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Volunteers needed for the Sock Hop and the Scholarship Committee
(some dates are tentative and subject to change)
Feb 27 & 28: 
Pizza with Dad

Mar 3:
Sock Hop

Mar 13:
Bingo Night

April 5:
General PTA Meeting

April 22:
Parent's Night Out with
Silent Auction

April 25:
PTA Awards Dinner

May 8:
4th Grade Spring Concert

May 19 (TBD):
Middle Gate Madness 
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PTA Phone: (860) 532-0464
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Help make the Sock-Hop a Success!
We are looking for volunteers to do various tasks to help make the Sock-Hop run smoothly. Since this is not a drop-off event, why not do something with your time!
Example tasks:
4:30pm - 6:00pm - Set Up Crew
5:45pm - 8:00pm - Check in Families or Concession Stand & Pizza
8:00pm - 9:00pm Clean up Crew

Please sign up for 30 minutes at: Sock Hop Volunteer Sign-up
SOCK HOP  - MAR 3 sockhop
Friday, March 3rd 6:00-8:00PM Location: Reed Intermediate School image
Join us for a fun night of getting dressed up in 50's attire and dancing to the sounds of DJ Red Supreme!
ADMISSION: $5 per person or $20 for a family of four or more. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration deadline is February 19th or sell out, whichever occurs first. Tickets will not be available at the door for this event.
Pizza, ice cream and snacks will be available for purchase.
Please fill out the attached form and send it back to school along with your payment (cash or check made out to Middle Gate PTA) in an envelope marked 'SOCK HOP'.
All MG students, parents and siblings and friends are welcome.
This is not a drop off event.
Morning Drop Off image
There was a conversation on the MG Facebook page about morning drop and some questions about procedure and etiquette. Debbie has relayed the comments and concerns to Mr. Geissler, and in the end, we believe we all have the same goal. To make sure our children are safe and on time.

We ask three things.
1) please be kind and patient during the morning drop off process. We have younger grades and some special needs children that need a little extra help/time and we need to be respectful of that.
2) please be conscious with your drop off process. If you can streamline it , great. It helps the kids get into school safely and on time and allows the buses to get through.
3) If you have any specific issues with this or any other topics you feel should be addressed, please contact Mr. Geissler or Mr. Sullivan about it. They can't fix something if they don't know there is an issue. Also, you can pm me and I am happy to assist.

In the meantime, if the line is slow, kiss and hug your kids an extra time or two and enjoy the extra time with them. Soon enough they are going to be asking us to drop them off a block away so their friends don't see them with their "uncool" parents.
One Snowy day.... image
One day last week, Mrs. Magness, our 'Gifted and Talented' teacher, noticed that I wasn't feeling well. It had been snowing and we had an early dismissal that day. At the end of the day, she came to my room and asked me where I parked my car. I wondered why. She said she planned on cleaning the snow off my car for me. Under normal circumstances, I would have just said thank you and it wasn't necessary, but I accepted her offer graciously.
She shared with me later that when she pulled up to my car, she was confused. A parent and her child were already there starting to clean it off. Mrs. Magness asked if that was my car. The parent said she did not know whose car it was. She just wanted to show her second grader that it was nice to do a random act of kindness and not expect anything in return. Needless to say, Mrs. Magness, the parent and the second grader cleaned off my car together. Mrs. Magness told her it was very sweet for doing that and she would let me know her name. She tried to remember it, but can't quite recall.  I did not want to let this act go unnoticed.

 It was so kind (and timely) and made such an impression on me. And in this world, we admire and look to those that give with their 'hand' open, expecting nothing in return, just the satisfaction that giving to others makes you feel good inside. The world needs more of that for sure. Whomever you are, I just wanted to let you know that I will remember that act of kindness, and the impression it left on me. I even told my students about it. But more importantly, I love the important message you are instilling in your child. You lead by example and made a difference that day, at least to me.  Isn't that what matters?

