UPCOMING DATES: April 20-April 24

  • April 17: SPIRIT WEAR DAY! Send us your photos of you in your St. Mike's Spirit Wear. Remember, HOMEWORK DUE AT 3 p.m.
  • April 22: EARTH DAY! Create a clean up, recycling or planting project at home, in your neighborhood, or at a park. Send in photos!
  • April 23: HAT DAY! Send us photos of you with your favorite hat!
  • April 24: Homework and make up day. On Fridays, teachers will not be hosting any live classes or adding any new homework hoping that this will allow all students to have more time for homework and project completion. HOMEWORK DUE AT 3 p.m. or earlier!

8th Grade Students - I WANT YOU TO HELP WITH BNN ANNOUNCEMENTS! Email me if you are willing to help and I'll send you the announcements to record: reeder@saintmpl.org
April 20-17: Middle School Weekly Learning Goals
& Homework Summary for Classes

MATH: Mrs. Roseen
  • Algebra 2: This week we will be working on solving of non linear systems of equations. This will require them to remember how to solve systems of equations. They will move towards their final lesson for this chapter on graphing quadratic inequalities. 
  • Geometry: This week we will be working on exploring properties with parallelograms and different theorems to help in identifying these shapes. We will also be working on proving that if a quadrilateral is a parallelogram. Check in for any question on Monday in Zoom. 
  • 8th Grade: This week we will continue to move from equations to inequalities. There will be a check in to ask any questions on Monday. If they have math during 3rd hour, this check in will be at 9:30 a.m. and if they have math during 7th hour, there check in is at 1 p.m.  
  • 7th Grade: This week we are continuing our discussion on Proportions and unit rates. We have been looking at both the writing of proportions and we are moving towards the solving of these proportions. 
  • 6A: This week we are beginning our new unit on angles and looking at the different vocabulary associated like adjacent, vertical, complementary, and supplementary. There will be a live session on Tuesday at 8:30 to answer any questions. 
  • 6B: This week we will be finishing our unit with percentages. We will then begin our new unit on angles and looking at adjacent and vertical angles. There will be a live session on Monday at 10 to answer any questions.  
  • 7A Religion: This week we will be completing the positivity project of Appreciation of beauty and excellence as a Google Form. Students will be reading from their blue book and answering questions about chapter 28 and the sacraments. They will finish the week by completing a Bible activity called Encounters with Jesus. 

ENGLISH & LITERATURE: __________________________________________________________________
  • English 6 (Morgan)- Unit 24 Etymology test, LIVE class with ALL 6th grade for an activity to review for the Etymology testbegin Etymology Unit 25, Pomodoro Technique quiz, continued work with writing alternate fiction ending(s), and work on context & practice in IXL. (Click for week guide)
  • English 7 (Morgan)-Unit 24 Etymology test, begin Etymology Unit 25, Pomodoro Technique quiz, recorded lesson on writing about reading with voice and investment, and begin informational writing assignment. (Click for week guide)
  • Literature 7 (Morgan)- Continue looking for motifs & themes in current novel(s), timeline lesson (recorded), timeline assignment with motifs, LIVE class on motifs and themes across novels, and fill out reading log. (Click for week guide)
  • 6th Grade Literature: Please review the attached weekly assignment sheet. This is also in the student Google classroom (Click for 6th Grade).
  • 8th Grade English & Literature: Please review the attached weekly assignment sheet. This is also in the student Google classroom (Click for 8th Grade).

SOCIAL STUDIES: Mr. Olson___________________________________________________________________
6th Grade: Note – Zoom meeting on Tuesday, April 21st at 10:00 AM
  1. Read Pgs. 420 -423 in the Green Text book.
  2. Answer the 4 questions on Pg. 423.
  3. Read the Notes on Ancient China 2
  4. Answer the 17 questions on the Notes on Ancient China
  5. Watch the Video on "The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master"
7th Grade:
  1. Read Pgs. 851 - 862
  2. Look closely at Pg. 851 on Eleanor Roosevelt.
  3. Upload the document "Questions on Eleanor Roosevelt" answer the 5 questions in sentences using part of the question.
  4. Answer the first 3 questions on Pg. 857 - then substitute these two questions for 4 and 5.
  • What was a Hydrogen bomb like? b. What was the Arms Race? 
  • What did families build in their yards during the Cold War for protection? Describe them? 
  • What promise did Dwight D. Eisenhower give to get reelected? 
  1. Watch the Video on "The Korean Conflict"
  2. Answer the 12 Questions in sentences on the Korean War?
8th Grade
  1. Read the attached document on The Far East. 
  2. Answer the 15 questions on the Far East 
  3. Watch video on Mongols vs Samurai
  4. Answer 5 Questions on Samurai
  5. Read Pg. 550 on the Japanese Samurai
  6. Answer the 10 questions on the Document on Japanese Samurai

