Dear Akiba Family,
I'm writing to share wonderful news with you. In the fall, Jennifer LeVine will lead and oversee both our lower school and middle schools. Since joining Akiba as principal of lower school, Jennifer has provided support and leadership to students and faculty. She's encouraged and facilitated 21st century-learning, developing students' skills in critical and creative thinking and problem solving with application to real-life contexts. She also worked to build morale and unity among faculty through professional development opportunities and collaborative projects. Her efforts with our parent community and students also made a positive impact on the retention of many students moving from pre-K to kindergarten. 
Previous to coming to Akiba, Jennifer served as assistant principal for K-8 at Kadima Day School since 2009. She managed curriculum development, faculty and student testing. As a humanities teacher at Kadima, she integrated technology and writing. She holds a master's degree in education from Pepperdine University. She and her husband, Joel, are parents of Early Childhood Program students Alexander and Amelia.

Jennifer's leadership of the middle school will be supported by a team composed of our outstanding faculty members who will be coordinating various aspects of the middle school experience: Heather Behr, social and emotional learning; Miriam Tannenbaum, Judaic Studies; Tova Reifman, middle school learner support; and Josh Rapps, middle school operations.  Longtime staff member Cheryl Sulski also will transition from a teaching role to a ssistant to the K-8 principal and educational services coordinator.  
Please join me in welcoming Jennifer into her new role as principal of K-8.

Tammie Rapps
Head of School