The logo of the First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove, which is a hand-sketched outline of the church with some of the trees around it.
A Note from Pastor Lance
Pastor Lance Hurst, a white young adult with a large smile, a brown beard and brown hear, wearing a clergy collar and starting in front of the door of FPC of Glen Cove.
To the members & friends of First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove:

There are many exciting things ahead for us this Fall at the church! First, Rev. Emmie Arnold, our communications manager will be coming back into town on Wednesday, October 27th to help me with a project. She'll be available to meet with you all after 2pm. If you want to connect, please reach out to her at

Then, Reformation Sunday is on October 31st (and so is Halloween!). This is the day that we remember that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses onto the church doors of All Saints' Church in Wittinburg in protest of the sale of indulgences. This gave birth to the Protestant Reformation, which eventually led to creation of the Presbyterian denomination. As people belonging to the Protestant movement, we celebrate Luther's courage and seek to be a people who would use our voices to protest injustices in our own time (especially when they are perpetuated by the religious institutions that have nurtured us). We're also encouraging everyone to dress up for Reformation Sunday and I cannot wait to see your creativity on display!

Then Ron Roel will help us remember the loved ones we've lost as we celebrate All Saints' Day on November 7th. Please bring pictures or objects that remind you of loved ones you've lost. We'll have time for everyone to share who would like to.

And finally, we'll prepare for our congregational meeting the following Sunday, November 14th, after our worship service. We're at a critical time in which our church is discerning how we can best steward our mission. Is it by staying in our building and fixing it up for community use? Is it by selling our building and moving to another location that requires less maintenance? What do you imagine when you think about the church's future? We want to hear from you so please come to share your hopes for the church!

Hope to see you soon!

Pastor Lance (they/them)
Upcoming Events & News
Upcoming Special
Worship Services

  • October 31st is both Reformation Sunday and Halloween – come dressed up!
  • November 7th is our All Saints Day service – if you would like to share, you are welcome to bring photos and memorabilia of your loved one(s) for the altar we will create. Ron Roel will be sharing about Día de Los Muertos as part of our time together.
  • November 14th is a Church Table Talk Sunday.
Congregational Meeting on November 14th

We'll be meeting after worship to discuss starting the Strategic Planning Task Force and replacing Stephanie on session. Please come with ideas about what our church's future looks like! We're changing just like the leaves; what will our changes be?
Blessing of the Animals:
A Delightful Success!

What a joy it was to see you and your pets. We also met some folks for the first time! We are grateful for a popular (and cute) day of community outreach.

Here are a few photos from the day!
Memorial Flowers

We love having the beauty of flowers in the sanctuary and are honored to join you in your griefs and celebrations. If you're interested in adding to worship in this way, please sign up on the paper sheet in the parish hall or through this Google form.
Sermon Series in the
Book of Esther

We've been loving doing a deep dive into one book of the Bible. This series will run until Advent, but we're keeping a mental note of your appreciation of learning more about the Bible (even when the names in the stories are hard to pronounce)!
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Online giving

We are connected to an online giving center for churches called You can give a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift by clicking here.

Please also consider giving memorial flowers so that we can add more beauty to our services. You can sign up by clicking here.

Looking to pledge?

Why does pledging matter? Pledging helps us develop a realistic financial picture and plan our ministries for the year ahead. When you pledge, you're letting us know what you're planning to give for the whole year (not each week or month). Whatever amount you can commit to will help!

Click here to fill out your pledge form.
Emmie's in Glen Cove on Wednesday the 27th!

She'll be free between about
2 PM-7 PM. Come by Pastor Lance's office to say hi!
Looking for info on the Covid-19 vaccine?

Everyone over the age of 12 is now eligible to get the vaccine, and many places have walk-in appointments. If you need help finding a location, please let us know, and if you feel nervous or unsure about getting it, we encourage you to ask friends and family members the reasons why they have taken it.
We are incredibly grateful to all of the frontline workers and researchers who are making vaccination distribution possible. Here's to a new future!