UPCOMING DATES: May 18-June 3, 2020

  • Thursday, May 21: FINAL BLUES SPIRIT WEAR DAY!! Please come to classes wearing your Blues spirit-wear or school uniform.
  • Last assignment/live class day.
  • Wednesday, May 27: All homework for the year is due at 3 p.m.
  • 4th Quarter GradesIf your child does not submit enough homework in any given subject for this quarter they will receive an NA on the final report card for the quarter. Please talk with your teacher if you have any questions. Final report cards will be mailed out in June 2020.
  • May 26-28: Final conferences, please schedule with your teacher
  • June 1-3: Pick up and drop off days, see above schedule
  • June 3: Tentative 8th Grade Graduation Event (Specifics to be determined)

Middle School Weekly Learning Goals
& Homework Summary for Classes

MATH: Mrs. Roseen : For more details for your child, please check Google classroom in the announcements. It will list all their assignments for the week along with their videos. I will have extra math help on Wednesday from 9 –9:30.
  • Algebra 2: This week we are going to finish with factoring polynomials. This is a continuation after adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing polynomials. Students will use their background knowledge to factor these polynomials and find how they can be broken down. 
  • Geometry: This week’s focus is on trigonometric ratios. We will be using our information about tangent but expanding to include sine and cosine. They will evaluate side lengths and angles based on these trigonometric ratios. 
  • 8th Grade: This week we will be working on systems of equations and interpreting different types of equations and inequalities. Students will choose between 2 lessons to complete for the week. They will decide to focus on either the quadratic formula or simplifying radicals. 
  • 7th Grade: This week we will continue our unit on Imagine Math. Students will be completing individualized lessons on proportions. They will be exploring different aspects of proportions with graphs, tables, and equations. 
  • 6th Grade: This week we will continue our unit on Imagine Math. Students will be completing individualized lessons on area with parallelograms or continuing to discuss customary units. They will complete a pre-quiz, warm up game, guided practice, and a post quiz. 

ENGLISH & LITERATURE: _________________________ _________________________________________
MRS MORGAN: Please bring your Easy Grammar book to school at the above date with your other textbooks and devices in order to allow us to count for new book orders. Make sure it is clearly labeled with your first and last name. 
  • English 6: Students will be working on a 3-part final exam this week to show evidence of their learning this year. There are 8 choices from which students can choose, and one required element. When students are finished with all three components, they may turn in their work. I will have a last live class to play a game and share our favorite memories of the year. (Click for overview)
  • English 7: Students will be working on a 3-part final exam this week. There are 8 choices from which students can choose, and one required element. When students are finished with all three components, they may turn in their work. (Click for overview)
  • Literature 7: Students will be working on a 3-part final exam this week. There are 9 choices from which students can choose to show evidence of their learning this year. When students are finished with all three components, they may turn in their work. I will have a last live class to play a game and share our favorite memories of the year. (Click for overview)

*All classes: Students should refer to Educate often to ensure all late/missing work has been submitted. I will be assessing work and updating Educate as often as possible. Please gather any novels and materials at home, borrowed from B113 or labeled “Morgan” to return to the classroom during locker clean-out days. J


SOCIAL STUDIES: Mr. Olson___________________________________________________________________
  • 6th Grade: 6th Gr. Social Studies – World Cultures: Ancient Latin America – This week our 6th Graders will focus on the ancient Inca’s and the land of South America. The Inca Empire was in the beautiful Andes Mountains on the west coast of South America. They conquered and controlled the land from Ecuador in the North down to the southern tip of modern day Chile. They were great craftsmen and stone masons. Their capital of Cuzco is still present in Peru today. The Inca were very powerful and controlled life in their empire by education and a powerful network of government and communication.
  • 7th Grade: 7th Gr. Social Studies – American History: This week 7th Graders will focus on the Twentieth end of Century. America went through triumphs and tragedies during this time. The 1970’s were marred by the Watergate Scandal. This resulted in the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Jimmy Carter became president. He was soon caught up in the Middle East Hostage Crisis which lasted for 444 days.  Rachel Carson wrote a ground breaking book on the environment called Silent Spring. This launched the environmental movement and the 1st Earth Day. Ronald Reagan became President and reestablished America’s military and economic stability and growth. 
  • 8th Grade: World Geography: Sub-Sahara Africa Part II / JA finance Park Work Book. This week our 8th Graders will be focused on the Chapter 14 Review. Students will study the factors that helped shape Sub – Sahara African History, Culture and Geography. Sub-Sahara Africa is working on improving everyday life for its people. Each country has specific human and natural resources. The causes of conflict are complicated and difficult to solve. These countries have made tremendous strides in Government policies and produced some of the greatest leaders in History like Nelson Mandela. Mandela survived decades in prison to become the leader of South Africa. He ended segregation and discrimination policies under Apartheid and uplifted Native Africans to leadership roles. 

SCIENCE: Ms. Karnes * Need summer tutoring? I will be offering tutoring this summer, email: karnes@saintmpl.org

  • 6th Grade: This week we are continuing with our Sound, Waves, and Light unit. Last week we learned about light and color and this week we are moving onto Sound and Waves. You will have notes on sound to listen to, an EdPuzzle on waves to watch, and a lab using a simulation from PHET to complete.
  • 7th grade: This is our final week on the Human Body Systems. This week we are learning about the Nervous System. Similar to the weeks before, you will have notes to listen to and a station lab to complete. Also, your human body systems project will be due on Friday.
  • 8th grade: This week we will be focusing on Dimensional Analysis.This is an important skill that you will need in high school. You will have notes to listen to and an IXL to complete.

