October 2017
MidMarket Talk: October 2017
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2017 Thought Leader of the Year Nominations

Do you know someone leading efforts in the Middle Market to improve the industry or elevate the body of knowledge that supports our financial community? Ensure their efforts and achievements do not go unnoticed. The Thought Leader of the Year Award is the platform to share their accomplishments with the industry!

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Executives, clients, advisors, or partners who are Middle Market Thought Leaders in the M&A profession are ideal candidates. These are professionals who create and advocate new ideas which add value to the marketplace. Examples include research studies, white papers, articles, e-communications books and e-books. 

Submitted publications must have been released and/or published within the period Aug 1, 2015 to July 31st 2017.

Self-Nominations Are Encouraged!
Submissions Close November 11, 2017
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Collaboration in Action Through Early QOE
By: Martha Sullivan, CM&AA, Partner, Honkamp, Krueger & Co, P.C. 
& Chuck Mohler, CM&AA, Principal, Eagle Corporate Advisors

In our last edition of Mid-Market Talk we introduced the AM&AA's new framework for collaboration "Learn Improve Deal".  Just last week an investment banker and I talked about how to best take this conceptual framework and put it into action.  We've known each other for many years, but have not yet worked directly with one another.  In what ways could we test the waters? 
Reputation Audit a Prerequisite for M&A Due Diligence
By Christine Barney, APR, CEO, rbb Communications

The information revolution has yielded a new benefit for the merger and acquisition community that can have significant impact on the decision of whether or not to move forward with a deal as well as ensuring the deal succeeds in the long term.  In the past, PR/communication agencies were often called in only after the deal was done and to promote and manage message delivery to key audiences and ensure a smooth transition.  However, smart advisors are using those resources much earlier in the due diligence process to conduct a "reputation audit" and achieve benefits including:
  • Determine extent of any reputational baggage that could affect integration on both brands
  • Identify concerns from geographic niches or select audience segments
  • Provide comparable analysis of similar deals to anticipate reaction from regulatory agencies or likelihood of employee or customer attrition.
Reputational Baggage
Measuring goodwill has always been a mainstay of the due diligence process.  But how to measure ill will?   How will negative media exposure or social media slamming affect the deal?  We recently worked with a large brand that was acquiring a troubled competitor.  The reputation audit indicated the volume of negative media coverage and intensive social media backlash had the potential to not only swamp the acquirer's customer call center, but to dilute the strength of the acquirer brand.  An analysis done in conjunction with the legal team revealed that in order for the brand to come out as savior and not a desperate vulture, it was necessary for a court appointed monitor who would manage the transition and provide enough distance to ease concerns. When the courts refused to appoint a monitor, the acquirer walked.   Continue Reading>> 
Maximizing Value in a Transaction
By: Chad Byers, CM&AA,  Founder & Managing Partner, Symmetrical
As every business owner knows, there comes a time to sell. Whether it be years after starting your business or months after purchasing it, one of the main outcomes owners hope for is a high-value sale. While this may be a typical desire, many owners fail to put in the due diligence necessary to take their business from A to B when it comes to maximizing the value during a transaction.

With decades of experience in providing clients with transaction advice, our team knows the importance of preparation prior to embarking upon a sale. In order to maximize your return on investment, you should develop an exit strategy well in advance, with three key things in mind.  Continue Reading>>

5 Steps to Revitalize Your Approach to Innovation
By: Anthony Bahr, Vice President, VOC Strategic Practice, Strategex

Prior to joining Strategex, which exclusively serves B2B clients, I spent 15 years conducting B2C innovation, insight, and strategy engagements. The transition from B2C to B2B was fairly straightforward and intuitive since the essential approach to research methodology, design, analysis, and implementation didn't change much.
I was, however, struck by the sometimes drastically different ways that B2B and B2C firms approach innovation. 
In the B2B world, the innovation process tends to go something like this:
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Capital Expert Services, LLC
Executive Video Seminar Series

Artificial Intelligence - The Potential, the Impact, and the Risks
Buyers need to be more vigilant  than ever in their due diligence regarding what AI risks lurk within transactions. 
Join the seminar to understand how AI impacts your role and learn preemptive measures to minimize risk.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
11:00am -12:00pm EST 
(via online video-cast)

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Certificate of Mastery in Mergers and Acquisitions
Master the Merger. Ace the Acquisition

The Certificate of Mastery in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a fast- paced, comprehensive four-day class for single participants or corporate teams who want to master the processes of M&A for their company. 

Tuesday, November 7 - Friday, November 10, 2017
Clemson Center for Corporate Learning
Greenville, South Carolina

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IBA Investing in Asia Conference

Topics will include:  M&A in Southeast Asia: opportunities and current developments;  East meets west meets south: legal and cultural challenges in doing M&A in Asia;  Adapting and implementing international trade strategies in a time of uncertainty;  Recent developments in investment arbitration in the Asia Pacific;  Risk mitigation - bulletproofing deals and learning lessons from the litigation battlefield.

Thursday, December 7 & Friday, December 8, 2017
  Millennium Broadway Hotel
New York City, New York

C-Suite Network Conference
Join the World's Most Trusted Network of C-Suite Leaders

Great leaders have a number of core qualities that distinguish them.
These qualities have remained constant Yet the successful 21st century leader must operate with additional abilities to guide their organization to success. These abilities require an astute strategic sense and capabilities to inspire a more and more diverse workforce.

This conference focuses on the capabilities needed for success from those who exhibit these qualities In action and results

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
New York City, New York

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