UPCOMING DATES: May 3-May 8, 2020

  • Sunday, May 3: THIS YEAR’S ROSARY PROCESSION GOES LIVESTREAM- The 72nd Annual Rosary Procession with Archbishop Hebda and Bishop Cozzens from the Cathedral of St. Paul at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 3. Tune in, download a worship guide, and find more info on the event page. Contact MNRosaryProcessions@gmail.com
  • Tuesday, May 5: "Cinco de Mayo" - join us in celebrating with our Spanish Teacher and students. Student Video and Article
  • Wednesday, May 6: All 8th Grade students attending Prior Lake will be invited to an online session from 10- 11 a.m.
  • Thursday, May 7: Wild Hair Day! Join classes with "wild hair!" Of course, we love photos from our families and students.
  • Friday, May 8: Homework is due at 3 p.m. **Please note, this is a homework day for students and communication and video recording day for staff. Teachers will not be responding to emails as they prepare for the next school week. Thank you for understanding.

8th Grade Students - I WANT YOU TO HELP WITH BNN ANNOUNCEMENTS! Email me if you are willing to help and I'll send you the announcements to record: reeder@saintmpl.org
St. Mike's 6th grade girls- were selected for a Youth 1st Team Award following our participation in the State Tournament. The "Youth 1st Team Award" selections are based on votes and comments from the Officials and input from the Tournament Directors. The Director specifically recognized our whole team in the email, including players, coaches, parents, and fans. The award is recognition for exhibiting good sportsmanship and positive conduct during the 2020 Grade State Tournament. 

Our coaches, teachers and staff are really proud of our team for being one of the teams to earn this award. We worked hard and played the game the right way- win or lose - and really, this IS the most important award we could receive.  
May 4-7: Middle School Weekly Learning Goals
& Homework Summary for Classes

MATH: Mrs. Roseen : For more details for your child, please check Google classroom in the announcements. It will list all their assignments for the week along with their videos. I will have extra math help on Wednesday from 9 –9:30.
  • Algebra 2: We will then start to work on polynomial functions. They will explore how to manipulate polynomial functions by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing these polynomial functions.  
  • Geometry: This week we are moving on from quadrilaterals and going to focus on triangles. We will be working on finding side lengths and angles. We will be exploring right triangles specifically and how they can be manipulated, and information can be found based on specific types of triangles.
  • 8th Grade: This week we will continue working on equations. Students will be working on solving systems of equations with the different ways to solve for a solution. They will be solving inequalities and relating them to equations. 
  • 7th Grade: This week we will working on Imagine Math. They will be looking at utilizing the skills they learned with rates and focusing on how to implement that onto a graph. They will be learning about Slope and how that impacts a line. We will be moving towards looking at how to solve and write proportions.
  • 6A Math: This week we start a new unit on Imagine Math. Students will be working on using their knowledge of proportions to solve between different customary units. They will complete 1 lesson through this online learning plan but are welcomed to complete more for a challenge!
  • 6B Math: This week is our last week on triangles and angles. We are looking at triangles and how angles relate. Students will figure out angle measurements-based information about triangles. Students are going to look at how to draw triangles given specific measurement information. 
  • 7A Religion: We are studying the Eucharist. Students will read Chapter 29 and answer questions on how the Eucharist is at the heart of the Liturgy. Our topic for the Positivity Project this week is Leadership.

ENGLISH & LITERATURE: _________________________ _________________________________________
  • 6th Grade Literature: We will look at how settings change in time and notice rapid and subtle time shifts through verb tense changes. 
  • 8th Grade Literature: We will begin our persuasive writing project and investigate persuasive writing in advertisements, editorials, blogs, essays, etc. 
  • 8th Grade English: We will continue reviewing for the Adverb Unit test and continue reflecting and writing 8th grade memoirs. No etymology this week! 

