Hello Middle School families!

Happy first day and welcome to the Middle School Meeting recap! I’ll be sending you an email each time we have a meeting to give you an overview of what happened. This year all MS meetings will be online, and we will record each meeting and send you the link (see below)

We hope this gives you a better sense of what’s going on in the Middle School. We hope topics from our meeting will come up over the dinner table. And we hope that you have a window into the opportunities offered to MS students so you can gently nudge and encourage your child to try new things. Enjoy!
Click here to watch a recording of today’s MS Meeting.
Ms. Smith and I welcomed everyone to the first MS Meeting of the 2020-2021 school year! 

  • We reviewed Meet guidelines (in a big Meet students should mute themselves and use the chat feature for encouragement or questions).
  • Students watched a video where all Middle School teachers introduced themselves. 
  • We talked about the schedule for this week and who to be in touch with regarding tech issues/questions (Ms. Levin clevin@bcdschool.org)
  • We spoke about the Advisor conferences and the Introduce Yourself! activity all students will be working on this week.

We have another MS Meeting tomorrow!
Associate Director of Middle School