STRIDE July E-News
From the Desk of the CEO...
Over the last several months we have begun an administrative overhaul in our IT and marketing systems. A few years ago, we mistakenly went in a direction of hiring a software platform company for fundraising services called Classy, that became very costly. Along with a $6000 annual subscription fee, they also took 11% of every dollar raised. We were unaware of the hidden costs at the time, and the additional extra work required in our finances to untangle the roster of who made donations in order for us to send thank you‘s. We were in vendor lock with this company. Thankfully, Pat Hayslett our Development Director has good understanding of technical issues. He did research and recommended that we build our own platform and get out from under the costs incurred through having outside services. We hired a local company, ADG to build all of our fundraising and reservation platforms, integrating with our database also making our application processes web-based and online. Ultimately, all our systems will be web-based and integrated with our database and QuickBooks saving much money and time.
We also ran into struggles with our mass email program previously called PatronMail, which was bought by a company called Emma. We liked Emma system at first, for building newsletters and flyers and mass email marketing; but their customer service was poor and they had a hidden function that we discovered that hurt our operations. Emma automatically unsubscribes any user who forwards our email to a friend without using their share function (so they can capture the users email for their lists). We lost many valuable subscribers without being aware. We now have to rebuild our rosters of valuable volunteers and families who unknowingly forwarded our news, and automatically became unsubscribed. Emma will not work with us to fix the problem, so we once again have switched to another company, starting from scratch, Constant Contact.
We have also instituted a safety feature for passwords called Keeper; and are building a video conferencing feature for meetings.
Be patient with us, as in the next year we will be more efficient, more communicative, and streamlined for cost savings. We hope you like the changes!
ALL of our events and program dates are listed on the STRIDE Homepage calendar.

We have constant needs to meet our supporters in person - so feel free to drop by and bring us some items we use on a continuous basis such as:
copy paper ;toilet paper and paper towels; cleaning supplies; Keurig coffee pods; dust buster; gardening supplies; batteries, garbage bags-all sizes.

Additionally we need a good Tool Box filled with all purpose tools such as hammers, mallet; pliers, screw drivers; power driver; blades; wrenches, etc...
Thank you UAlbany Intern, Chris Bouchard and SEFCU
Chris Bouchard spent time with STRIDE As an intern from UAlbany in master's Business administration position, His UAlbany team was a part of a program the school of business ran called Going agreements Globally (G3) in which teams are paired up with a client to work together to identify and implement sustainability practices in the client’s business. Their client was SEFCU, working closely over a month long period during which they embraced the team to feel part of the SEFCU family. At the end of the project, SEFCU was pleased with the outcome presented to them and CEO Mike Castellana and his team offered to donate $5,000 to a charity of our choice! Naturally, Chris presented the case to the team to donate the money to STRIDE. Mr. Castellana and his organization genuinely care about the community and want to give back solely because they believe it’s the right thing to do.
Tennis Program has much to offer
Beyond the Ball
When you think of tennis, thoughts of Serena Williams or Roger Federer probably come to mind. These star athletes had to get their start somewhere, and began learning when they were children. Now they are top professional athletes admired around the world. Even if your child isn’t slated to become the next tennis star, there are still tons of benefits to playing tennis. Keep reading to learn benefits of playing tennis at a young age.
Learning about Life From the psychological standpoint, kids who play tennis develop skills and strategies that work off the court. Tennis is a singular game because the children compete against opponents, which is helps children learn about responsibility for their own actions. They need to figure out how to manage difficulty and also achievement and to adjust to various circumstances and conditions.
Sportsmanship at an early age , it instructs kids to adapt and comprehend defeat and how to win at it. It builds teamwork doubles tennis and how to communicate effectively with a partner. Above all it empowers fun while doing an activity, feeling the intensity of physical test.
Learn a Complex Scoring System Tennis is not an easy game to score. Compared to basketball or baseball, it’s complicated. But did you know that by playing tennis children can learn math as they learn a complex scoring system; they make calculations during the matches, set their strategies and plan well to execute it.

It’s a Life-Time Sport Unlike many sports, tennis can be played at any age. You don’t see many 60, 70, or even 80-year-olds playing tackle football or running up and down a soccer field. But many retirees still play and enjoy the game of tennis.
It is a game that can be played easily with friends and friends of all  ages  and all  fitness levels !

