Middle School Meeting
Dear Middle School Families,

Here's a look at what is happening in the Middle School!
Meeting Recap
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We introduced a number of leadership opportunities, student groups, and affinity spaces for Middle School students to join. Information about participating will be sent to students via email. We encourage you to remind your child to regularly check, read, and clean out their BVR email so they don’t miss any opportunities to fully engage in the Middle School experience.
Leadership Opportunities
Admission Ambassadors
Jake Morris '25, Lisi Archambault '25, and Talia Frumkin '25, this year’s head Admission Ambassadors, described the Admission Ambassadors program. This year, families will not be able to visit campus during the application process so the program will serve as a connection between the Middle School and the Admission Office. Since we aren’t on campus everyday, Admissions will need students to help create engaging content for prospective families. Ambassadors will share interesting projects or activities they have worked on, encourage their classmates to share their projects, and interview classmates to be featured on the BVR website. Last year there were over 50 Admissions Ambassadors, but because of the changes to the program, this year we will have no more than 20 students. Students who are responsible, excited about the work of the Admission Office, and a little tech savvy are encouraged to complete the Admission Ambassador application by Friday, October 2 at 12:00 p.m.
Community Action Leaders (CALs)
Ms. Wildes, Associate Director of the Hiatt Center, announced CALs, our Community Actions Leaders program. CALs try to attend monthly leadership workshops, volunteer for community service events each month, and help make announcements at MS Meetings. The Hiatt Center will send out an application to sign up via email. Students were encouraged to email Ms. Wildes mwildes@bcdschool.org or the Hiatt Center hiatt@bcdschool.org with questions.
Student Body Advisor Council (SBAC)
Nora McBride '26 announced SBAC, the Student Body Advisory Council. SBAC is a student group that meets with Ms. Caruso, Associate Head of School, to discuss Beaver and ways to improve our school. Nora was a member of SBAC last year, and really enjoyed suggesting ideas to make our community a better place. She learned to collaborate together and help Beaver grow. Last year in SBAC they discussed what activities students liked the most, and what activities they wanted to change. They also discussed what things to add to the school for example, another water fountain, or what they can do for the activities in advisory, and if they liked the activities that were planned for them or not, and what they can do to change them! SBAC will meet online this year, every few weeks. More information about how to apply is coming soon!
Affinity Groups
Students of Color Community Meeting (SOC)
Kayla Toussaint '25, Zak Faris '25, and Lorenzo Figueroa '25 introduced Student of Color Community Meetings (SOC). SOC meetings offer opportunities for Students of Color to come together with Faculty of Color and talk about their experiences at Beaver. The first meeting is next Friday, October 2, online during lunch.
Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)
Ms. Savas introduced SAGA, the Middle School Sexuality and Gender Alliance. SAGA is a group for students who are interested in discussing issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and in creating a safe and supportive environment for all students in the Beaver Middle school. They will meet on Thursdays during lunch, and the first meeting is next week.
BVRFit + Virtual Activities
  • Ms. Kuntz talked about the options for virtual activities on Thursdays and Fridays. We started on campus this week and will start virtually when students receive their 'fit kits".
  • BVRFit: Students can join the Meet live! BVRFit is a general fitness class which includes stretching, fitness, and fun!
  • Midday activities/recess: Students participate in sports. All options include cross country, field hockey, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and BVRFitness (general fitness).
  • Afternoon Activities: On campus (or online for remote students) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and virtually on Thursdays and Fridays—sometimes synchronously, sometimes asynchronously. All options include cooking class, election 2020, fall play acting, fall play technical theater, instrumental ensemble, film fanatics, Minecraft, visual arts workshop, and faster stronger (general fitness).
To end the meeting, we played Kahoot!. Today's game included lots of questions about BVR and BVR Middle School teachers. Ms. Smith won and the kids all said the game was rigged! Ms. Smith encouraged/challenged students to create their own Kahoot! and other games we can play at MS Meeting.
Associate Director of Middle School