1M9

Fall/Winter 2020 
Trophy Mule Deer Hunts Starting At $3,750 
Trophy Coues Deer Hunts Starting At $3,750 
Trophy Elk Hunts Starting At $5,750
Premier Arizona Fully Guided Big Game Hunts
All-Inclusive From Phoenix, Personally Guided By The Outfitter
45+ Years Arizona Hunting Experience  
(You need to mention this newsletter for these prices)   
Call or Text 920-540-5038  
Urgent Alert:
January 2020 OTC Archery Trophy Deer Hunts Available
High Quality Remote Trophy Deer Hunts Personally Guided By The Outfitter
Coues Whitetail Deer or Desert Mule Deer
Urgent Alert:
Fall 2020 Elk/Pronghorn Permit Application Period Is Now!
Early February 2020 Permit Application Deadline!
Please Contact Us For The Latest In Scouting Results, Trophy Areas, Where/How to Apply For A Permit, And Making Reservations. 
Note: This outfitter has a high draw rate, based on a proven permit application strategy.
Fall/Winter 2020 Rifle Trophy Coues Deer Hunts -- 90-100% Chance To Draw
High Quality Remote Trophy Hunts 
Fall/Winter 2020 Rifle Trophy Mule Deer Hunts -- 60-100% Chance To Draw
High Quality Remote & Semi-Remote Trophy Hunts
Trophy Mule Deer Hunts Starting At $3,750 
Trophy Coues Deer Hunts Starting At $3,750 
Trophy Elk Hunts Starting At $5,750
Trophy Color-Phase Black Bear Hunts Starting At $4,750
Trophy Mountain Lion Hunts Starting At $4,750
Premier Bighorn Sheep Hunts Starting At $10,750

Personally Guided By The Outfitter  
(You need to mention this newsletter for these prices)  
or call 920-540-5038 
British Columbia: GG Outfitting 
text or call 250-500-2717
GG Outfitting
GG Outfitting

Gunson Guiding & Outfitting 
British Columbia
Moose, Caribou, Goat, Sheep & Black bear Hunts
We run a small operation in a large area (~2000 square miles) in the far north of British Columbia. We offer wilderness hunts for quality game. At our location on the Yukon border, we hunt some of the biggest Canadian moose, anywhere. You won't find anything closer to an Alaska-Yukon moose, without going to Alaska or the Yukon.
Our hunts are all in remote wilderness and done with horses, small boats, canoes and/or ATVs. We usually run 1×1 hunts with a maximum of 2 hunters in camp. Many of our camps are only used for 10 days, every year or two, and virtually all of our hunting is done in areas that are inaccessible to resident hunters. Our facilities are rustic and there are few developed or maintained trails in our area. Most camps are accessed by float plane, and it is very difficult to 'get around' on the ground.
We offer a variety of hunting styles (mountain horseback or lake/river based hunts), that allow us to provide different styles of hunt, for different interests and hunting objectives.
We provide remote wilderness hunting adventures for Big Bull Moose, Stone Sheep, Mountain Caribou, Mountain Goats and Black Bear.
Call or text Jake at: 250-500-2717 or visit  www.ggoutfitting.com 

LITTLE CREEK RANCH- https://www.coloradowildelk.com  
COW ELK meat hunts $2,000
BUFFALO meat hunts $3,000  
(cow or yearlying)
Call 970-487-3321 or  970-858-9555
Little Creek Ranch has been in business for 50 plus yrs. and we are still going strong! 
In 1968, when I purchased the first part of the ranch, I had the dream of raising elk and a few years later I purchased my first elk. 

In 2020, I am, again, putting a big effort toward selling my preserve elk hunts.  I am selling hunts for any 6x6, or bigger, bull, on the ranch, for $4,000 to $7,500.  Check out the other outfitters and you will find this to be the best price anywhere.  Just think about it - taking a free-range, trophy bull can be difficult and time consuming.   At Little Creek Ranch, the terrain provides good cover for the animals and we must hunt early in the morning and in the evenings.  The hunt is two-nights, three-days and you will stay in one of our comfortable, guest cabins and meals and guide service are also included in the price of the hunt. After the hunt, we can transport your meat to a local processor or you can take it home with you.  Come hunt my elk and buffalo preserve - you won't be disappointed.
Call: 970-487-3321 or 970--858-9555 visit 

Turkey, Elk, Deer, Antelope, Prairie Dog Hunting and more.

2018 Highlights
Long Range Target Shooting and/or Prairie Dog 
Prairie Dog hunts customized to fit your scheduled. Long range targets, and instruction are available bring your own equipment or rental available.  We would like you to arrive the afternoon before the hunt begins to get settled in and sight your rifle in or at least check it. Your accommodations are a nice ranch house with shower and beds and bedding. Breakfast, lunch and family style dinner in evenings 
Turkey Hunts
Turkey hunts customized to fit your scheduled.  We would like you to arrive the afternoon before the hunt begins to get settled in and sight your rifle in or at least check it. Your accommodations are a nice ranch house with shower and beds and bedding. Breakfast, lunch and family style dinner in evenings  

UT-BUFFALO HUNT MEAT HUNTS, Prices starting at $2,500-$2,900
2 yr. BULLS-$3,500, 3yr Bulls $4,00-$4,800, Cows $2,900-$3,500
Buffalo Heads/Robes are YOURS!  
There are also hunts in SD, and NM available. Prices vary at these locations. Please fill out form for more information. 
Call or text 920-540-5038  http://thbison.com/
Lodging is different with each outfitter. You will be guided into the area, assist you with gutting the animal, and then load the animal into your vehicle.  Meat processors available upon request.