SOCIAL STUDIES: Mr. Olson___________________________________________________________________
6th Grade: “World Cultures” Ancient India
This week we will focus on the mysterious land of Ancient India. It was one of the three areas where civilization began according to archeological records. Indian civilization began along the Indus River between present day Pakistan and India. This civilization eventually grew into a nation of two billion people today. The Indian subcontinent has a unique geography, history and culture. Ex. The Monsoons are strong winds that are hot and humid in the summer and cool and dry in the winter. This creates the ebb and flow of life in India. India is also the home to the highest mountains in the world called the Himalayas along the northern border. The first Indian people called the Harappan’s built cities on the Indus about 2300 BC. In 1500 BC invaders called Aryans came from the Middle East and brought the Caste system to India. They also brought a new religion called Hinduism with new ideas like reincarnation and karma.

7th Grade: “American History” -The 1950’s and 1960’s
This week we are studying the 1950’s and 1960’s. “The Greatest Generation” of Americans helped save western civilization and win WWII. Then came a new generation called “The Baby Boomers”. This was a large group of young people with new ideas and values. They ushered in Rock and Roll, Elvis and the Beatniks. On the other side of the world the Russians launched the 1st satellite into outer space called Sputnik in 1957. America moved out to the suburbs and a new invention called the TV became popular in black and white. The stability and consensus of the 1950’s gave way to an explosion of freedom called “The 1960’s.” American values were turned upside down and a generation gap emerged. The list of issues and changes were amazing. Ex. Civil Rights for minorities, Women’s Rights, the Hippie Movement, the drug culture, Flower power and Peace Signs, philosophical and religious movements, the Beatles, Janis Joplin, the Mama’s and Papa’s, Led Zeppelin, the Doors and Jimi Hendrix. America would never be the same

8th Grade:  “World Geography” – Chapter 20 - Modern China, Japan and Korea/ Junior Achievement and our Finance Park Workbook” We continue our studies of the Far East and Modern Day China. Under Chairman Mao Tse Tung China creates the Cultural Revolution. China becomes a command economy where the government decides what is produced and who is educated and who is not. Religion and personal freedom are cut back and focus is put on the economy. Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong become economic centers of production and world trade. China becomes an economic giant in the east and the west. Japan and Korea also emerge on the world economic scene. This will also be our 2nd week of economics and finance. Students will use their workbooks to study income, personal finance and taxes. 

SCIENCE: Ms. Karnes__ _______________________________________________________________________
  • 6th Grade: This week we will be learning about Chemical Reactions and then moving on to Acids and Bases. With both of these topics you will have notes through EdPuzzle to watch and answer questions on.
  • 7th Grade: This week we are continuing to learn about the human body systems. We are moving on to the respiratory system. Like last week, you will have notes and a station lab to complete.
  • 8th Grade: This week we are finishing up our chapter on Earth's atmosphere with the topic air currents and moving onto weather. For assignments, you will have a worksheet on air currents and a choice board to complete for weather.

SPANISH: Maestro Ana Pintosoto______________________________________________________________
Go to her google classroom for links and lessons! Students continue to expand their knowledge of the Spanish language and she continues with shared, Live Classes. See the Cinco de Mayo video and flier, above.

