January 1, 2021

Dear Middle School Families,

Happy New Year! We will return to school on January 4th at 50% capacity continuing the Maroon and Gray rotation as indicated below.
Schedule Jan 4-15
Boxed lunches will be served upon our return from winter break. See menu link with choices for the week of January 4th. Students are welcome to bring their own lunches to school.

Upcoming Faculty Collaboration/Workdays
Next Wednesday, January 13th, our Middle School and Upper School will be in session for students. The Lower School will NOT be in session on that day, as teachers in that division will have a faculty collaboration day. The next faculty collaboration day for middle and upper school teachers will be on Wednesday, February 24th. That day will be an asynchronous work day for all students.

First semester grades will be available to view in Blackbaud after 4:00 p.m. on January 6th.

If you would like your children to attend school according to a 100% schedule for a particular reason, please contact me directly to discuss. 

For other updates to your children’s attendance at school, please contact Nicola Jackson at jacksonn@columbusacademy.org. I look forward to seeing our students back at school this upcoming week and wish you the best as the new year has begun.


Head of Middle School