July 17, 2019

Mid-Year Review: The Top 10 Pharma Deals of 2019 Thus Far
by Patricia Van Arnum, DCAT Editorial Director
What have been the key deals among pharmaceutical companies thus far in 2019? From pending mega mergers of Bristol-Myers Squibb and Celgene and of AbbVie and Allergan to Gilead’s large-scale R&D pact with Galapagos, DCAT Value Chain Insights gives its 10 top deals that should be on your radar. Read More

Tracking New Drug Approvals in 2019
by Patricia Van Arnum, DCAT Editorial Director

The FDA has approved 14 new molecular entities (NMEs) thus far in 2019, behind the pace of last year’s record-setting 59 NME approvals. Which drugs have made the mark thus far and are there potential blockbusters in the mix ? Read More
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