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Mid-Year Update
VINA by the Numbers
Patient Spotlights
V4V Picnic
Golf Classic
Digital X-Ray Fund
Save the Date - The Tailgate
Get Involved
VINA's 2021 & How You Can Help
Mid-Year Updates & Numbers
Fundraising events are back in-person! You can read more about the Golf Classic and the upcoming Tailgate on page 3.

A new partnership with Livingston County Veteran Services (LCVS). This year, VINA and LCVS have teamed up to better serve veterans in our community. LCVS will pay for all treatment for veterans who qualify for VINA, as well as provide them with other benefits and resources at LCVS.

There is now a Little Free Library outside of VINA! Anyone can take and/or leave books in the library and there's a variety of different books to choose from. Thank you United Methodist Women and Greg Kushner!
Patient Spotlights
Tim has been coming to VINA for almost five years. After being hurt at work, he had to have surgery on both knees while dealing with his bad back. His income became very limited and he lives paycheck to paycheck, not leaving much wiggle room for dental care.
He remembers a time when he was at VINA for a hygiene appointment and our hygienist told the doctor “you’re going to be bored with this mouth” because his teeth were in such good condition.

Since coming to VINA, Tim continues to take pride in his oral health and cannot even think of the last time he had a cavity.

Tim says, “Healthwise, it’s such an ease on my body to know I have somewhere to go and people to help and advise me. It’s significantly less stress on my body.”
Lawonda is a U.S. Army veteran in the Victors for Veterans Program at VINA. She had a tooth that kept breaking. She couldn't even chew on the side with the broken tooth. She said that there have been times she was eating in the past, enjoying talking with family and she would accidentally bite down on the wrong side. The pain would be so bad she would just want to stop eating, which obviously impacts her quality of life.
She says she is so excited to simply enjoy a meal without worrying about how big the pieces are and chewing on the correct side.

Victors for Veterans Picnic
In late July VINA, University of Michigan School of Dentistry, funders, veterans and their families gathered to celebrate the Victors for Veterans Program at VINA. Picnic attendees heard from veterans, funders, students and staff who all make the program possible. The Victors for Veterans Program provides comprehensive, free dental care to veterans in a seven-county area.
U-M students and faculty volunteer their time and services to give back to veterans in need. We are excited for it to continue in 2022.

Thank you veterans!
Special thanks to:
University of Michigan School of Dentistry
Dr. Fred Bonine
Dr. Erika Johnson
Ward Microdental Laboratory
Ivoclar Vivadent
Michigan Dental Association Foundation
Delta Dental Foundation
Golf Classic
In mid-July we had our first in-person fundraising event since 2019! It was a beautiful day at Lakelands Golf & Country Club full of camaraderie, golf, fun, food and fundraising.

We had prizes for the winning foursomes, 50/50 winner, longest drive, shortest drive and closest to the floss. Golfers had the chance to support VINA and win awesome prizes on and off the course - and they did not disappoint!

Please take a moment to recognize the many extraordinary sponsors of the Golf Classic. These individuals and businesses tirelessly support VINA and those we serve.
Digital X-Ray Fund

Brighton First United Methodist Church presented VINA with a $10,000 check for the upgrade to new, digital x-ray equipment in the VINA clinic. The church pledged to raise $7,500 through their "Fill the Tooth Challenge" and they went above and beyond to support VINA and the patients in need. First Presbyterian Church and the International College of Dentistry Foundation also supported the cause.

Thank you Brighton FUMC and community!
Pictured left to right: Jim Gilmore (Executive Director of VINA), Dr. Fred Bonine (Vice President of VINA Board of Directors), Pastor Jon Reynolds (Brighton FUMC)
Save the Date
The Tailgate is back in-person this year at Crystal Gardens on Wednesday, October 27!

Currently, MSU has won The Tailgate seven times while the Wolverines have five wins. Will the Spartans extend their lead in the VINA Tailgate or will the Wolverines start their comeback this year?

