Update October 1, 2020
Dear Middle School Parents/Guardians,

We are so looking forward to seeing you and your children next week. We have had to implement a number of new procedures for the health and safety of our students and staff. Please share this document with other family members that may need this information too.

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off Times
Middle School Drop Off Times are 7:45 to 8:15
Drop Off Procedures
CDC guidelines recommend a “curbside” drop off and pick up procedure. Our procedures are designed to keep your family and our staff safe. Please read the procedures below carefully. 

 Parents are required to wear a mask during drop off and pick up times.

Enter through the west most entrance to the Campbell Community Church parking lot. Please be aware that Villa parents will immediately turn right and then left to go around the outer edge of the parking lot. Campbell Church Preschool parents will not turn and will go straight in passing between rows of parking before turning left for their specified drop off area. See the attached map for the route to reach the health screening area located under a large tree near the Campbell St. side of the parking lot.

There is space for two cars in the health screening area.  Wait for a staff member to come to your car to complete a health screening. It is best if your child can sit in the passenger side of the car so a staff member can safely take your child’s temperature. At that time, you will be asked some health questions. We use contactless forehead thermometers. Please be sure your mask is on before a staff member approaches your car. Once the health screening is complete, your child may exit from the car. Your child will carefully cross the parking lot and enter the campus from the main gate which will be open. Please make sure he/she has their face covering on prior to departing the car.

Students arriving between 7:45 – 8:00 will wash their hands in the outdoor bathroom and sit at a designated picnic table until the classrooms are opened at 8:00. Students arriving between 8:00 – 8:15 will go directly to their classrooms to wash their hands and sit down in their assigned work spot. Parents are not permitted to enter campus. Please remind your child to practice social distancing when approaching the gate and while walking to their designated classroom.
Pickup Procedures for Student Not Attending Tutorials:
To avoid students congregating in the carline area, students will wait in their classrooms until their parent arrives. When you arrive to pick up your child, pull as far forward as you can in carline. Please remain in your car and a staff member will escort your child to the car. Please be patient with this process. Displaying your child(ren)’s carline signs on your dashboard will help move things along.  The carline signs for your dashboard will be given to you on Monday during the morning carline.
Pickup for Procedures for Students After Tutorials (4:00 P.M.):
When you arrive to pick up your child, please park (avoiding the spots reserved for the preschool parents) and walk to the main gate by the middle school office. Please be sure to socially distance and wear a mask while you wait for your child. A staff member will call to the classroom and have your child sent to the gate where you may meet him/her. You must be available to escort your student to your car. Staff members cannot escort your student to the parking lot.

If you need to pick up your child before tutorials are over, please follow the same procedures, and let the middle school office know you are on campus to pick up your child by ringing the doorbell on the office door. 

Non-Scheduled Drop Off /Pickup
We strongly encourage parents to drop off and pick up their child at the scheduled time. However, in the event you should arrive outside of your scheduled times, please follow these procedures.
Late Drop Off:
Pull into a parking space and park (not spots reserved for the preschool) and walk your child to the office door. Ring the doorbell and wait until a staff member comes to the door to complete the health screening and temperature check. When the screening has been successfully completed your child may enter the main gate (a staff member will open the gate.) Your child will then walk to their designated classroom, wash their hands, and take their assigned seat. You may return to your car as parents are not allowed to enter the campus.

If you have any difficulty, please call the middle school office at 602-955-2210 option #4, option #1.

Early Pick Up (prior to 3:00):
Please park your car (not in spots reserved for the preschool) and walk to the office door. Ring the bell or call the office at 602-955-2210 option 4, option 1 and wait for a staff member to come to the door. Staff will call the classroom and have your child sent to the gate where you may meet them. Please be sure to wear a mask while you are waiting for your child.

We ask for your patience as we navigate this new process. We may need to adjust these procedures, if necessary, to protect the health and safety of our families and staff.
Carline Health Checks
If a student has a temperature of 100 degrees F or above, or a parent answers yes to any of the screening questions, the student will need to return home.
We strongly discourage carpooling during this time due to the inability to social distance and for us to get an accurate health screening of non-family members. If that is absolutely unavoidable, for safety reasons every person in the car needs to wear a mask and windows should be open for as long as possible. If your child is riding in a carpool, we are relying on you to do a screening of your child for symptoms prior to them leaving home.
Gates Will be Locked
As per CDC and Maricopa County Health Department recommendations, limiting access to school buildings is a critical mitigation step. Therefore, parents will not be allowed onto campus unless absolutely necessary. Gates will be locked except during drop off and pick up times; however, parents must use carline and remain in their cars during those times.

