A Message from the General Manager
Greetings Animal-Loving Angelenos!

2020 has been an unprecedented year, and in response to the pandemic and the City of Los Angeles' measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, LA Animal Services modified operations to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, the animals in our care, and the community we serve.

The milestones highlighted in this mid-year update showcases our key programs and operations during the past seven months, which has been made possible thanks to the hard work of our staff, and the continued support of our volunteers and community who share in our love, commitment, and care of our furry four-legged friends. 
Brenda F. Barnette
General Manager
Mid-Year Lifesaving Stats
A New Year's Resolution: Five to Thrive
Many Angeleos kicked off 2020 with the New Year's resolution to foster one of our adorable shelter guests as part of the Five to Thrive campaign. The campaign primarily focused on fostering medium to larger-sized dogs, who are often more challenged to be fostered, however many cats and kittens were also fostered throughout the month-long campaign!

Five to Thrive Foster Campaign Results:

  • 99 dogs
  • 19 cats
  • 13 kittens

Print Your Pet's Spay / Neuter Vouchers at Home
The Print-at-Home option provided pet owners with their free or reduced cost spay/neuter vouchers. By simply going online and completing the application, pet owners received via email their free or reduced cost spay/neuter vouchers in a matter of minutes.
Safer at Home: City's Response to COVID-19
On March 19, the City of Los Angeles announced the Safer at Home order.

LA Animal Services Centers begin operating by appointment only in response to COVID-19, and follow the City order to have no more than 10 people, which include staff, in shelters.

Adoption appointments in Centers are scheduled from 11am to 4pm.
Residents Step-up their Support
to Foster and Adopt Pets

2,232 animals were placed in foster homes, homes of their own, and reunited with their families.
Helping Found Kittens:
How to be a Kitten Hero

During the start of kitten season, LA Animal Services' shared information on how residents may provide temporary care for kittens found in their neighborhood. Our ability to save many orphaned animals is directly dependent on the number of foster volunteers waiting to take kittens home to provide temporary foster care.

Big thanks to our Kitten Heroes!
Partnering with Kitten Rescues
To assist with the caring of underage kittens LA Animal Services has made arrangements with three cat Rescue groups to take the kittens who need bottle feeding In addition, LA Animal Services also has a kitten foster manual available online, view the manual by clicking

If you need help and can’t care for the kittens, call the closest shelter, let staff know you need help with the kittens and then give your name, address and phone number. A volunteer from a kitten rescue group will call you within 30 minutes and arrange to meet you to take the kittens.
Helping Pets Find Their Way Home:
LA City Pets Lost and Found
LA Animal Services launched LA City Lost and Found Pets, a new online resource, that features daily posts from residents who have either lost or found a pet, and updates on the pets that have been reunited with owners. Join today at facebook.com/groups/LACityLostandFoundPets/.

Using online resources like LA City Lost and Found Pets, Nextdoor, Pawboost.com, or Shadowapp.com may also increase the reach of the message and improve the chances of families reuniting with their pet. According to an ASPCA survey, about half of missing dogs and a third of missing cats were found by searching their local neighborhoods.
Maddie’s Fund® Awards $20K Grant
to Support Life Saving Foster Program
The $20K grant from Maddie's Fund will go towards our life-saving foster program, which offers animals in our care with a break from shelter life. Here are just a few of our furry friends who are in foster care and are available for adoption.
Visit our amazing pets available for foster by going to laanimalservices.com.
Pet Food Pantry Opens
The Pet Food Pantry opened on Monday, June 8, 2020, at Chesterfield Square and East Valley Animal Services Centers providing a resource for low-income families and residents of Los Angeles experiencing financial hardship who need assistance to feed their animal companions.

Residents interested in participating in the Pet Food Pantry must be the pet’s owner, and will need to register by going online to obtain an appointment at one of two locations:Chesterfield Square and East Valley. 

If you are unable to go online, you may call our Pet Food Pantry line for Chesterfield Square at 213-326-2788 or the Pet Food Pantry line for East Valley at 213-264-8985 to register and make an appointment. The Pet Food Pantry is open every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, and has provided pet food to 650 pets!
LA Animal Services Selected as One of Tier 1 Pilot Shelters Participating in the Human Animal Support Services National Initiative
LA Animal Services is one of 14 Tier 1 shelters who are part of the Human Animal Support Services (HASS) national initiative, which is focused on keeping animals in their homes and communities during challenging times and transforming the traditional sheltering system to serve the entire community in supporting the human-animal bond. The HASS model is focused on breaking down the barriers to adopt, and re-examining any bias or preconceived judgement we have toward adopters with an emphasis on keeping pets and people together, and most importantly, what is best for the animal and the family.
For more information about HASS, click here.

Petco Foundation Awards LA Animal Services
with $25K Matching Grant
LA Animal Services would like to thank YOU for your support during the Petco Matching Grant campaign. Thanks to your amazing generosity, we reached our goal of $25,000, and as a result Petco Foundation will match the $25,000 donated! The donations received and Petco Foundation grant will go towards providing enrichment for our shelter guests while they wait for us to find them new homes of their own; helping to reunite lost pets with their families; and help stock our Pet Food Pantry for people who need assistance feeding their pets during these challenging times.

A 4th of July Happy Tale:
How Working with Rescues and Microchips Helped Keep Pets Safe
During the 4th of July weekend, LA Animal Services partnered with several rescue organizations, including Angel City Pitbulls, Best Friends, Paws For Life K9 Rescue, and Rescues Rock by setting up microchip scanning stations throughout the City to ensure lost pets would be reunited with their families. 

Although this year's holiday weekend was a slower 4th of July compared to previous years, many pets who escaped were scanned and reunited with their owners. Kristin Stavola from Rescue Rocks, could not believe how quiet it was. “We were surprised at how little action we had, we only had 3 calls. Thankfully many people stayed home this year, or stuck with their pets so that they stayed safe.”

Many of the pets who were scanned for a microchip either had outdated information or no microchip at all. Alex Tonner with Paws 4 Life, spoke with LA Animal Services about the importance of microchipping your pet. “Not everyone knows about the avenues for getting their pets back and it’s important that we get the message out there,” she said. “You can get an animal back to you in as little as an hour if the pet is microchipped!”

The overall consensus from all the organizations, as well as LA Animal Services, is the importance of microchipping your pet, and if they have already been chipped, making sure the information is up to date.

If you haven’t microchipped your pets yet, LA Animal Services provides that service for $15. All you need to do is schedule an appointment by calling your nearest Animal Services Center at 888-452-7381.
Mid-Year Social Media Report
Join us in one of our upcoming
Wildlife Webinar Sessions
The City of Los Angeles is surrounded by foothills and mountains, and with that comes wildlife. Understanding these animals is key to reducing human and wildlife conflicts.

Join us for an educational session about the wildlife you may encounter in your neighborhood, and learn how to co-exist as well as how to keep you and your pets safe.

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