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Is this summer flying by, or is it just me?

The book was supposed to be done by now. Good things are happening with it. For example I just found a resource who gave me a complete list of all Finnish rya companies with four more than I knew existed...Now I am contacting them to include their info. Little things like that make the different in the  quality. Thanks again for your patience. 
In this issue: 
  • Very Last Chance for photos for the book
  • See Students making ryas at Common Ground
  • Current Status of Hand-Printed Shirts
  • Helping a Rya Friend in New Zealand
  • Studio Drop-In days:  Wednesday, July 20th and Tuesday, August 23rd. - No appointments required
  • A Few Amazing Ryas completed.


Very, Very Last Chance for 
Your Photo with Rya for the Book

Samantha Gerow from Austin, Texas with her first rya kit--Fireflower in Reds. I don't care if it is your 1st or 21st rya, or if it is big or small... Looking for a variety of happy faces with rya!
OK, you got me!  I said that last month.  We have some great photos coming in. 

There are a few other folks out there--you know who you are--whom I keep hoping will send in a nice photo of your smiling face posing with your rya.  

The pages will be called the "the Many Faces of Rya..."  I have been very happy with the ones received so far.  If you are on the shy side, use this as an opportunity to bust out!   

Be creative, and pose any way you like.  I am looking for happy faces with their homemade rya pride-and-joy. It's not too late. Click on link below for details.  I do need the signed release forms with the photos.  Thanks.


Awesome Students Learn Rya at Common Ground on the Hill

It is amazing what beginner rya students can come up with in just one week of afternoon classes--even with a full course-load and concerts in the evenings.

Six students designed, graphed, calculated yarn quantities, and got deeply "started" on their very first rya rugs.  I was totally amazed by the creativity and the ability to do so much in a short period of time.  I taught the math way, and the minimal math way.  Student chose at their comfort levels.  As they complete their ryas over the coming weeks and months, I'll show the images they send me here in these
Emma with her lively palette for her Phoenix Rising.
 n ewsletters.

To see what you missed at the Traditions Camps ... 

Lyn transferring her design to graph paper. 
Scott with his creative color blendings inspired by the color wheel.
Maria's design was inspired by hummingbird feathers
Bryan well on his way with his design of transitional layers of natural colors.
Gabby was our only "experienced" rya rug maker having taken the class last year.  She worked on a Norwegian design called Anemone.


Latest News on my Art Shirts 
Art In the Park

It was great to see so many of you at Art in the Park this year.  Almost 100 shirts found new loving homes.  It was sad to know I will not be the T-shirt lady there in the coming years.   Many people have been asking if I will be doing any more shirts.  Here is the scoop.  I am reducing my inventory using My Etsy Shop

So far etsy sales have been way up, so I know people who look, find what they are looking for (mostly).  My goal for the hand-printed shirts is to maintain ONE basket of every size in the Men's and in the Women's style.   I have more than that now, but as baskets start to dwindle, I will make time to print the shirts that are most in demand.  I will probably do a poll on My Facebook Byrdcall Studio Page   when I get to the point where I feel the need to print more.  At that point, if you ask me really nicely, I might even do custom prints at that time...I mean if I am printing that design anyway why not print one just for you?  I'm just trying to focus on the rya now, don'tcha know?  In general, I'm not taking orders.

The other thing that is very good is the Comfort Color shirts are starting to make a comeback after almost a full year of being widely unavailable.  So I will do my best to keep you shirted in the manner in which you have grown accustomed. 


Can we help a Rya Rug-maker
 from New Zealand?
Kay pulled these strands from a 50+ year old rya.  Look at the perfect condition and sheen.
Kay from NZ made a gorgeous original rya a couple of years ago. (Hoping for a picture with your face for the book, Kay!)  Just this morning, I got an email from her. She is looking for rya yarn that is sof t and  dur able like a vintage rya she bought a few years ago.  She wants to make one with this particular yarn.  I believe it is Nordiskas yarn from Sweden.  I do not know of any suppliers who carry it. I have about 40 skeins, but only in a few colors.  

With 800+ newsletter readers, maybe one of you knows someone who might have a stash of this vintage yarn?   Next question is: What kind of yarn might be a good substitution for her?  Notice in the picture, one strand in each pair is thicker than the other.  I'm thinking a Persian yarn might fit the bill, but I'm just throwing it out to you all in case someone has a good idea to share.  I'll forward it to Kay.  Thanks!  


Two More Drop-In dates this summer:  Come see the Studio!
Wednesday, July 20 and 
Tuesday, August 23
Noon - 8 PM

Last month Madeline from Arizona (on right) was visiting her sister and niece in PA and made a trip to the Studio to pick out colors for a large rya backing she has.
As I mentioned last month, this is an experiment.  

On e day each month you are invited to drop-in (no appointment needed) at the studio located behind my home in Woodbine.   

Last month, I must admit, Drop- In Day was on the quiet side, though I did get an phone call asking for Drop-In Days on week-ends.  (Thinking about it.) This month (7/20) will be a busy day--but not too busy for you to drop by. All local rya rug makers who need a little assistance in getting started or completing their ryas in progress are invited to come between 1-3:00 for a Rya Sewing Circle!  Not a class, but a little guidance to help you on your way.  If the Rya Sewing Circle is fun, I would definitely plan more get-together days soon.  Common Ground students are welcome.

I also have a small group of Studio Assistants coming to help with projects so I can find more time to work on the book during the rest of the month.  (Love you, Ladies!)

If you can't make these dates, remember the   Carroll County Artists Studio Tour is December 3-4, 2016

Mark your calendar if this interests you.  Ask a friend to join you.  The  address is 1103 Hoods Mill Road, Woodbine, MD.

Park in the driveway, walk up the gravel drive to the building in the back--Byrdcall Studio. If the gate is closed, come in and close the gate behind you.  I need to keep the friendly dogs in the fenced back yard.  

You don't have to buy anything, you can ask questions, I can give you cost estimates for supplies.  


Parting Shots
 ... a Few Rya Images 
Submitted by Rya Rug-Makers

From time to time, wonderful rya folks send me photos of their newly finished projects.  I LOVE receiving these photos, and you can be sure they make my day.  I do need to develop a better system on my computer to keep track of filing them.  Sometime they go missing for a while, then when putting together a newsletter, I go searching. Forgive me if I misplace your photo...some random day, you will probably see it here in the newsletter.  If you send me a photo, please rename it to include your last name.  That will help me out.

Inspired by a Hans Hofmann painting "Idolatress," Denise Hall from Washington state completed this amazing rya this spring!  It is mostly made with the Lundgren yarn, All I can say is "WOW." 

Here is another and a first-time rya project designed and made by Sarah Hinz from New Hampshire.  (Did I already show this one in recent newsletter?  I need a manager!)

This Fireflower-in-Purples Kit was just completed this week by a NEW rya rug maker from Arizona.  Marsha McIntosh did an excellent job in record time (Less than one week?) This is a kit design which I offer in several different color schemes in my etsy shop.  I love how everyone is a little different from the the next.
Thank you so much for sticking with me until the end!  You are the best!

Thanks for sharing this time with me.

That's all, folks!  See you next month!



Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


Save the Dates!

Byrdcall Studio
 Drop-In days
Noon - 8 PM

Wednesday, July 20
Tuesday, August 23
(No Appointment Required)

December 3 & 4
10 AM- 5 PM

(Note:  I will not be at Hot August Music Festival this year.  Sorry!)
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