Call 920-540-5038 http://thbison.com/
Now Booking 2020 Deer Hunts  
*Muzzleloader 2nd week muzzleloader 4 spots cancelation hunt $3,250 each, discounted $1,000
*Gun season 2nd week 2 spots $3,250 each discounted $500.00
$250 down holds your spot. 
Kansas Turkey Hunting, Kansas Turkey Hunt, Turkey Hunting 
Kansas Turkey Hunting-CK Outfitters 
Kansas Turkey Hunting
Guaranteed shot opportunity of first turkey on all premium hunts or after day 2 our head guide will personally guide you to your trophy Kansas turkey! If you still fail to harvest your 1st turkey, CK Outfitters will add a day to your turkey hunt at our expense. If you still fail to harvest your 1st turkey, CK Outfitters will let your return the following year to turkey hunt for free! This is how confident we are in our ability to get you your trophy turkey!
Kansas Deer Hunts
CK Outfitters offers a limited number of deer hunts a year on our 23,480 acres of Trophy managed properties. The rifle and Muzzleloader deer hunt is a 5-day hunt and the archery hunt is a full 6 days on our Trophy whitetail deer managed property. No other hunting of any kind is allowed on this property to protect the habitat and security of our Kansas trophy deer hunting.
text or call 708-536-7290 OR 780-536-7298
Blue Sky Outfitting Home Page Video
Blue Sky Outfitting

Woodland Buffalo Hunting 
For most hunters, woodland bison is the pinnacle trophy.  These majestic creatures are so large, you will surely be stunned when you see them up close. These are native, free ranging woodland bison in their natural habitat. Fortunately, they are not a pure wood bison - which means you are allowed to export your cape and horns to the United States. 
The bull may weight up to 3000 lbs. and a cow 1500 lbs.  Studies have shown that many of the bulls in this area are ancient, and trophy potential is very high. There is also the satisfaction of having hunted a rare and awesome trophy - a true free ranging woodland bison. The very elusive timber wolf inhabits the same area as the woodland bison and can be hunted with reasonable success at any time during the hunt.
Our fair-weather season includes the month of October and the last two weeks of May.  The winter hunts occur between November 1st and April 30th.

Elk Hunting, Mule Deer Hunting, Black Bear Hunting, Drop Camps

Colorado Game Management Unit #33
There is a resident herd in and around the ranch which is supplemented by elk moving to their winter grounds during November.  Mule deer are plentiful as are black bear.
This is a large unit north of Rifle consisting of the WRNF and private land. Archery and black powder seasons run in September with 4 rifle seasons during October and November. You must apply for archery, blackpowder, 1st rifle and 4th rifle seasons. These take few or no preference points to draw. Bull elk licenses can be purchased over the counter for the second and third rifle seasons. Please contact us for details.

New Mexico Elk, Mule Deer, Ibex, Antelope, Oryx, Bear, Lion, and more...
Text or call 505-330-9776 or

Guided Elk Hunt Information
Upon successful draw the clients will be able to use a guide as per contract. If unsuccessful in New Mexico lottery draw then private landowner tag option may be available. All guides employed by Wilderness Outfitter Productions are registered (NMG&F), experienced and highly qualified hunters with required first aid and CPR training.

We share your passion for New Mexico Big Game hunting and offer these services:

* Semi-guided 2 day New Mexico Elk hunting (Affordable for any budget) - $2,000

* Fully guided 5 day New Mexico Elk hunting with base camp options starting - $4,000

* Full Service 5 day New Mexico Elk hunting
(includes- guide, camp setting or lodging, camp cooked meals) - $4,500

* Other Full Service hunts with Guide, Camp Cook and Base camp available . Pricing upon request.  Group rates available just call.

Videography, editing and production is an additional 500.00
Hunters are responsible for NMGF license hunt fees.
Text or call 505-330-9776 or
2 020 Fair Chase EARLY Spring Black Bear Hunts!
3 hunters with a guide Only $900.00 each!
May 1 through May 10, 2020 Book Now! 406-239-1752
Black Bear Hunting

Come join us for an exciting hunt next Spring or Fall. After a long winter or summer, it is time to get out, relax, and have some fun and do some Bear Hunting. Guides and 4-wheel drive vehicles are furnished for the hunt. We take care of transportation, guiding, capeing; skinning and we have local processing and taxidermy available. You provide your personal gear, local lodging/ food, rifle, license and transportation here and back home. There is plenty of excitement. Black Bear and Antelope hunts are great for father/son, father/daughter or husband/wife type of hunts. You see a lot of game!!
Grand Slam Turkey Raffle - $300.00. (Limited number of tickets!)
Click here for more information on details.
Thank you for supporting Our Troops and
The Ford Outfitters: Sportsmen's Foundation
The Ford Outfitters: Sportsmen's Foundation
Alaska and Western States Links for permits and tags  
Alaska - 907-465-4210 - http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/
Arizona - 602-942-3000 - https://www.azgfd.com/
Colorado 303-297-1192 - http://cpw.state.co.us/
Montana - 406-444-2950 - http://fwp.mt.gov/
New Mexico - 505-476-8000 - http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/
Wyoming - 307-777-4600 - https://wgfd.wyo.gov/
Thanks for taking a look at our current offerings. If I can help you in any way be it hunting information or placing an ad, please feel free to call or text me at (920) 540 5038 or via email: tony@huntingguidesandoutfitters.net
Tony Gutierrez (920) 540-5038