Mid-October Newsletter
The last couple of weeks have been busy for us at the Tannenbaum Holiday Shop. We have been blessed to see so many returning customers and to meet some new customers. With the changing leaves and colder temperature, it is a constant reminder that our favorite holidays are coming! And where better to get ready for the holidays than at the Tannenbaum Holiday Shop!
Happening in Door County this month.....
  • Oct 20 Door County Fall 50 Race
  • Oct 20 - 21 Ellison Bay Fall Art Crawl
  • Oct 26-27 Fish Creek Jack 'o Lantern Days
  • Oct 27 Thrills on Third, Sturgeon Bay
  • Nov 3 Turkey Trot Run, Sevastapol
  • Nov 3 Rib Fest, Sturgeon Bay

Advent Calendars
Have you picked up your advent calendar this year? We have a large selection of paper advent calendars with beautiful images of winter scenes (e.g. a snowy walk in the forest, a tradition town scene, and of course images of Santa). We also have wooden advent calendars that can be used year after year. These calendars can be filled with candy, toys, socks, or money. You can also fill the calendar with activities (e.g. bake Christmas cookies with mom) or for older individuals (e.g. parents and grandparents) you can fill it with memories. Regardless of what you fill it with, it is sure to bring joy to your family and is a fun way to count down to Christmas!
Radko Exclusive
There is still time to order this year's Radko exclusive, St Nick Sleigh Ride. This beautiful piece shows Santa is his exquisite sleigh ready to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls. This piece is designed by both Radko designers, Marco and Joseph, and is signed by them.
Door County's Finest Santa
This year’s Frykman exclusive, Door County’s Finest Santa , has arrived!!!!! Have you ordered yours? This year’s Santa is enjoying his favorite Door County wine and pays tribute to the 40 th Anniversary of his favorite gift shop, the Tannenbaum Holiday Shop. Each Santa is signed by David Frykman and numbered.
Licensed Ornaments
Over the years we have worked hard finding your favorite T.V., movie and superhero characters. We have childhood characters like Mickey Mouse, Dory, Superman, and other Disney princesses and more adult themed characters such as The Beatles and Dr Who. 
Get that look.....Scandinavian Tree
We have done a Scandinavian tree for a couple of years. Every year we add a few new items, but have some design features that stay the same. To get the overall look, we like to mix red felt with wooden elements. We usually start with some simple wooden snowflakes, reindeer, and stars. We then add in some fun snow flake picks and wooden lantern lights. You can also use red felt ribbon to add a pop of color. We always like to add in a few gnomes for a little fun. 
Fall Fragrances
We are so in love with our fall fragrances! This year our Heirloom Pumpkin and Simmered Cider have been a big hit. These fragrances are the perfect blend of fruit and spice to fill your home and welcome your guests. Who wouldn't want to enjoy these delightful fragrances all year long?
Halloween Broom
There is still time to order your Halloween Broom and enjoy it this holiday season. This life-size broom is touch activated to roam around cackling at your guests. There is even an option to turn the sound off and have the broom be a silent attacker. This broom is sure to be the life of the Halloween party! We only have a few left, so order yours today.
Dept 56 Villages
This year, Department 56 created unique gates to coordinate with each of their village sets. First, we have the Alpine Village Gate. This gate features a stone hedge, snow-capped trees, and lanterns The front of the gate is adorned with a wreath.
The Christmas in the City Gate features red bricks, lanterns, and two small wreaths flanking the iron door. There is a small tree with a little dusting of snow in front of the gate.
The New England Gate has a stone hedge with a wooden door. There is a small tree on each side of the door. There are also two lanterns leading guests through the gate.
The North Pole Gate is a playful gate welcoming visitors to the village. The walls of the gate are red and green with natural stone posts. There are two red lanterns on either side of the gate door. The door is an impressive iron finish of two reindeers. There is the letters "NP" on the side of the gate to let you know you are entering the North Pole. There is even a small tree to finish off this charming gate scene.
The Original Snow Village Gate is an impressive brick gate. With an brick arch over the door. Hanging from the arch is a beautiful greenery with a red bow. There are two ever green trees and lanterns on the ends of the gate. The door of the gate is an intricate design in an iron look.
Tannenbaum's Reading Corner....
This fall we have brought a new book into the store, Life in the Neck, and it is proving to be a favorite with our customers. This unique children's book is told in four parts. The first part tells of a baby deer being born and his experiences in "the Neck." His mother teaches him important life lessons, such as when there is danger he should crouch down and be quiet, so the coyote doesn't get him. In part 2 and 3, the young deer makes some new friends, a rabbit and cardinal, and learns about their special traits. In part 4, the story starts with a cigarette being tossed in the field and the field catching fire. The cardinal warns the other animals and the rabbit leads everyone to safety. However, the young deer doesn't run, instead he crouches down (because that is what he was taught to do when there is danger). The coyote sees the young deer and tells him he needs to run away from the fire. This sweet story is about friendship and provides a unique twist at the end. It recently won the Mom's Choice Awards and is a great story for young readers.
With the holidays coming, it is a great time to stop in. We are open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm.

We'll be waiting for you!
Sue Ann and Ron Flittner
Tannenbaum Holiday Shop
11054 Highway 42 Sister Bay, WI 54234