20 Minutes to Focus Only on YOU!
Complementary & Personalized

If only you could see into the future and know how this whole mess will sort itself out! I hear that lament from a lot of women who feel up in the air and are having trouble focusing on how to take care of themselves much less everyone else. If you are not your best these days and would like to figure out how to love your life again then I can help. Grab a free consultation slot in my calendar and we'll figure it out together. I promise you will leave with at least one strategy to help you move forward.

Parent Support Group

Have a group of friends or an organization that could use some parenting support? Parents are still entertaining their children and trying to keep everyone from killing each other on top of juggling work and home responsibilities. If you would like to set up an hour long virtual gathering for support and connection I am happy to donate my time to facilitate. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. We will all make it through together!