Help your team (and VINA) by getting involved in The Tailgate!
Michigan State University Captain: Jeff LaFave

University of Michigan Captain: Bob Cernak
Get Involved
You can help VINA by volunteering at the front desk, fundraising events or in the clinic. Or get involved in one of our three fundraising events every year. Support VINA when you shop at Amazon or Kroger by signing up for Kroger Rewards/Amazon Smile. Even spreading the word about VINA helps us reach new patients and supporters! Every little bit helps and we are grateful for anything you can do to help those in need in our community.

Want to be a part of the fundraising events committee in time for The Tailgate?
Email Sam at or Jim at

Visit or call (810) 844-0240 for more information about volunteering, donating, fundraising events and enrolling in Kroger Rewards and/or Amazon Smile.
VINA's 2021
The staff and volunteers have been hard at work serving those in need in Livingston County while expanding our reach to those who need our services and have yet to find us.

As the local chambers and festivals have ramped up, we continue to ramp up our marketing so that no one who qualifies for VINA‘s services misses out. We continue the bi-weekly Victors for Veterans sessions and have now brought more than 40 veterans through this comprehensive oral health care program in conjunction with the U of M School of Dentistry. You can see several photos and testimonials in the newsletter, but to meet and talk to these men and women who served our country and to realize what we’ve done for them after what they’ve done for us is humbling.

In the first part of this year, we were able to purchase and install a digital x-ray system which enhances our dentist diagnostic abilities as well as reduces exposure to radiation to patients and to employees. We did this with the help of First United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church and the International College of Dentistry Foundation. Although we will need to further expand our digital capabilities in the future, this was the first step to improving our ability to serve our patients.

Our Dental Home Program, which concentrates on hygiene and prevention will be back at full speed this fall with University of Michigan hygiene students, our staff hygienist and several volunteers that we picked up this summer.

We will again have University of Michigan fourth year dental students in doing training and working with our patients on Tuesdays thanks to the volunteer efforts of several local dentists who come in to supervise and teach.

In addition to the Victors for Veterans Program, we’ve worked out a collaboration with the Livingston County Veteran Services Office to provide routine dental care for low-income veterans. The Livingston County Veteran Services Office covers all the appointment fees for veterans who come to VINA and are not a part of the Victors for Veterans program.

We are excited to see what the rest of 2021 has in store for VINA, thank you for being a part of our mission to help those in need.
How You Can Help
The VINA staff, board, and volunteers all hope you’re enjoying this wonderful Michigan summer. We are gearing up for our busiest fall ever as we will be serving patients five days a week and bringing the capacity of our little clinic up to 90%.
Our virtual Spring Gala, though moderately successful, was just not as much fun. The Golf Classic in July had perfect weather and made up for some of the shortfall from the Spring Gala. It was so wonderful to see people again and shake their hands and thank them for supporting VINA. This fall we will be back to the live, in person tailgate on Wednesday, Oct. 27 so mark your calendars for that big event.
We were able last year to secure several grants that kept the clinic going through the tough times of the 2020 pandemic and we continue to seek out new sources of grant funding through 2021. Competition is fierce for limited grant dollars, but we have a great story to tell about changing lives.
However, make no mistake about it, the success of VINA rests on the generosity and caring of donors like you who understand the value of servanthood and giving. Were it not for our regular donors we would not be able to do what we do and thousands of people in Livingston County would go without proper dental care. YOU do that!
Sometimes I fear I sound like a broken record constantly asking you, our loyal supporters, for more money. Trust me that, although this is a bit uncomfortable, especially during tough economic times, I know what my life would be like if I wasn’t able to get good dental care and I know that you realize the value of what you do here at VINA. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you’ve done both in your individual donations, your donation to auctions, your volunteerism here at the clinic and your attendance and our special events.
You are VINA.
Please take a minute to click the button below and please be generous so that we can continue and expand the work we’re doing in the community.

Jim Gilmore