SPANISH: Maestro Ana Pintosoto______________________________________________________________
Go to her google classroom for links and lessons! Students continue to expand their knowledge of the Spanish language and she continues with shared, Live Classes. See the Cinco de Mayo video and flier, above.

RELIGION: Mrs. Hinker, Mrs. Roseen & Mr. Olson__________________________________________________
  • 6A Religion: Chapter 14 - Jesus Heals. Students will reflect on accounts of Jesus' spiritual and physical healing and how those accounts relate to their own lives. They will also consider ways to bring Christ's healing to others. Wednesday will be our last Live Class and a time to celebrate all that we have learned in Religion.
  • 6 Religion-Olson: Chapter 13 - “Jesus Teaches” Positivity Project – Outro Week. This week our 6th Graders will concentrate on the Teachings of Jesus. He came to restore his Father’s Kingdom and show the way by his actions and words. The early years of Jesus life are called the Hidden Years of his life. During this time he was the son of Mary and Joseph. He learned to be a carpenter and grow up in the small town of Nazareth. When he met John the Baptist he allowed John to baptize him. This signaled the beginning of his public life. He taught others using parables and challenged the Pharisee’s by healing a man on the Sabbath. He taught that to follow the path to the kingdom of God is a narrow road. He showed a tender heart of mercy and kindness toward the poor and downtrodden. 
  • 7A Religion: We complete our study of the Eucharist with a focus on the liturgy of the word. We will be completing a Quizizz activity as we look at the Eucharist. Students will also reflect on what they have learned with the positivity project and the different character traits.
  • 7B Religion: Chapter 30 - “Liturgy of the Word” Positivity Project – Outro Week This week our 7th Graders Jesus as the Word of God. Jesus was the Alpha and Omega, one of the three divine persons in One God. He came down from Heaven and is alive in the Liturgy of the Word. In Mass we listen to the Gospel which means “Good News”. Jesus brought the Good News on how to live the way God wanted. This was difficult for those in power and those blinded by the ways of darkness. Jesus was the Bread of life. His words feed our Soul and bring it to the surface. Those who listen to the word and follow it make a choice to lay down their old life and follow a new way of life in the Sunlight of Truth and Love.
  • 8 Religion: During this last week of school our focus will be on graduation and reflection on their time here at St. Michael's. We will have our last Live Class on Wednesday and celebrate all their accomplishments and reminisce of favorite memories of St. Michael's.

SPECIALIST CLASSES: Physical Education, Art & Music: Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Olmanson & Mrs. Shimek________
Go to your google classroom - The details of the assignment will be posted to the Google Classroom.

  • Grades 6-7: This week, students in grades 6-7 should finalize their Heart artwork and submit it to Google Classroom by Friday, May 22. If you are having trouble submitting work to Google Classroom, you (or a parent) can send it as an attachment to an email. I look forward to seeing and creating a display with the hearts. 
  • Grade 8: This week, students in 8th grade should finalize their Heart typography artwork and submit it to Google Classroom by Friday, May 22. If you are having trouble submitting work to one of those sites, you can send it as an attachment to an email.   
  • GRADES 6-7: We wrap up our study of Music Appreciation with a fun composition lesson. Students will compose their own music mix using an web version of Incredibox. They'll be working with back tracks that combine the different genres of music like jazz, hip hop radiant pop, dance-floor vibes, samba rhythms, trap wave , and more. Students will submit their mixes through the Incredibox program into their music google classroom 
  • GRADE 8: We complete our study of the History of Rock and Roll by completing a two week research project. After choosing a decade between 1980-Present, students will be putting together a presentation due May 22.
All late or missing work is due by May 27. Students may get extra credit points by completing the Monday Music Challenges that have been posted throughout our Distance Learning.

Physical Education:
  • 6th & 7th grade: Yard Games Galore!! It's supposed to be a beautiful week, so let's end the year off with some outdoor fun!! Details to come in google classroom! 
  • 8th grade: Optional assignment this week, I still encourage you to be active, get outside and try some yard games, but no required assignment for you guys this week - more details to come in google classroom! 

Hello 8 th  grade families and St. Mike's teachers,

It is time to compile photos to create the 8 th  grade memory book for graduation for each of the students. I am in need of your help. I have created a Shutterfly Shared Site so that you can dump all school related photos that you have taken over the years so that I am able to access them for the book. 

Please use the link below to log into Shutterfly and then ask to be added as a member of the site. Once you are added you will be able to upload pictures. Please have pictures uploaded by the end of April. Thank you! Please contact me with any questions. 

Thanks for your help, Meghan Chappuis msdchappuis@yahoo.com  or cell 651-206-8168
St. Michael Catholic Church Youth Group: PROJECT - YM
It’s been a crazy few weeks. There’s a lot up in the air, and we’re not sure when we’ll start gathering at the church again – but that doesn’t mean youth nights have to stop…Thousands of teenagers from across the country are gathering on Sunday nights for the BIGGEST YOUTH NIGHT EVER. It’s called ProjectYM Live and each week it’ll feature some of the biggest speakers and worship leaders in the Catholic youth ministry world – last week they had OVER TEN THOUSAND students participate.

Our parish is signed up to participate – all your teenager has to do is head to  PROJECTYM.COM/WATCH  this Sunday at 7pm Central .

Two quick notes:
  1. The broadcast starts at 7pm CDT, but plan to have your student log in a few minutes early to make sure they’re on when it starts.
  2. They can access the event on any device with a web browser – but the faster the connection, the better.
PS: Though this event is geared at teenagers, you are invited to watch along with them!