November, 2020
Mid Month Biz Tips
Practical Steps Toward Greater Business Resilience

If you’ve guided your small business through the Covid-19 pandemic thus far, you’ve likely learned valuable lessons about business resilience and adaptation along the way. However, even businesses that are now able to sustain a steady cash flow might be wondering how to better prepare for whatever comes next. Learn about the practical steps every business should be taking.
Why Pop-Up Shops Make a Great Business Idea for Entrepreneurs

Traditionally, small businesses open a brick and mortar location or run their business online through an e-commerce storefront like Shopify or Etsy. Pop-ups are often associated with having a shorter lifespan and offering niche products or services. However, during Covid-19 the pop-up storefront provides a multitude of benefits, including meeting your customers where they are. Click here to read how pop-up shops can help your small business.
Webinars of Interest
November 17 | 1 PM
Google Analytics is a fantastic tool. Best of all, it's free to use for everyone. No matter if you have a 2-page website or a massive e-commerce website, you can use Google Analytics to understand how your customers are using your website and where you can improve their experience. During this Webinar, you'll walk through the steps of how to set up Google Analytics so you can start getting useful data from your own website.
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A Grow With Google Event - Reach Customers Online
December 2 | 10 AM
SCORE has partnered with the official Grow With Google team to present this 4th and final special marketing Webinar designed to help grow your business during these uncertain times. As a bonus, ALL registrants will receive up to $150 in Google Ad Credit. Register here.
Upcoming SCORE Workshop
Competition and Competitive Advantage
December 3 | 6 PM
Struggling in your business? The reason is simple. You look just like everyone else. Sometimes, it’s better to be different than to be the best. In this in-person workshop at Cape Fear Community College, our small business experts will offer tips to help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Learn how to:
• Identify ways to make your product or service unique.
• Understand the importance of giving the market a reason to change its buying habits.
• Gain a clear understanding of what you’re selling.
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