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July 29, 2015

Summer Days!  I love vacations and a small break from the regular work of my law practice and politics.  Please enjoy the scene from a Colorado river that I enjoyed waiting for a storm to come down the valley--lovely!

But, politics really does not stop, and I want to update you on  my summer activities for House District 82, and ask your opinions on specific issues.  Thank you for your interest, and please contact me anytime! 

 Speaker David Ralston appointed me to the House Study Committee on Cityhood, Annexation and De-Annexation.  Hearings have been scheduled by Chairman Jan Tankersley at the Capitol for September 1, 24, and October 6.  All hearings will be open to the public, and hopefully will be broadcast live on the Georgia General Assembly website. 

Our own Senator Elena Parent has been appointed Chair of a Senate Study Committee on Cityhood, and I anticipate she and I, and hopefully the House and Senate Study Committees will work together on possible solutions. 

Creation of new cities or annexations to existing cities, are political processes.  But, our current process needs to be more rational based on both economics and the wishes of the voters, more transparent, and operate on a known timetable.

What do you think?

Questions for your Consideration:

1.  Should all new cities be required to follow a specific two year timetable before the voters are given the ultimate decision by a referendum vote?
2.    An economic feasibility study to create a new city must be filed by a specific date, and be conducted by only a Georgia university fiscal economics department.
3.  An economic feasibility study must contain data on the impact on the county.
4. Maps for new cities must be filed by a specific date and not altered thereafter.
5. Should all members of a county delegation, or just members of a delegation who include territory to be changed, have authority to veto a proposed annexation into a city?
6.  Should voters have a formal statutory process to be de-annexed from a city?

These are a few of the questions to be discussed--what do you think?  What changes in the process do you suggest?
Click here to answer the questions and give me your thoughts 

Please attend the hearings or watch on-line, and send me your comments.
Thank you!



My friend, Representative Pat Gardner, and I have met with various advocates and families on children's mental health issues, along with questions relating to Medicaid waivers for developmentally disabled adults. Pat has been appointed to the Children's Mental Health Study Committee and I will also be attending these meetings.

Post 2015 Session Activities

Summer Elections 

Several important elections are ongoing in DeKalb County this summer. I congratulate my friend, Mereda Johnson, for her election to the DeKalb Commission. Long ago on the same day. Mereda and I were both sworn in as Associate Magistrate Court Judges, and I served with her on the bench for two years. Both she and her husband, Congressman Hank Johnson, have long and positive public service careers.

HD 80 Runoff

There is a runoff for  Mike Jacob's replacement to House District 80, and I am supporting Taylor Bennett who led in voter totals in the first election day and I hope wins in the runoff on August 11. Taylor is an attorney and Georgia Tech quarterback -- good combination! This special election is non-partisan -- please remember to vote!

Fireworks Debacle

I heard from many of you about the results of the bad fireworks bill that was passed in the 2015 Session---many complaints.  Although the sponsors of SB 110 in the 2015 Session were unresponsive to  suggestions to give additional authority to cities or counties to control where or when fireworks may be shot off, I believe that these issues will be revisited in 2016.  A city should be able to prevent fireworks from being shot off in a city park or on school grounds--do you agree?

DeKalb Water Debacle
The DeKalb water debacle this week was big news, and hugely problematic for many citizens. Many residents who bought tickets for Decatur's Slip and Slide water slide were sadly disappointed when the sliding had to end early based on no water. A water slide down Ponce de Leon on a hot summer day was a GREAT PLAN! I hope Decatur tries again next year -- it was such fun for those who had tickets early in the day!





Please contact me anytime with your questions or comments and visit our website at the link below and  follow me on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links below.  I look forward to working with you during the  2016 Georgia General Assembly, and I need your help!!  In the meantime, I will continue to report on issues that may interest you, and welcome your suggestions on how this newsletter may better serve you.

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