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Mid-Month Marketing Memo for November 2019 
As the year winds down, it's time to start giving some thought towards your 2020 tax season marketing plans. Last week we sent out information regarding this January's mailing to medical residents and fellows, young physicians, and young dentists. Please return the signup form to my office if you plan to participate in this year's mailing.

Happy Thanksgiving.


I'm pleased to announce that I have created a few courses on Niche Marketing through, the strategic learning partner for Audit, Accounting, and Corporate Finance Organizations.
Currently, there are 2 CPE courses available for download:
1. Niche Marketing for Your Accounting Practice: Creating a 6-Step Niche Marketing Plan for your Practice.

2. Niche Marketing for Your Accounting Practice: Turbocharge Your Firm Specialty with Benchmarking
Article2 Year-end Tax Planning Newsletter        

Currently we're in the process of finalizing our year-end tax planning memo that we send to all of our 1040 clients. We'll include this newsletter along with:
  • An estimate reminder (if applicable)
  • A form for the client to select preferred way of receiving tax organizer
  • Information on our Client Portal and our Online Scheduler

Later this month, I'll e-mail you a copy of this newsletter which you can customize as you see fit. Premium members will received a customized version of the newsletter with your firm's name, address and logo.
TaxTipsAnnual Marketing Schedule

In my office, we consistently send out the same information to our clients at about the same time each year. We try to mix up what we send out between generic newsletters and customized memos, and what we send electronically versus what we send as a printed mailer. Here's our annual mailing schedule:
  • May - Estimated tax reminders for second quarter
  • Jun - Dental practice overhead and productivity comparison
  • July - Mid-year tax projection letter and Mid-year tax newsletter
  • Aug - Estimated tax reminders for third quarter
  • Sep - Dental practice fee schedule analysis
  • Oct - Fall Newsletter for our 1040 clients
  • Nov - Annual client appreciation event for our dental practice clients
  • Dec - Year-end tax planning memo, and estimated tax reminders for the fourth quarter
  • Jan - Tax organizers, letters to prospective clients, invites to our annual presentation

As a member of our network, we'll provide you with many of these items as a Word document that you can customize as you see fit.

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