SCIENCE: Ms. Karnes__ _______________________________________________________________________
  • 6th Grade: This week we will dive deeper into the parts of the atom: electrons, protons, and neutrons. We will take notes on this concept and practice it. Then you will watch a video on the Periodic Table to prepare us for next week!
  • 7th GradeWe will start on the Human Body and Body systems this week. We'll start with the skeletal system, muscular system, and skin. You will take notes on these systems through Edpuzzle.
  • 8th GradeThis week we are starting on Earth's Atmosphere. We will talk about the composition and the layers of our atmosphere. You will have notes and a virtual lab.

SPANISH: Maestro Ana Pintosoto______________________________________________________________
Go to her google classroom for links and lessons! Students continue to expand their knowledge of the Spanish language and she will host Zoom classes.

RELIGION: Mrs. Hinker, Mrs. Roseen & Mr. Olson__________________________________________________
  • 6A Religion: Live Class on Wednesday will be finishing Prophet Presentations. Recorded lessons on the Incarnation, and Positivity Project. Continue to work on Chapter 11: Jesus Christ, True God and True Man. 
  • 6B Religion: Holy Week – Positivity Project – Identifying the Good in Others
  • 7A Religion: This week we will be completing the Positivity Project of Appreciation of beauty and excellence as a Google Form. Students will be reading from their blue book and answering questions about chapter 28 and the sacraments. They will finish the week by completing a Bible activity called Encounters with Jesus. 
  • 7B Religion: Positivity Project – Identifying the Good in Others
  • 8 Religion: Live Class on Wednesday will be on Catholic Meditation. Recorded lessons on lectio divina, and Positivity Project. For their upcoming Memoir writing, they will have a couple packets to help them brainstorm and start their process.

SPECIALIST CLASSES: Physical Education, Art & Music: Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Olmanson & Mrs. Shimek________
Go to your google classroom - The details of the assignment will be posted to the Google Classroom. W e Videos should be completed.

  • ART: Next week, students in grades 6-8 will be working on a variety of drawing lessons. They will be using different tools and techniques to create works of art. Students in sixth and seventh grade will work at hand lettering or the process of creating art by using letters of the alphabet. They will also brainstorm ideas for creating an advertising/t-shirt design for the school marathon for the next school year. Eighth graders will learn about the artist, Albrecht Durer. They will then create a drawing based off his work, Praying Hands, All lesson plans will be shared in Google Classroom at the start of the week.
  • MUSIC: Grades 6 & 7: We begin a study on Music Appreciation. During their Digital Storytelling project, students examined the genres of Classical, Jazz and Soul music. This week we will continue to examine musical genres by listening to a short music melody performed in 26 different genres!  Grade 8: We return to our study of the History of Rock and Roll in the 1960's. This week we will complete this decade with Woodstock and its musical influence in history.
  • Physical Education: Next week students will choose from three options: 1) Step challenge 2) Fitness tracker or 3) Trick shot challenge. Videos and assignments will be posted in google classroom.  

Hello 8 th  grade families and St. Mike's teachers,

It is time to compile photos to create the 8 th  grade memory book for graduation for each of the students. I am in need of your help. I have created a Shutterfly Shared Site so that you can dump all school related photos that you have taken over the years so that I am able to access them for the book. 

Please use the link below to log into Shutterfly and then ask to be added as a member of the site. Once you are added you will be able to upload pictures. Please have pictures uploaded by the end of April. Thank you! Please contact me with any questions. 

Thanks for your help, Meghan Chappuis msdchappuis@yahoo.com  or cell 651-206-8168
St. Michael Catholic Church Youth Group: PROJECT - YM
It’s been a crazy few weeks. There’s a lot up in the air, and we’re not sure when we’ll start gathering at the church again – but that doesn’t mean youth nights have to stop…Thousands of teenagers from across the country are gathering on Sunday nights for the BIGGEST YOUTH NIGHT EVER. It’s called ProjectYM Live and each week it’ll feature some of the biggest speakers and worship leaders in the Catholic youth ministry world – last week they had OVER TEN THOUSAND students participate.

Our parish is signed up to participate – all your teenager has to do is head to  PROJECTYM.COM/WATCH  this Sunday at 7pm Central .

Two quick notes:
  1. The broadcast starts at 7pm CDT, but plan to have your student log in a few minutes early to make sure they’re on when it starts.
  2. They can access the event on any device with a web browser – but the faster the connection, the better.
PS: Though this event is geared at teenagers, you are invited to watch along with them!