Middle School Newsletter January 2021

Say Their Name (Video) Project
Jax Carpenter- Philando Castile https://youtu.be/oRLAbQiRiv0
Juan Berry-Berlinski -Trayvon Martin https://youtu.be/bVtE7CZ6pOY
Ben Guerrero Olivas- Rekia Boyd https://youtu.be/hQN0iRSzCSQ
Julianna Douglas - Tamir Rice https://youtu.be/3SBOGVGiDqc 

Also, one of our 8th grade class was involved with Activism: Engagement & Resistance course being sponsored by Sorenson.  Here is one of the videos they made as a result of that class. This video was created by Gabriella Bibb and Sevan Ikeda: https://youtu.be/DJoNDwZJJzs

Kudos to all those who participated. Special recognition goes to Sevan Ikeda who made it to the final round and placed 5th overall! Check out the video below for an interview with Sevan by his coach, Stephen Peterson.

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