UPCOMING DATES: April 6-April 9
  • April 6- Classes resume, join us for our Holy Week schedule, highlight in the all school newsletter

8th Grade Students - I WANT YOU TO HELP WITH BNN ANNOUNCEMENTS! Email me if you are willing to help and I'll send you the announcements to record: reeder@saintmpl.org
April 6-9: Middle School Weekly Learning Goals
& Homework Summary for Classes

MATH: Mrs. Roseen
  • Algebra 2: This week we will be working on solving complex numbers and completing the square.
  • Geometry: This week we will be working on finishing our chapter on the relationship with triangles.
  • 8th Grade: This week students will be working on writing and manipulating equations. We will be introducing inequalities.
  • 7th Grade: This week we will be beginning our new unit of proportions.
  • 6th Grade: This week we will be working with decimals and percentages.  
  • 7A Religion: We will be focusing on Holy Week, liturgy and the Positivity Projects topic of Bravery.
ENGLISH & LITERATURE: Mrs. Morgan__________________________________________________________
English 6
·          Easy Grammar finished with capitalization, working toward a test this week
·         Pandemic Journal entries continue, documenting history as it happens
·         Mini lesson: pandemic journal entries continue, with feedback from week 1
·         Tuesday: Live class to review for Wednesday’s Unit 22 Etymology test, check in, Q/A
·         Begin Etymology Unit 23
English 7
·          Easy Grammar work continues with capitalization, working toward a test the following week
·         Pandemic Journal entries continue, documenting history as it happens
·         Mini lesson: pandemic journal entries continue, with feedback from week 1
·         Tuesday: Live class to review for Wednesday’s Unit 22 Etymology test, check in, Q/A
·         Begin Etymology Unit 23
Literature 7
·          Read 40 minutes daily, tracking reading in the digital reading log
·         Recording: Mini lesson on motifs
·         Thursday: Live class to present/share completed pandemic journal entries, current novel(s), schedules,
and reading logs, check in, Q/A
·         Classwork focuses on creating a daily schedule and motif work with current novel

Ms. Power:
6th Grade Literature : While continuing to review and identify mood in a setting, this week we will look closely at the precise language authors use to describe setting to build the mood and atmosphere. All students should continue to read for 40 minutes a day and use their Reader’s Notebooks (or digital notebooks) to practice these skills taught in mini-lessons. 

8th Grade Literature : As we continue reading from our informational text, Chew on This , students will look at the meat packing industry and muckraker journalism starting with Upton Sinclair’s 1906 The Jungle and comparing that to Eric Schlosser’s 2006 claims in the chapter “Meat” in Chew on This.  

8th Grade English : We continue our adverb unit in Easy Grammar and focus on adverbs that tell WHERE and WHEN on pages 193-196. The Unit 16 Etymology test will be available in Google Classroom on Wednesday, April 8.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Mr. Olson___________________________________________________________________
Social Studies Topics for the Week of March 30 th – April 3 rd :
All work this week will be graded for the 4 th Quarter:
  • 6th Gr. Social Studies - World Cultures: “The Fall of the Roman Empire”
  • 7th Gr. Social Studies - American History: “The Pacific Theater and the End of WWII”
  • 8th Gr. Social Studies – World Geography: “The Culture and People of Souteast Asia”

SCIENCE: Ms. Karnes__ _______________________________________________________________________
  • 6th Grade: This week we will be taking notes on liquids and gases. Students will also watch videos on three gas laws and will make a poster or slideshow on the three gas laws.
  • 7th Grade: We will be diving more into the symmetry of animals. We will take notes on invertebrates and have a virtual lab on this subject as well.
  • 8th Grade: This week we will be taking notes on fossils and Earth's geological time. Students will also make a poster comparing relative-age dating and absolute-age dating.

SPANISH: Maestro Ana Pintosoto______________________________________________________________
Go to her google classroom for links and lessons! Students continue to expand their knowledge of the Spanish language and she will host Zoom classes.

RELIGION: Mrs. Hinker, Mrs. Roseen & Mr. Olson__________________________________________________
  • 6A Religion: Old Testament Prophet Project: 6th grade will work in groups of three to learn about one Old Testament prophet. They will be creating Power Point Presentations to share their learned knowledge with the class as well as Holy Week in reflections and prayers.
  • 6B Religion: Holy Week – Positivity Project – Identifying the Good in Others
  • 7A Religion: We will be focusing on Holy Week, liturgy and the Positivity Projects topic.
  • 7B Religion: Holy Week – Positivity Project – Identifying the Good in Others
  • 8 Religion: The Rosary: Learning and then Saying the Rosary in Small Groups via Zoom. They will be recording the prayer and then it can be shared with younger students at the school and Holy Week in reflections and prayers.

For all Religion – we will be encouraging them all to take time in prayer, not only individual but with their family. We will also share the St. Michael Catholic Church streamed Mass.

SPECIALIST CLASSES: Physical Education, Art & Music: Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Olmanson & Mrs. Shimek________
Grades 6-8 continue to work on their Digital Storytelling Project with updated assignments posted to Google Classroom for each specialist, Art, Music and PhyEd. Students are encouraged to continue reaching out regularly to teachers for guidance and to submit work via their Google Classroom. 

Go to your google classroom - The details of the assignment will be posted to the Google Classroom. We look forward to seeing their creativity in the completed projects. 
  • Physical Education: Select a form of exercise to complete each day (i.e. walking, biking, rollerblading, yoga, etc) and log their experiences. 
  • Art: Watch a series of photography videos and apply what you've learned by taking a series of photos in your environment. This can be done while they are completing their daily exercises.
  • Music: Students will be using music as a tool to relax, pray, or meditate. They will listen to music, identify varying styles/genres of music, i.e. classical, instrumental, pop, jazz, spiritual, and select one or more songs that best reflects and supports the tone of the photos.
8th Grade - I would like you to do our BNN from your home! Email me if you are willing and I'll send the write up for you. You'll pre-record and send to me before 8:30 a.m. the day we are live!

All Middle School - Take a video reading a great storybook for us to share on FB or with our younger students.

Hello 8 th  grade families and St. Mike's teachers,

It is time to compile photos to create the 8 th  grade memory book for graduation for each of the students. I am in need of your help. I have created a Shutterfly Shared Site so that you can dump all school related photos that you have taken over the years so that I am able to access them for the book. 

Please use the link below to log into Shutterfly and then ask to be added as a member of the site. Once you are added you will be able to upload pictures. Please have pictures uploaded by the end of April. Thank you! Please contact me with any questions. 

Thanks for your help, Meghan Chappuis msdchappuis@yahoo.com  or cell 651-206-8168
St. Michael Catholic Church Youth Group: PROJECT - YM
It’s been a crazy few weeks. There’s a lot up in the air, and we’re not sure when we’ll start gathering at the church again – but that doesn’t mean youth nights have to stop…Thousands of teenagers from across the country are gathering on Sunday nights for the BIGGEST YOUTH NIGHT EVER. It’s called ProjectYM Live and each week it’ll feature some of the biggest speakers and worship leaders in the Catholic youth ministry world – last week they had OVER TEN THOUSAND students participate.

Our parish is signed up to participate – all your teenager has to do is head to  PROJECTYM.COM/WATCH  this Sunday at 7pm Central .

Two quick notes:
  1. The broadcast starts at 7pm CDT, but plan to have your student log in a few minutes early to make sure they’re on when it starts.
  2. They can access the event on any device with a web browser – but the faster the connection, the better.
PS: Though this event is geared at teenagers, you are invited to watch along with them!