Mid-March 2020 Newsletter
Vol. 8 No. 06
A Note from Your SFCA Board of Directors

Dear Concierges & SFCA Community,

The past week has been a whirlwind to say the least.  

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has crippled the world as we know it, and unfortunately this seems to be just the beginning for us in the United States. This pandemic should not change our lives, just the way we live it - be it for the short term or the long term. 

Most experts speak of practicing SOCIAL DISTANCING. However, I agree with the other experts that say it should be PHYSICAL DISTANCING. Let's keep it SOCIAL! Let's talk about everything - whatever is on your mind, with your family, friends and loved ones. Please do not hesitate to send me an email with any questions whatsoever. The more we that we discuss what is happening, the better off we will be. Remember that it is OK to be scared. Fear drives us to succeed, because in our book FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

We and our industry will remain strong and survive. We will endure this temporary hardship and we will ultimately overcome it - just like we did after 9/11, The Great Recession and so many hurricane disasters. After all, we are CONCIERGE and hospitality professionals! We take care of one another. We find a way to adapt to whatever the world throws our way.

Stay safe - take care of yourself and loved ones, talk to your kids, and wash your hands a million times a day. Most importantly - practice PHYSICAL DISTANCING. Take seriously the warnings coming from the CDC and regional government officials. Do not go out in public unless it is absolutely necessary. We need to protect the elderly and immunocompromised of our community by doing our part to halt the spread of this virus. Even if you personally aren't afraid of COVID-19, actively taking steps to reduce its spread could literally save the lives of those in your life with weaker immune systems.

We will all get through this - there is a light with rolling fields full of toilet paper at the end of this tunnel!

God Bless. 

Your Friends & Fearless Leaders, 

Miguel Pena & The SFCA Board of Directors
Member News

Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau
"...The GMCVB hosted the Coronavirus Hotel Industry Forum at The Miami Beach Convention Center this week where we convened leading hoteliers and shared top COVID-19 prevention tips for hotel staff and for hotel guests. We invite you to visit our website for access to a resource library of materials shared at this meeting."

  • PowerPoint of the Hotel Industry Coronavirus Forum on March 9, 2020
  • Coronavirus Management Guidelines for Hotels
  • Miami Herald: Coronavirus 411: How do I get it? How do I stop it? And other key questions, answers
  • Coronavirus Prevention Tips for Hotel Guests
  • Coronavirus Prevention Tips for Hotel Staff

Follow this link below to find these resources.

City of Miami Beach Memo (03/16)
Follow this link for access to the entire COVID-19 memo concerning residents and visitors to Miami Beach.

Aventura Mall
Please follow this link to see the steps the Aventura Mall is taking to ensure the safety of their shoppers.

Enterprise is making an exception to rent to those under 21 due to the demand of college students trying to make it back home. Follow this link to learn more.

Frost Science & Perez Art Museum
Public admission to both museums is now temporarily suspended given the pandemic at hand.

"We are currently evaluating all upcoming events, programs and camps and will be directly contacting these audiences. Updates are also being provided on our website and social channels."
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Concierge Birthdays

03/01 Claudia Gaskins, Delano
03/03 Mike Aguilar, Marriott South Beach
03/03 Natalya Garus, National Hotel
03/04 Juan Carlos Velasco, Dream
03/04 Rashaad Shaw, Ritz C. Key Biscayne
03/05 Jackie Crevoshay, Loews
03/06 Paul Frassinetti, Pallazo Del Sol
03/10 Danny Perez, Loews
03/14 Jean Paul Monsalve, 1 Hotel
03/15 Stefanny Sosa, Fontainebleau

03/20 Gene Ruotolo, EPIC
03/21 Alejandra Franco, Anglers Resort
03/22 Kay Cremeens, Honorary Member
03/26 Jose Flores, EDITION Residences
03/27 Brenda Santana, 1 Hotel
03/30 Hana Besadova
03/31 Maylin Rodriguez, Williams Island
03/31 Melissa Baez, St. Regis Residences
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