Thank you to Mrs. Magness  for being so kind too and for sharing this story with me. 
Did you know Middle Gate PTA offers Scholarship to graduating Seniors?
Hi Everyone! I am seeking volunteers to participate on the Middle Gate PTA Scholarship Committee. This year, the PTA has decided to add an additional award and we will be selecting two former Middle Gate students who are graduating from Newtown High School in June. We need about 5-10 people who would be interested in reading application packets and providing feedback by completing an online rating form for each candidate. If the decision is too close to call, there may need to be one meeting in person to discuss the candidates.

The work begins at the end of March and the decision will be made by the beginning of May. Please let me know if you have any questions, or are interested in participating on this committee.

Bonnie Voegeli image

Please send an email to: [email protected] if you are interested.

Tickets only $16 per person (reg $39) 
WHEN: Sun March 12 - 3:00pm (Doors open 2:00pm)
WHAT: Bridgeport Sound Tigers vs. Hartford Wolf Pack
WHERE: Webster Bank Arena 600 Main Street Bridgeport
TICKETS: $16 per person (Reg. $39)
Please return attached form and payment by Friday March 3 to main office in envelope labeled "Sound Tigers Game"
Tickets will be returned to you via backpack by Mar 9
Game Night? Bingo!! image

Join us on Monday March 13th at 6:30 in the Cafeteria for Bingo Night.  There will be carnival prizes for every round, pizza for sale and lots of fun! 
Details are coming home in backpacks shortly, presented by the Middle Gate School Men's Club. 

If you would like to volunteer to help out please contact Gregg Baimel at [email protected].
Seeking Donations for Silent Auction for Parents' Night Out image
Middle Gate Elementary School's PTA will be hosting a Silent Auction at our "Parent's Night Out" fundraiser on April 22, 2017.   This fundraiser, held at Rock Ridge Country Club in Newtown, will support our PTA. Our PTA funds such programs as school assemblies, grade enrichment, and cultural arts programs. We also purchase much needed items for MG. We have purchased a lot this year for the school and have some additional purchases needed. The school needs another swing set and we would like to purchase shade tarps to go with the picnic tables that were purchased last year for outdoor class time on hot days.  We had sound panels installed in the cafeteria and really need them in the gym. 
We are currently seeking donations of items and services to be auctioned off at the event.  If you are able to donate please let us know.  It doesn't matter how big or how small, all donations are gladly accepted and greatly appreciated. Do you or someone you know have timeshare weeks you aren't using that you can donate? Are you crafty/artistic and want to make something to be auctioned off? Do you want to put together a basket with some friends with gift cards and a theme to donate from your families? Please let us know! Thank you!

Any questions, please contact [email protected]
Your voice can have powerful results when our town boards are determining whether or not they will support a budget or issue.
The next step in the school budget process is with review by the Board of Finance. Click here to see the BoE's proposed budget.
Wednesday, March 22, Legislative Council Public Hearing, 7:30 pm, Municipal Center. This will be your last chance to give your input before the LC sets the final amount for the April town budget referendum. NYA will again offer open gym on 3/22, 7 - 9:30 pm for kids for $5, click here to register.
Tuesday, April 25 Town Budget Referendum, 6a-8p, Newtown Middle School
Don't miss the next BOF meeting - NYA is hosting an Open Play 
For the next BOF meeting and Legislative Council meeting the BOE has cooredinated with NYA to have an Open Play at the same time:
March 22: the Legislative Council meeting from 7:30-9:30.
Cost: $5 per kid.
Order Yearbooks!  On-Line Order Only. image
All orders must be placed on their website, www.coffeepond.com
no order forms will be distributed.
Hard Cover $30
password: middlegate2017

Soft Cover $27

Please remember to upload your photos from events and activities at Middle Gate. The kids love looking through the yearbook at the end of the year and remembering all the fun times with friends. If you haven't already uploaded the APP, it's easy and convenient. The Pictavo Community APP and the school id is 63963. Any questions, please contact [email protected]
Budget Season is here!

Mr. Geissler's budget was submitted to the Superintendent and the Superintendent's budget was submitted to the Board of Education. We need parents to be involved in this process to avoid more cuts in the budget. We will provide updates periodically regarding meetings, voting, etc. Here are a few dates to keep in mind:

3/8 -  Board of Finance TO Legislative Council
3/22- Legislative Council PUBLIC HEARING
4/5 -  Legislative Council ADOPTS THE BUDGET