RELIGION: Mrs. Hinker, Mrs. Roseen & Mr. Olson__________________________________________________
  • 6A Religion: Chapter 12 - The Birth of Jesus. This week they will examine Jesus' birth and how it brings hope to all people. They will also learn about St. Nicholas and follow in his footsteps by performing acts of kindness. Live Class will be held again on Wednesday. 
  • 6B Religion: (Chapter Ten) – The Positivity Project is focused on Leadership this week. Being a Leader is stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the right thing. The 6th Graders will focus on the Old Testament Prophets. The Prophet Isaiah announces that a Messiah will come to redeem the lost children of Israel. Many of the prophets were ridiculed, put in prison and put to death for their faith in God. Amos and Ezekiel call to the people to follow God’s ways. Ezekiel calls the lost “ Dry Bones”. He gives hope by telling them that through God all things are possible. Students have a chance to learn and have fun together as a class when both sections participate in a Kahoot.
  • 7A Religion: We are studying the Eucharist. Students will read Chapter 29 and answer questions on how the Eucharist is at the heart of the Liturgy. Our topic for the Positivity Project this week is Leadership.
  • 7B Religion: (Chapter Twenty Nine)  (Chapter Twenty Nine Continued) The Positivity Project word for the week is Leadership. Being a good leader manifests in many ways. One way is setting a good example for others by being kind and continuing to conserve water and recycle plastic. Easter like spring is a time of growth and change. The joy and happiness of the Church is knowing that even through trial and tribulation God has a plan for us and we shall overcome.  Students will continue to read Chapter 29 on the Eucharist as the Heart of the Liturgy.  We are reminded to seek God with a humble and contrite heart. We need to be open and listening for God’s voice. The students will watch and listen to a Power point and answer questions on the Eucharist and on Leadership.
  • 8 Religion: Continuing to write their personal Memoirs from their time at St. Michael's. They will also be deciding on a "theme" for their 8th grade class. They will be picking Bible verses that fit with the theme, as well as their class as a whole. Live Class will be held again on Wednesday. 

SPECIALIST CLASSES: Physical Education, Art & Music: Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Olmanson & Mrs. Shimek________
Go to your google classroom - The details of the assignment will be posted to the Google Classroom.

  • 6-7th Grade: Students in grades 6-7 continue to work on their Service Marathon t-shirt design assignment that I shared in Google Classroom on Monday this week. When finished, students should take two pictures of their design (one of the student holding their artwork and one of just the artwork with nothing around it). Students should upload the photos of their artwork to the Art Google Classroom site by May 8.    
  • 8th Grade: Students in grade 8 continue to work on their Still Life drawing assignment that I shared in Google Classroom on Monday this week. Students should upload the photos of their artwork to their Art website or their Art Google Classroom site by May 8.    
  • Grades 6-7: Students continue their study of Music Appreciation with their focus on Musical Theater. This week they will look at the history of music theater, why and how it was created, why it is important in today's culture. Students will then write an essay on their findings and make a simple video sharing their knowledge.
  • Grade 8: Students will complete their study of the History of Rock and Roll in the 1970's and put their research into an artistic and creative presentation with google slides. They are learning that history affects the genres of music and speaks to the generations of that decade.

Physical Education: Middle school 6-8 we will be starting FITNESS week! Watch for updates in your google classroom.

Hello 8 th  grade families and St. Mike's teachers,

It is time to compile photos to create the 8 th  grade memory book for graduation for each of the students. I am in need of your help. I have created a Shutterfly Shared Site so that you can dump all school related photos that you have taken over the years so that I am able to access them for the book. 

Please use the link below to log into Shutterfly and then ask to be added as a member of the site. Once you are added you will be able to upload pictures. Please have pictures uploaded by the end of April. Thank you! Please contact me with any questions. 

Thanks for your help, Meghan Chappuis msdchappuis@yahoo.com  or cell 651-206-8168
St. Michael Catholic Church Youth Group: PROJECT - YM
It’s been a crazy few weeks. There’s a lot up in the air, and we’re not sure when we’ll start gathering at the church again – but that doesn’t mean youth nights have to stop…Thousands of teenagers from across the country are gathering on Sunday nights for the BIGGEST YOUTH NIGHT EVER. It’s called ProjectYM Live and each week it’ll feature some of the biggest speakers and worship leaders in the Catholic youth ministry world – last week they had OVER TEN THOUSAND students participate.

Our parish is signed up to participate – all your teenager has to do is head to  PROJECTYM.COM/WATCH  this Sunday at 7pm Central .

Two quick notes:
  1. The broadcast starts at 7pm CDT, but plan to have your student log in a few minutes early to make sure they’re on when it starts.
  2. They can access the event on any device with a web browser – but the faster the connection, the better.
PS: Though this event is geared at teenagers, you are invited to watch along with them!