Hot spots of midge pressure are once again predicted across the Prairies. Forecasting in Saskatchewan shows that the southeast is at high risk of an infestation. This area extends north into the east central region. Pockets of moderate to high risk were also identified around Prince Albert and south of Moose Jaw.

In Alberta, areas east of Edmonton have high numbers of wheat midge. The population remains low in much of southern Alberta with the exception of some irrigated fields. In the eastern Peace region, there are likely sufficient populations of midge to fuel resurgence if conditions favour insects (e.g. delayed crops and higher than normal rainfall).

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Three new varieties of Midge Tolerant Wheat are available for seeding this fall, including:
  • CDC Titanium VB (Proven Seed)
  • AAC Foray VB (SeCan)
  • AAC Marchwell VB (SeCan)
These additions bring the number of Midge Tolerant Wheat varieties available to Western Canadian growers to 12, with more on the horizon for 2017. As with all Midge Tolerant Wheat, t he new varieties offer built-in midge protection and uncompromised agronomics.
AAC Marchwell VB is the first-ever durum variety while AAC Foray broadens the selection of CPS reds. This is the perfect opportunity to encourage current Midge Tolerant Wheat growers to try some of these newer classes to give them some different marketing opportunities while continuing to benefit from the same midge protection they've always had.


Winter is a great time for adding to your knowledge base. We've made it even easier to learn about Midge Tolerant Wheat and stewardship of the technology with a mobile version of the retailer training.
Successful completion is compulsory for all retailers of Midge Tolerant Wheat. It replaces the original online training program and takes advantage of a new eLearning platform that offers more accessibility and interactivity for users. Go to www.midgetolerantwheat.ca to get started.

Thank you for your support of Midge Tolerant Wheat stewardship. Please check out this video that celebrates the great results achieved through five seasons of farmers growing Midge Tolerant Wheat.
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