Volume 2 Issue 7
What About My Child(ren)'s Grades?
On Tuesday, April 21 Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Paul held a webinar to address the Emergency Pandemic High School Grading Scale changes for the end of the 2019-2020 academic year.

What about the Middle School?
More information will be coming out regarding the Middle School grading for the 4th Quarter soon.
FAQ's Answered (part 1)

We have been gathering your questions regarding all things ELC during this Emergency Pandemic and have begun to answer them with the information we know now. As you ready questions and response there are a couple things to keep in mind:
1.) These answers are based on the information we have at this moment and
may change as we know more.
2.) There are more questions we will get the answers to and post in a follow up
Midget Monthly - COVID-19 Edition at a later date.
3.) We will continue to take your questions and provide responses to them.
Please add questions HE RE .

How do I update my contact information?
To update your contact information please send an email to the following individuals. If you have children in more than one building be sure to contact EACH building to update your information.  
Demoney Elementary -
Middle School -
It is very important that you update your contact information, including email address. We send out important information via email and text messages. Only vitally important and/or emergency information will be sent by voice calling. All other communication goes out by way of email and text messages.

What is ELC’s plan for Graduation?
We are currently working with seniors as well as Public Health and Emmet County Emergency Management regarding viable options. Once we gather the input from these sources and how the students wish to be recognized, we will put together a plan to honor them in the best way possible. Options include online, a graduation parade, moving the graduation ceremony date, or a mixture of several options. All have positives and negatives, along with logistics issues.

Will the fees for the graduation cap and gown be refunded if there is no ceremony?

The scholarship applications that are due to Guidance on May 1.. can they be mailed to the High School?
A Google Classroom has been set up for Seniors to turn in local scholarship applications that would have been turned in to the Guidance Office if we were in school.  This is only for those that are to be turned in to the school .  Students should upload their final drafts of their applications to the correct "assignment" in the Google Classroom for Scholarships. If the application asks for a transcript that may also be uploaded to the Google Classroom as well. Additional instructions can be found by your child in the Google Classroom. Your child may join the Google Scholarship Classroom by using the code: v73sqbz   
If they go elsewhere please be sure to get them to the appropriate place, the Google Classroom site for Scholarships are for those that would have been turned into the school only.
If your child needs more support after reading the instructions sent to them from Mrs. Brechwald, they should contact Mrs. Brechwald directly at . If there is a technology access issue, in terms of submitting scholarships or the ability to connect to Google classroom, please let the school know and we will work with individual students to create a plan to receive scholarships by mail. Receiving scholarships after May 1 is not acceptable, so plan early!

Will you be sending out their current grades and recommendations for each student?
Students will receive a report card/recommendations for the 3rd quarter. This will come sometime after May 15 and via email but will not look necessarily like the traditional report card. 

Will students advance to their next grade or will they have to repeat their current one?
Retention of any grade or class will be discussed on a student-by-student basis. Please contact your child(ren)’s teacher or building principal to discuss your child(ren)’s situation. We will be working on our Return to Learning Plan and addressing how to deliver instruction, which would have taken place during the 4th quarter of school, to our students next year.

Will there be a curtain time to pick up yearbooks?
These are distributed every Fall. You can anticipate picking it up when they come in next school year.

What do we do if we have a library book from a kindergarten class?
There will be a time announced where you will be able to turn these in as well as pick up any personal items left in lockers or classrooms.

How does my child get a transcript?
If you are in need of a transcript, please contact Mrs. Brechwald ( ). Encourage your child(ren) to monitor their school assigned email for this and other important information.

If there is only 1 class that a student would like to focus on in getting a better grade, how can that be achieved?
At the High School level, this is up to the individual teacher if they will allow any work to be redone for a better grade. Start with contacting the individual teacher asking if there is any work, previous to the shutdown, that can be completed. No new assignments can be assigned for grades/credit after March 13.

How will we complete 4 year planning for current 8th graders?
Ms. Hooper, Middle School counselor, is currently working with the 8th grade students to complete the plan. Ms. Hooper will then send these plans to Mrs. Brechwald, High School counselor, and they will be entered in the system around mid-to-late May.

How will students with IEPs be helped through this time?
Special education instructors are offering opportunities to connect personally with students and activities presented are focused on goal areas for students and reviewing and enriching material already presented to students.  

Specifically at the High School - Special Education instructors are working individually with students whose semester grade is below the passing threshold (40%) to set up a plan for completion of work for those courses.  

At all levels the Special Education instructors continue to be the liaison between teachers, content, and students.

How are you going to make sure the kids are learning? And the teachers are teaching all students and not just a few?  
Teachers at all buildings are putting out review and enrichment activities for ALL students, including those at grade level, above grade level, and below grade level. These activities are focused on reviewing material, reinforcing taught material, and enriching material learned by the students.  

Middle School academic material can be found here:
High School teachers are sending out a minimum of 3 activities weekly, via email and Google classroom to students. They also have one interactive activity students can choose to engage in each week.  

It is important for students at the Middle School and High School level specifically to continually check Google Classroom, and their school assigned email for all this important information. 

Teachers are expected to answer all emails and communication sent to them during the school day.  

Will ELC cancel the Prom for this year?
Yes. Prom has been officially canceled for the 2019-2020 school year.