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David Johnson as the Alliance's Summer Opening Keynote Speaker
  The Alliance is excited to announce the Summer Conference's opening keynote speaker, David Johnson!

David is a career change agent who has served as interim manager or financial advisor to over $5 billion of distressed middle market transactions.  

The Siren Song of M&A
By: David Johnson

"Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art." - Peter Drucker
The past few months have not been kind to M&A driven growth strategies.  Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, citing changes in U.S. Treasury Department guidance on tax inversions, has  backed away  from a proposed $160 billion deal for Allergan. Cleantech company SunEdison  stumbled   into bankruptcy after the financial innovations that the company had been lauded for were revealed to be overly problematic.  Yahoo has been forced to acknowledge that the signature acquisition during CEO Marissa Mayer's tenure, that of  Tumblr for $1.1 billion , has not lived up to expectations. And Pharmaceutical company Valeant has seen its  M&A dependent , low R&D strategy unravel in a wave of accounting issues.
M&A is hard, and companies with considerable resources in terms of management, advisory talent, and capital still struggle to realize the promise of deals.  Why do they pursue them anyway?
Read the full article  here 

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

By: Keith J. Apton 
Read Keith's Bio Here
Read ESOP Buyout Overview Here

Congress and the Obama administration recently enacted legislation that creates new taxes and increases existing tax rates. Business owners who have spent their lives accumulating wealth within their businesses must carefully consider how recent legislation changes will affect the wealth diversification and business strategies formulated in recent years. Tax efficiency should be at the forefront of a business owner's mind.

The recent rise in capital gains tax rates has caused business owners to express increased interest in Employee Stock Ownership Plan ("ESOP") transactions. When structured properly there may be an opportunity to defer the capital gains tax on the sale of stock to an ESOP. A thoughtful business succession plan should consider the potential tax advantages offered to business owners and their businesses by leveraged ESOP transaction.

An ESOP may be one solution for business owners to provide liquidity as well as potential tax deferral. There are currently over 12, 000 ESOPs1 in existence today that span nearly every industry of the American economy. This article, intended for shareholders, directors, executives, and professionals, discusses the potential benefits afforded to business owners and their companies for a sale to an ESOP. 

Read full article here

BDCs - The Way to Increased M&A Deal Flow?

By: Michael Sauvante

Business development companies (BDCs)* have been around since 1980. But few people know about them -- especially how they might provide a solution for the increasing number of small businesses being put up for sale by retiring owners, particularly those with EBITDA below $2 million.

Companies above that level are finding a decent supply of buyers, especially with family funds jumping into the arena. And individual buyers typically can afford only the lower-priced companies. That leaves a gap, one in which BDCs can play an important role.

BDCs were invented by the venture capital community to allow them to raise money from the general public rather than just from deep pocket investors. BDCs were designed to be public companies that can issue public offerings (IPO and follow on offerings). The money raised is to be used by the BDC managers to make investments in, acquisition of, and loans to, small businesses -- an enhanced version of what VCs do.  

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3 Common Financial Mistakes That Can Decrease the Value of a Business in the Eyes of a Buyer

By: Jane Johnson
Most owners planning for retirement are dependent on the sale of their companies to provide the cash needed to finance the next phase of their lives. A substantial amount of wealth is trapped inside the illiquid asset that is their business. And the fact is that a majority of owners will have to boost the value of their businesses before they transition them to new owners or they will not net enough money from the transition, after taxes and fees, to fund the rest of their lives.

After successfully growing their business for years, most owners think they will be able to sell for top dollar when the time comes. But, in reality, while growing their businesses, owners are making financial mistakes that can actually decrease the value of a business from the perspective of a buyer.

However, with proper time, planning, and guidance, there are ways these mistakes can be corrected to increase the value of the business. It's especially important to take these factors into consideration if your plan is to sell your business to a third party - as historically, only one in five businesses that attempt to sell externally does so successfully. While many owners think that increasing the value of their business businesses may take too much time - or worse, be impossible - it is key to a successful business transition. 

Read full article here

2 Proven Ways to Transform Your Business for Good

By: Peter Sokoloff

Business loves its buzzwords. A popular term today is "transformation." CEO X plans on a "transformative acquisition" that will propel his company to a higher share price. CEO Y seeks to transform his business by permeating social networks and elevating his brand in the mind of the consumer. CEO Z avidly launches a new product which she anticipates will transform her business into a market leader. 

Today, many companies large and small struggle with the challenges of today's volatile, evolving economy. 

How can CEOs develop a game-changing transformation strategy that's proven to work? Here are two ways.

Transformation Strategy # 1 - Create a Blue Ocean
Transforming a company's organic growth path while retaining the fundamentals of the business can be effective and relatively inexpensive means to shift into higher gear. 

First published in the Harvard Business Review, Blue Ocean Strategy, written by professors W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, portrays an extraordinary outside-of-the-box business development mindset. This is a powerful approach which explains how many companies have successfully reinvented their businesses and gone on to glory. 

Read the full article here

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