As a means of streamlining the information conveyed to you in our monthly newsletter, The Reporter, we are beginning the practice of issuing a newsletter twice a month. We’ll continue with the “first of the month” issue as we have for several years; however, the length will be shorter and the amount of content in the issue will be less. About halfway through each month we will issue another newsletter. Again, this will be a shorter version of the newsletter we are all accustomed to seeing. The second one will be referred to as the “mid-month” issue. 
The intent of this change of pace is to reach out to you more often and also to try and make the newsletter a “quicker read” for you. All of the information we have included historically will be contained within the two issues; we are just trying to provide it in smaller bites. 

The newsletter is one of several means of providing pertinent information about Reformation Lutheran Church to you on a regular basis. We invite you and highly encourage you to provide input to the publications. If there is a story, a need, a request, or any other item we need to consider, please let us know. Also, if you have any suggestions for improving the newsletter, please contact the church office and offer your ideas, suggestions or comments. Thank you.