Dear Middle School Parents, 

When I accepted Nicole’s offer to become the new Middle School Director back in February, I could never have imagined all that would transpire between that moment and today. Many things have happened since that day that have brought us grief, anxiety and, at times, despair. 

Yet my bike ride to school each morning -- past a veritable parade of masks -- affords me the opportunity to feel tremendous pride in our city and how much we care for one another. I am inspired daily by my colleagues, who have expanded their teaching repertoire to include remote and hybrid modalities and whose problem-solving and can-do spirit knows no bounds. 

Last week, the Senesh faculty took our first steps back into the building. We arrived with an array of emotions: joy, trepidation, excitement, uncertainty. Yet a common thread was a collective sense of joy at being together in-person again. It felt wonderful. 

Next week, your children will join us and school will be school again; some things very different, but at heart, the same: same values, same purpose, same warmth, same community. We can’t wait for our students to arrive. 

Orientation: Tuesday, Sept. 8: and Wednesday, Sept. 9
This year, we will begin school with a two-day orientation to acclimate students to our new protocols and re-designed spaces, and to begin the routines that will allow for effective teaching and learning. 

During the two days of orientation, students will have a chance to meet their advisor and teachers, interact with students in their pod and grade, review COVID protocols, receive their school Chromebook and review the Chromebook policy, review their schedule and participate in some fun games and activities. 

Please ensure students arrive exactly at the time their orientation begins. They will not be allowed in earlier than their allotted time.

Sept 8: In-person Orientation
9:00-10:30am: 7A, 8A
11:15-12:45pm: 7B, 8B 
1:30-3:00pm: 7C , 8C 

Sept 8: Remote Orientation
9:00-10:30am: 5th grade
Password: Laura
9:00-10:30am: 6th grade
Password: Naomi

Sept 9th: In-person Orientation
9:00-10:30am: 5A, 6A 
11:15-12:45pm: 5B, 6B 
1:30-3:00pm: 5C, 6C

Sept. 9 Remote Orientation
9:00-10:30am: 7th grade
Password: MikeD
9:00-10:30am: 8th grade
Password: Joseph

Note: Students starting the year in the remote-screening of in-person learning program can pick up their Chromebook and supplies at Senesh on Sept. 8 or Sept. 9. 

Important September Dates

  • Sept 10: First full day of school for grades 1-8 
  • Sept. 14: First full day of school for kindergarten
  • Sept. 17: Back to School tekes (assembly) at 1:30pm; parents are invited to attend via Zoom (link will be sent soon.)
  • Sept. 18: Erev Rosh Hashanah, school closed 
  • Sept. 24: Back to School Night for grades K, 1, 5 and 6
  • Sept. 28: Yom Kippur, school closed 
  • Sept. 29: Back to School Night for grades 2, 3,4, 7

I wish you a peaceful and joyful long weekend and I look forward to meeting you in the weeks and months to come. 

All the best, 

Lauren Goldberg
Middle School Director