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Hope you're all enjoying the last few weeks of the Summer holiday! Today's a special one for me - it's my 40th Birthday! 🎉. and I'm closed on a juicy Fix and Flip property as a present to myself, in NW Austin, and I'll keep those updates coming via social media.

This week we're diving into the Local vs. National Stats, uncovering why Austin is reducing minimum lot sizes for single-family homes. Plus, get ready for a mega surprise new Documentary showcasing the Austin to San Antonio "Mega-Metro" development, making waves in the Lone-Star State, and covering Mid-Year Market Review from Investor Author at Bigger Pockets and The State of the Market Report from Renound Coach, and speaker Brian Buffini!

So, get ready to enjoy this action-packed report! And remember, real estate is all about locations and situations. If you have any questions or need guidance in navigating the market, We're here to help. Let's make this Summer one to remember! 🏠🚀

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Lone Star State Update

CA-to-TX-moving image

TEXAS documentary Austin to San Antonio emerging mega-metro

It's no secret that Austin and San Antonio are becoming some of the biggest cities in Texas, which together as a Metro one day would rival Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston. San Antonio's PBS station, examines the 80-mile region between both Central Texas cities in this exciting new documentary,

San Antonio-Austin: The Emerging Mega-Metro.

Airing on Aug 4, 10:30pm,

Aug 6, 4pm, Aug 25, 4am.

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Austin Could Reduce Minimum Lot Sizes

In an effort to increase housing production and bring down housing costs, the city council approved a resolution That could be a game changer for Existing Homeowners and developers. The proposal calls for a reduction in minimum lot size from 5,750 sqft to 2,500 sqft or less, and a code change allowing for up to three residential units on one lot

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New Listings This Week

National Market Report

RE/MAX National Housing Report for June 2023 

Nationally Speaking, in June, Sales are on the rise, but no surprise there, as it's a typical seasonal trend to see. However, what's pretty remarkable is the market's resilience with the low inventory and higher interest rates. Demand is still booming, and for those who have their pricing on point, houses are still flying off the market!

It's apparent we're back to a more normal market, and selling is all about good location, showing condition, and appropriate pricing. Homes that check these boxes are selling quickly and we're seeing some bidding wars. But to be real properties that don't show well, and/or are priced even just a little too high are taking their sweet time to sell and will more than likely need some price adjusting to attract real buyers. So, if you're in the Market, remember the golden formula: location, condition, and pricing! Buyers ride this resiliency wave and make the most of it while rates are still high, and opportunities are out there.

Austin MSA Compared to The National Ave

>>>Austin MSA 5yr Trend Graphs &

Stats for all five counties <<<

***PSWD TNT2023***

Austin MSA June Stats

  • # Closed Sales: Declined -8% year-over-year
  • Median Sales Price: Down -9% YOY to $483,000
  • New Listings: Down -23% from June 2022
  • Ave Days on Market: 61 days up 43 days from June of 2022
  • Months of Inventory: increased 1.6 months to 3.7 months of inventory YOY.
Central Texas Market Report

National Ave June Stats

  • # Closed Sales: Declined by -18.7% from last June
  • Median Sales Price: $425K only -0.3% below June 2022 which was the peak at $426K
  • New Listings: Down -25% from last June
  • Ave Days on Market: 31 days up 9 days from last year
  • Months of Inventory: was 1.4 down from 1.6 last year
RE/MAX National Market Report

New Market Activity by Area

Mid-Year Market Reports

The housing market has shown resiliency through 2023. No matter what data you look at, so far, the calls of a market crash have been incorrect. In fact, recent trends suggest home prices could even be up by year-end. What comes next, and will we see a surge in 2024? Here's what you need to know about the current state of the Market and some great insight and predictions as to what we can expect moving forward

This Real Estate Report is produced twice a year by Brian Buffini. A guide that provides all you need to know about the current state of the market. 

State of The Market Real Estate Report

The Housing Market Has "Outperformed My Expectations" Mid-Year Housing Recap and Predictions From Bigger Pockets Investor Author - Brian Meyer

2023 Mid-Year Recap & Predictions
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