Mid-Janaury Pup Alert
January 19th, 2018
In the News:
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Poodle Scarlet & Goldendoodle Chase! Upcoming mini-Goberian Litter
  • Upcoming Breeding--Ivory and...
  • Reminder: Dogs Naturally Magazine
  • Upcoming in 2018 
SCARLET'S veterinarian thought she'd have six F1b Goldendoodle puppies. From all signs and symptoms, I thought at least seven. Scarlet had NINE beautiful babies on her due date--January 17. As noted in our last Pup Alert, we expect adult sizes between 45 and 50 pounds--although one pup is noticeably larger than all the others. There are seven females and two males; the Guardian pup will be a female and has already been purchased. Litter Pick male and female puppies and Pet Home puppies are AVAILABLE. Colors range from a light tan through a dark red, like Momma.

My BFF, Rita, owns XANADU'S Scarlet and is the Guardian for XANADU'S Chase. XANADU is advertising this litter, and is accepting deposits for puppies at this time. Inquiries about pups will be forwarded to Rita for response.
  • Litter Pick male and female pups are $2875.
  • Pet Home male and females are $2575.

Each puppy is guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and great vet- checked health.

Puppies can go to their new homes in mid-March.
´╗┐Please see attached photos of Scarlet, Chase, and their BIG new family. 
Beautiful (and smaller) Goberian CINNAMON has been bred to pretty, red, mini- Golden Retriever, Shadow. Shadow is a network breeder's dog with great genetic clearances. (Photos Attached.) Babies are due between March 3-5, and they can go to new homes during the first week of May. One Litter Pick has been purchased -- and possibly two (sorry, we are not certain at this time). At least one Guardian puppy will be AVAILABLE, and Pet Home puppies, too. More news coming, of course! And baby pictures and gender information.

We expect tri-colored puppies, possibly deep apricot-to-red pups, possibly a white pup. Those of you who hoped to have a puppy from Enchante', who is retired, are still in luck...Cinnamon is Enchante's daughter.
Pups should average 38 lb. +/- as adult dogs.

Puppies from this litter can be purchased at this time (and your purchase price refunded if [horrors!] there is a breeding failure), or you can submit a deposit after puppies are born in early March. 
While beautiful Doodle, Miz IVORY , retired after just one litter, her owner would like to try another breeding to a XANADU male...We are deciding about the stud at this time, but Inky is a candidate, and so is (miniature Aussiepoo) Nimbus. A breeding with Inky would produce a miniature multigenerational XANADU Dog. A breeding with Nimbus would produce a different multigenerational XANADU Dog-- for simplicity's sake--a Double Doodle that is half Labradoodle and 1/2 mini Aussiepoo. Both Inky and Nimbus are blue merles, blue-eyed, and are small stud dogs--between 15-20 lb. or so. Ivory is a miniature Doodle also, around 35 lb. (She is also an agility champ!) We do expect some blue-eyed Doodle pups in this litter. While XANADU is advertising this litter, and will have a Guardian pup available for purchase, inquiries regarding other pups in this litter will be directed to Ivory's owner. More information coming, but do see attached photos of pretty Ivory and her possible mates. At this point, Litter Pick pups, Pet Home pups, and a Guardian pup are AVAILABLE. 
Dog's Naturally Magazine--Interesting Offer from D.N. a publication that I've recommended in the past. Note the headlines; you may be interested if you have an interest in natural medicine -- http://get.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/lp/dnm- academy-trial/?_ga=2.224417689.227288843.1516240039-174692807.1483542279

Thank you all for your interest in a XANADU puppy. These litters--standard Goldendoodle, mini-multigenerational XanaDoodle, or smaller Goberian are just the first three litters of 2018. We expect:
  • mini-Bernedoodles
  • Larger and smaller Goldendoodles
  • ONE Fabulous RED American Golden Retriever Litter
  • Pomskies
  • Cockapoos
  • Aussiepoos
  • Goberians, mini, standard, and pretty big!
  • XANADU Dogs

If you are interested in a pup from Scarlet or Ivory's litters, please contact XANADU through our website.

If you would like a pup from Cinnamon's litter, you may also contact XANADU through our website or call me directly for information at 970 626-9747 or (cell) 970 708-8030. Please remember that I do not text and that emails sent directly to me are unlikely to reach me quickly. I always welcome your call! Bringing a new family member home is a big decision; you just may have about 100 questions, and that's a good thing. 
My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

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