January 15, 2021

Dear Middle School Families,

Happy belated New Year to you all. It was great to see your kids in person and online over the past two weeks. There is no denying how energizing it is to be with the kids again after a break.

Below is the schedule for the next three weeks. Note that our schedule includes three grays days in a row and will later include three maroon days. This is by design. As I wrote in my last letter, the number of in-person days are balanced over the course of the quarter. We have the ability to adjust the schedule whenever circumstances warrant it.
Schedule Jan15-Feb5
Overdue books 
Our library books have to be cleaned and “quarantined” for a certain amount of time before going back into circulation. Please check with your children about overdue library books and drop those books off as soon as possible. Our librarians get them back on the shelves in a timely manner for students who have been waiting to check them out. 

Your continued partnership with contacting the MS office to update your children’s attendance is much appreciated. Please include Nicola Jackson at jacksonn@columbusacademy.org on any and all attendance-related emails.

Please contact me if you have any questions and enjoy your weekend!


Head of Middle School