July-August 2018
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How can you tell if a bicycle helmet is the right size and its straps are properly adjusted?
LASIK, a common type of refractive eye surgery, is often thought of as safe, but complications are fairly common. Most are minor but some are serious and/or long-term. If you are thinking of having LASIK, learn whether you are a suitable candidate and what the risks are.   
It has become popular to drink detox tea - one containing a laxative, diuretic, and/or stimulant - for a week or more in hopes of losing weight or feeling healthier. How safe and effective is a "teatox"?

Infant & Child Health
Brief, supervised "tummy time" sessions in the first months of life will promote upper body strength and coordination. Talk to your pediatrician first if your baby was premature, or has reflux disease or special needs.
If you are the parent of an infant or toddler, you can help your child enjoy a variety of foods and not become a picky eater.
If you parent a youngster who has makeup sold by Claire's or Justice, check to see if it was recalled because of asbestos contamination.
Depression As a Drug Side Effect
Some widely prescribed medications increase the risk of developing depression. The most common culprits are listed here; you can research the side effects of additional drugs on MedlinePlus. Unsurprisingly, a recent study found that patients who took multiple medications known to sometimes cause depression were more likely to have signs of depression.
If you or a loved one has depression that began or worsened after starting one or more of these drugs and you suspect this may be contributing to a low mood, do not simply discontinue the medication. Doing so might cause unpleasant or serious problems. Instead, let your doctor know about your concerns and discuss whether self-care, lifestyle changes, or a different medication might be an appropriate alternative treatment.
Breast Reconstruction
Among the many decisions women with breast cancer must make is whether to have their breasts reconstructed after a mastectomy. If they opt for reconstruction, they must choose which type of procedure they would prefer and how soon to have it done.
Two recent studies provide information that may help with these decisions. Researchers examined quality of life, patient satisfaction, and complication rates for 2,300 women two years after their reconstruction surgeries. You can learn about the studies via a New York Times article, a more technical summary, or a podcast interview with the researchers.
Are you an "elder orphan"?
Many seniors can turn to their adult children for help with household tasks, medical and financial arrangements, and socialization. If this is not an option for you, you can develop a network of support using a variety of strategies, described here and here.
Surgeons & Surgery Costs
Consumers' Checkbook has a free guide, "Getting the Best Care," for prospective surgery patients, plus ratings of surgeons who perform 12 common surgical procedures. Not all local surgeons are included. However, since poor outcomes were much more likely among the worst-rated surgeons when compared with the best-rated surgeons, the ratings will surely be of interest if your surgeon is listed or if you need a recommendation for one. You will also find tips for finding and choosing a surgeon.
Advice provided by FAIR Health may enable you to save money on an elective (non-emergency) surgery.
If you need to negotiate your bill with a provider, or if you plan to set aside money in a flexible spending account (FSA), you may want to know what your procedure typically costs in your area. Uninsured and privately insured individuals can research costs via the FAIR Health estimator. The accompanying videos are helpful.
Suicide Resources
Help is available 24/7 for anyone thinking of committing suicide.
What should you do if you are concerned that someone might be suicidal?
How can you react helpfully after someone has attempted suicide?
Where can you find resources and support if a loved one has ended his or her life?
How can you help a child or teen affected by another's suicide?
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