February 10, 2021

Dear Middle and Upper School Families,

As mentioned in our divisional letters last week, the school has been looking closely at our attendance and at the positivity rates in Central Ohio. Thankfully, numbers show a three-week decline in cases, and daily case counts are at levels similar to what they were in October. While we continue to practice caution, we would like to invite all middle and upper school students to attend 100% in-person beginning next Friday, February 19th. Families who wish to remain fully online may continue to do so, as we recognize the pandemic and vaccination schedules for the greater community are still in flux.

Of course, please communicate with us your preference for sending your children to school if it is different from the model we described above. We would like to have a clear sense of student attendance in order to arrange the school most effectively. In that regard, and to help us prepare for the increase in students, please fill out this brief questionnaire to let our offices know the choices of attendance for your children.

Know that the school will remain flexible in our model, both to attend to changes for individual families and also to adjust our attendance capacity in response to COVID patterns in the greater community.
Schedule Feb 15-19
We are always thinking about the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff. Staying true to our community expectations is most important as we move forward with this increase in the school’s capacity. Please continue to monitor your children’s health by doing daily health checks while also reinforcing the school practices of physical distancing, sanitation and mask wearing. We also expect that you will continue to follow state and local guidelines for travel to areas with high COVID-19 positivity rates.


Cory Izokaitis, Head of Upper School
Shaka Arnold, Head of Middle School