There’s A Small Town In Nevada Known For Its Truly Epic Monster Burger. It might be a bit of a stretch calling this tiny community a town.

Home to just a handful of people, Middlegate contains just three businesses: a bar, a gas station, and a restaurant. However, people are known to make a stop at the restaurant specifically for their famous burgers. This place is one of the Silver State’s greatest hidden gems, and all burger enthusiasts definitely need to try it out.

The small community of Middlegate is located along what is commonly known as "The Loneliest Road In America" (US Route 50). Under 20 people call this place home, but the place is making a name for itself because of their burgers.
The Middlegate Station is a rustic looking eatery located right along the highway. It's the strange sort of place you only find in small towns like this one. It immediately transports you back to the days of the Wild West with its rough looking exterior and saloon-style vibe.

The sign by the front door accurately describes itself as the "middle of nowhere". Don't be fooled. Some of Nevada's tastiest burgers lie behind this door.
Once inside, you'll find that every inch of the wall is covered in dollar bills, patches, and memorabilia. It's obvious that this place is truly unique, making it a popular stop for drivers along the Loneliest Road.

You better bring a big appetite when you visit. Their prized burger is The Monster Burger, which looks....well, monstrous.

The 3.5-pound, triple-decker beast consists of Angus beef on a sourdough bun, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, cheese, peppers and olives, two large onion rings, and a pile of fries. Seriously good eats, and a lot of it.
Their heaping portions are what has made them famous. You sure as heck won't be leaving here hungry!

There's a reason people have been patronizing this place since 1857. The food is delicious but the atmosphere is what makes this place a memorable stop. You'll undoubtedly find yourself stopping here every time you're in the area.
According to their website - Feeling Really Hungry? Why not give THE MONSTER CHALLENGE a try! Over 4 LBS of food with all the fixings.

There are some rules that come with it, you get those when you order it and you get a T- Shirt if you finish it. Call for details (775) 423-7134.

It's estimated that only one in 10 finish it, but even if you don’t finish, you can look forward to plenty of leftovers.