Walkers/Bikers – this is a new procedure
Students either walking or biking to school in the morning will need to need to complete their health screening at the health screening area in the west parking lot. The gate at the east side of campus may not be used to enter campus. Students will enter the campus through the main gate by the office after their health screening has been completed successfully. Bikes will be parked on either side of the Orlando building. Campbell students will park their bikes on the east side of the Orlando building while Orlando students will park their bikes on the west side of the Orlando building. Students will proceed to their classroom, wash their hands and take their assigned seats.

Once the student has left the health screening area, bikes may no longer be ridden. They must be walked through the gate and while on campus.

If your child will be walking or riding their bike, please complete THIS FORM by 4:00 on Friday, October 2nd. At the end of the school day, walkers and bikers will be released from the main gate. 

Isolation Room
We have an isolation room designated for students exhibiting COVID-like symptoms while at school.  A list of symptoms can be found HERE. Please share THIS VIDEO showing the isolation room procedure with your child(ren). Should you need to pick up your child from the isolation room, please park in the west parking lot. Walk to the office and ring the doorbell.  A staff member will bring your child to the door.

Low Threshold for Illness
We ask for everyone’s understanding and patience regarding decisions to send students home if symptoms appear while at school, and with necessary home isolation and quarantine restrictions. We completely understand that this may cause undue frustration and inconvenience.

Our highest priority during this time is keeping everyone safe. That can only be accomplished by everyone supporting the school’s protocols and procedures. Please make arrangements for someone to be on call should we need to have your child(ren) picked up because, even if a student is exhibiting only one of the COVID related symptoms, they will be sent home.

  1. Student/teacher/assistant sent home with symptoms –this notification will be given to them
  2. Student/teacher/assistant sent home with symptoms or calls absentee line with symptoms – class will receive this notification
  3. Student/teacher/assistant confirmed case – class will receive this notification; any close contacts will be notified directly; notification to whole Villa community will be sent by email

Face Coverings
Wearing a face covering is a critical piece in minimizing the spread of the coronavirus. One of the key reasons our staff felt comfortable with the school reopening for in-person learning was that face coverings were being required. Please read the school’s FACE COVERINGS POLICY HERE.  You can learn more about acceptable face coverings on the Maricopa County Department of Public Health WEBSITE. In addition, please share this VIDEO ABOUT FACE COVERINGS with your child(ren).

Symptom Screening at Home
Please keep your child at home if they are exhibiting any of the following COVID-19 symptoms and call the absentee line at 602-955-2210 option #1. 
  • Fever (greater than or equal to 100 F
  • Subjective chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Check for CDC symptom updates HERE

Home Isolation/Quarantine Guidelines
Please familiarize yourself with the home isolation and/or quarantine guidelines that must be followed should your child(ren) either exhibit symptoms, test positive for COVID-19 or are a close contact to someone who has tested positive. Please read the information below from Maricopa County Health:
  1. Isolation Guidance Flow Chart
  2. Quarantine Guidance for Household and Close Contacts
  3. Home Isolation Guidance for People with COVID-19

Mitigation plan
A copy of the school’s revised mitigation plan is available on our website. You can access it HERE.

Immunizations, Flu Shot
All students in Arizona must be up-to-date with their immunizations before they can attend school. The health aide has been sending out notifications to any families who need to update their child(ren)’s immunizations. It is also highly recommended that everyone receive a flu shot as well.

Preparing for Return to School
Here is a HELPFUL FLYER on ways you can prepare your child(ren) to return to school.

If Your Child is Absent from School
Should your child(ren) need to home isolate or quarantine, teachers will provide school work for them to complete while they are out of school. If they are too ill to complete the work, please communicate that to your child(ren)’s teacher(s).

Thank you
We appreciate your partnership during this time of reopening. If we all stay vigilant and practice what we know to be effective mitigation strategies, we will be able to keep the school open and our students at school in person.

Diane George
Middle School Director
Villa Montessori School
(602) 955-2210, option 4
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