February, 2017
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Mergermarket Energy Forum
Date:  April 20th 2017
Location: Four Seasons, Houston, Texas

In the ninth edition of this event, attendees will gain access to an exclusive discussion on market dynamics and the future of the energy sector. In addition, industry-leading panelists will be covering M&A amongst oilfield service companies along with ongoing consolidations throughout the midstream space. Attend and take 30% off the traditional registration fee by using code AMAA30

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Thank you for attending the Alliance 2017 Winter Conference. The event was a success, due to members like YOU! We hope you found the format engaging and educational, while affording you ample time and space to network! 

How to Identify Detractors in M&A Integrations and Transformations

Written by: Anirvan Sen

Every transformation and integration projects have detractors. Many people have reasons to oppose projects, however, detractors differentiate themselves by their constant opposition to projects. Their hostility, is often characterized by opposition for trivial reasons, scathing attacks on project team members for small mistakes, being extremely political and full of back-channel subtle maneuvers to negatively impact projects. Detractors can be within the project team, stakeholders, support functions, operations, or any other team.

Detractors with their actions, tactics and lack of collaboration contribute to delays in project with increased expenses and wasted time and effort; and in worse-case scenarios, failed or abandoned projects.  

What makes managing detractors challenging is the limited understanding amongst the project teams and sponsors to effectively detect specific detracting actions and covert tactics. Without specific evidence and behaviors, it is tricky to frame the problem and present a commanding argument. 

Read the full article here

To Insure or Not to Insure - 
Part 1: What You May Not Know

Written by: Jane Johnson

The term "life insurance" usually evokes strong feelings from business owners that range from "security and contingency plan" to "bad investment and waste of money." By the nature of what it is -- protection against financial loss that would result from the death of an insured -- life insurance also can be a reminder of our own mortality, which is something that many people prefer not to think about. We find in speaking with business owners that there is a lot of misunderstanding in the marketplace related to life insurance.

We believe that many owners simply may not know just how life insurance works and how it can be used to help protect their wealth and achieve their financial goals. In Part I of our of two-part article, we provide some useful information on some of the uses for life insurance and the types of coverage that are available.

Read the full article here

A Case Study of Rapid Post-Merger / 
Post-Acquisition Sales Force Integration

Written by: Walter Leicher

When it comes to integrating sales organizations Post-merger, the million-dollar question seems to revolve around how quickly the respective sales teams should be combined. While rapid assimilation leaves less time for employees and clients to fret over the proceedings, it forces a quick introduction between egos and corporate cultures that could benefit from a little finesse.

In order to avoid loss of sales momentum and the wilting of team morale, our team at BrainWare Consulting, in conjunction with Acquisition Integration, was engaged to help ensure a smooth transition between the merger of two software companies. The objective set by the Operating Partner of the acquiring firm: To present a unified sales force within two months of the merger.

This aggressive task would be accomplished by combing through accounts in excess of several hundred million dollars, along with the 40+ sales people who serviced them. It was an ambitious timeline, and one that called for the precise, methodical scrutiny of the revenue data belonging to the target company, along with the gaining of knowledge about eminent deal closures and the risks involved in the termination of certain sales people. 

Read the full article here

New Member Benefit: Refer.com

We're happy to announce that Refer.com is officially a member benefit provider of AM&AA. What does this mean for you?
Now you'll have access to the greatest referral platform in the world including education and training designed to empower you to gain the business growth you're seeking.
Mark your calendars and keep an eye out for an invite to our upcoming webinar with all the details you'll need to know on March 6th at 1PM CST. 

In Memory of Carlos Deupi

Carlos Deupi 
(1963 - 2017) 
Carlos Deupi,  a prominent Miami Corporate Securities Attorney & South Florida Chapter Board Member, passed away last week.

Carlos Deupi helped launched the Alliance of M&A Advisors South Florida 
Chapter"He was a critical player in making this chapter become a reality in this market," said Ygnacio Garcia-Saladrigas, the group's founding chair and a senior director at BNY Mellon Wealth Management. "His vision and contacts and extensive network in the AM&AA community contributed to our successful launch. Without him, we wouldn't have had the same level of success. He helped set the overall strategy, as well, for this chapter."

The Alliance extends its deepest sympathies to Carlos Deupi's family and friends. 

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