Our program: This summer, we are holding outdoor tennis at Niskayuna High School on Monday nights with Program Leader, Dave Graham. Keep a look out for our fall program guide for our future program at Sportime in Schenectady.
STRIDE Saratoga Sailing Program - still time to Join!! Starts August 5..Sign up for fun on the water!
Sailing is a very intricate sport with knowledge required on the parts of the boat, knot tying, and and the nomenclature used to communicate with your crew. There is a lot to know before you can set sail on open water. Sometimes the weather and wind do not allow for safe sailing conditions for our STRIDE Sailor’s, so our program leader and volunteers make it a point to teach the important basics of sailing in other formats. Participants have the opportunity to learn how to navigate other water sports with applicable skills to sailing. When the wind isn’t cooperating to set sail, athletes learn how to use other boats such as a kayak, canoe, or a paddle board. There is still room in our program beginning Monday, August 5 th at 5pm at the Saratoga Lake Sailing Club. Contact if you’d like to join.
Music & Movement SCORE Camp Wouldn't be complete without a visit to MacHayden Theater for a play!
Getting out of the summer heat for a little air conditioning with a visit to Mac Hayden Theater to see the musical play Jane of the Jungle was just what this group of great campers needed last hot weekend for 'Music & Movement camp. Other fun activities took place over the weekend including a drumming duo John & Heidi to teach kids about rhythm and drums; a trip to Crellin Park Beach for swimming; arts and crafts painting a huge STRIDE banner; a first time Zumba class taught by special instructor Teri Sullivan; and probably the best treat of all, making homemade ice cream!
There are a few camping weekends left for the summer, and if you have not experienced one of these weekends, it’s not too late to sign up. Volunteers and campers are likely to go home saying it was the best weekend of the summer. What are you waiting for? Contact ASAP.
Sign Up Now!! Monday, August 26

Tickets for this event are limited and will sell out! Get yours now,
just $35
We would like to take this opportunity to thank this months contributors and the following groups, clubs and individuals for their financial and in-kind support. These contributions help make STRIDE adaptive programs possible:

Phil Bayly
Doug Bauer
Ann Berman
Lynne Catelotti
County of Columbia
Jay & Deirdre Epstein
Lisa Ferguson
Joyce Galante
Vicki & Daniel Gordon
Heather Grimm
Sally Hallock
Leon James
Nancy Johnson
Kimberly Jones
Audry June
Teri Kleinmann
Robert McCabe
James & Marie Moorhead
Mark Moran
John Nigro
Nancy O’Leary
Sheilah Printz
Janet Scamell
Judy & Jim Thompson
Kathleen Velasco
Susan Weinberg
Mark Wyszomirski
Foundations and Funds
Bank of Greene County Charitable Foundation
CM Fox Charity, Inc.
GE Foundation
KeyBank Foundation
MetLife Foundation
AllSquare Wealth Management
American National Insurance Company
Amica Mutual Insurance Company
East Greenbush Bowling Center
Lavelle & Finn, LLP
LEAD Consulting and Coaching LLC
Pioneer Bank
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

First Congregational Church
Laps for Limbs, Inc.
Thomas B. Flynn, Jr. American Legion Post #1035
Zion’s United Church of Christ
In Memory of Sandra J. Mather
Derek & Sarah Bauer
Connecticut Construction Industries Association, Inc.
Loren Webber
Robert Braverman Joins STRIDE Honorary Board
Rob Braverman is an attorney who is well-versed in the myriad legal issues faced by boards and founded what is now Braverman Greenspun. He has continued to further build upon his father’s 50 year legacy. Since joining the firm in 1993 and overseeing its exponential growth with partner Scott Greenspun, they have maintained the basic principles on which the firm was founded—hardworking, innovative and compassionate counsel who provide the firm’s clients with an unparalleled level of service and commitment. His in-depth knowledge of co-op and condominium law as just one area. Equally important, is understanding of how best to practically approach the legal issues faced by co-ops and condominiums. Braverman joined STRIDE as an adaptive ski instructor and sat on the Executive Board for many years. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Jane, dogs and enjoys visiting his twin sons in college. He is an avid skier and sailor in his free time. Thanks for many years of service Rob!

~ Deepest Sympathy to the family of athlete Buck Mather on the loss of his grandfather. Thank you for choosing STRIDE fro Memorial contributions.

~ Congratulations to Paul Gavrity, ski coach for 20 years, on his retirement

~ Deepest sympathy to Warrior Randy Paciorek on the loss of his niece
~ Deepest sympathy to Adaptive Colleague and leader Kathy Chandler, on the loss of her husband

~Thank You to the GE Veterans Network, who is working several 'construction volunteer days' in our SHARE Center.;
WE NEED Volunteers for our swim program!
Join us this fall September through November on Sunday mornings to help these athletes in the water!
Contact Megan to sign up

We also need other sport us!